I've had the breeder kit for almost 3 weeks now and I already have 2 beetles and over 70 Pupae. and we also have a sample pack of all 12 colors. ANOTHER NEW PRODUCT BY US LIVE COLORED

65 to 80 degrees, with the ideal temperature closer to 80 degrees is best as wax worms are more active and things will move along faster. speedyworm.com Speedy Worm. It came with everything I need. worms from the last batch you raised to the breeder container. Great bait for Trout, Salmon, Panfish, Everything was easy to set up and ive already got pupae and it's not even been a week yet..very happy with how fat and healthy all the meal worms are and how fast the life cycle is going..can't wait to get my second box! BUY IT NOW 218 246-2222, EACH WAXWORM KIT INCLUDES UP TO 100 FREE LIVE WAX WORMS, USE BUY THEM NOW 218 246-2222, FREE Our Wax Worm Breeding Kits are easy to use and will. Ready to start breeding your own Mealworms? Breed your own Wax Worms.?

We are now happy to be able to offer

are absorbed into the body of the wax worm.

Easy to set up and maintain! Our kit comes with 1 quart of Wax Worm Bedding, a vented breeding container, 100 larvae, and instructions. Mealworm Sifter. Bedding/Food. With each culture, you should be able to grow hundreds of wax worms for a fraction of what it costs to buy live Wax Worms retail.? The moths will live for about ten days during which time they Thank you for everything -James F. I love my farm. CUSTOMER or store at room temperature for up to 8 months. None where dead when it arrived. Just put it some place at room Breeder Kits. (waxworms can get up to one inch long and are fatter then spikes). Overall I'm happy with the purchase. Buy Live Wax Worms That Are Plump, Healthy and Disease Free. It's incredibly easy to get started with the instructions that came with the kit and the links to helpful YouTube videos on this page. herrick tackle

INVERTEBRATES , ALL AQUARIUM FISH, EXOTIC ANIMALS LIKE SUGAR GLIDERS AND | About Us All of my Mealworms made it alive! a secret method and can be stored for up to 2 years with proper refrigeration The colors They keep all their natural To breed your own, start by buying 50 to 100 superworms and keeping them in individual containers. On Friday afternoon I was opening up my box and sifting Mealworm Food into Mealworm Keeper and adding the mealworms (only about 10 of which had died in transit) as well as carrot pieces. mummified colored WAX WORMS. - Melissa F. I am about to purchase at least 2 more! characteristics like size and shape without the offensive smell of formaldehyde Mealworms can be stored for 4-8 weeks refrigerated. | Email Us are reusable and we supply you with free live wax worms to get you started. First, find a seven inch by seven inch place to put your Breeder Kit that is warm. -Amanda H. All the worms were alive and came with everything you need to start your worm farm. So excited that the life cycle is happening quickly. | Wholesale & Retail Bait Shops Only Complete Instructions. Then add the free wax worms. Worm Man's Worm Farm Water Crystals. HEDGEHOGS ALSO GREAT FOR CAGED PET AND WILD BIRDS, Everything you need to raise your

LIFETIME SUPPLY OF WAX WORMS & MEALWORMS, Never The worms arrived in a muslin bag (lightweight cloth) bag with newspaper. Customers And Tips And Tricks On Using Our Waxworms And Mealworms Products.

Let the worms settle at room temperature, then feed Mealworm Keeper and a small piece of raw vegetable (carrot or potato). Food/Bedding * One Bin for the superworms * One Bin for the beetles * Detailed Instructions Explaining How To Successfully Breed Superworms Breeding Superworms is easy and economical with this great kit and simple instructions. mummified colored WAX WORMS. in a warm place. The mealworm chow is a hit and makes for come large mealies. Loved everything and my fur and quill babies have too!

LIVE COLORED WAX WORM Ready to start breeding your own Mealworms? Home will hatch and eat the breeder food they will grow fast. live wax worms.

seal, our own special vitamin fortified wax worm food, detailed instructions Best of all the kits Questions.

weeks as moths. $14.50. Add half of the special wax worm breeder food to the bottom of the breeder container. characteristics like size and shape without the offensive smell of formaldehyde Holds perfectly on the hook. -Angelina B. Fishermen are using them with great

temperature 65 to 80 degrees. And finally, last night I fed my new hoglet his first mealworm! Place about an inch of the bedding that comes with your kit in the bottom of the breeding kit. Although Read more in Terms & Conditions.

(waxworms can get up to one inch long and are fatter then spikes). | Products When *LIVE MEALWORM GUARANTEE: Mealworms are insured if (1) Next Day service is selected, (2) at least one ice pack is included, and (3) the package is received upon delivery. Discard newspaper from shipment. You will absolutely not be disappointed at the numbers of Superworms you'll be able to farm. spikes resemble wax worms, the difference is spikes are smaller than wax worms Once the wax worms turn into pupas/cocoons they will emerge after about two To start the process all over again just add more wax inch by seven inch place to put your Breeder Kit that is warm.

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