Wilson told police he was trying to defend himself but was still forced to turn himself in and ultimately got charged with one count of felony murder and one count of aggravated assault in the death of Haley Hutcheson, who was 17 years old. Notable Black Folks Who Have Contracted The Coronavirus, attempted to run him off the road.” That was when. He shouldn’t be charged for murder, for it was actually a suicide mission, particularly when you and your rag tag squad of misfits picked the wrong bear to mess with. STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) -A judge denied bond on Tuesday for a man charged with murder in a roadway shooting in Statesboro. Believing his life was in danger, he “fired off a warning shot” that struck Hutcheson, according to an online petition demanding Wilson be freed from the Bulloch County Detention Center. He’s about to be made a huge example of for bed bucking with flat posterior, blond Becky cave wenches. I agree, either get on code or suffer the consequences. Wilson’s defense attorney says Wilson acted in self-defense after he felt threatened by the driver of the truck, in which Hutcheson was riding. Not black women! Same applies today. And the front passenger in the truck, Luke Conley, also took the stand. They must know the racist devil they were raising caused her own death. We will do what we have to in other to stay safe. All rights reserved. It’s just a mess. This is the work. According to several reports, Wilson was out with his white girlfriend, and Haley Hutcheson and her other white friends were allegedly racially harassing the couple by spewing out terms like “nigger lover.” I went to school in Statesboro and I can tell you for a fact that if Mr. Wilson was white he would not be in custody. After a rocky primary election that spawned viral photos of voters waiting in hourslong lines to cast their ballots, Georgia election officials are hoping that steps taken since then will help things run more smoothly on Tuesday. have a reputation” in the area and that they were afforded special privileges by police. Reports go on to say that Wilson and his girlfriend got in their vehicle to leave to avoid further confrontation, but allegedly Hutcheson and her entourage of suspected white supremacists got in their car and followed the fleeing couple. I know it’s not PC but something needs to be done about the crime in the white community because this is happening everywhere. Or did he talk without a lawyer first? Biggest bunch of moronic racist posts I’ve seen in some time. If there is some cartoon racist gene you would certainly have it. “Biggest heartest kid. I haven’t confirmed it but it looks like somebody that might be the white girls mom made a “White Lives Matter” post on her Facebook after the shooting. http://www.francysjohnson.com This is Mr. Wilson’s defense attorney and he has a Go fund me set up. He was defending himself and her and still caught a charge!’, Fuck you! Haley's family asked the court to deny bond because they've received threats and harassment in connection to the case. One of Wilson’s lawyers previously said there is “evidence” that a “truckload of belligerent racists” had “attempted to run him off the road.” That was when Wilson used his legal firearm to shoot a “warning shot” that fatally hit one of the truck’s passengers. Jessica Savage is an award-winning journalist who is the lead investigative reporter for WTOC-11, and anchor of the 5 p.m. newscast. Every action comes with a reaction greater then or equal to ‍♂️ I hope that brother beats the charges and finds himself a sister , Black men please Leave the white women alone! Well, he will be judged by 12 instead of carried by 6. St. Louis Sheriff Who Is Also A Pastor Physically Threatens Rival Candidate On Video: ‘I’ll Smack You’, Rickey Smiley Challenges Black Communities ‘To Get These Hoodlums Out’ After Daughter’s Shooting. William Marcus Wilson and his girlfriend were chased by a "truckload of belligerent racists" trying to run them off the road in Georgia. The decision came after hours of testimony during a preliminary bond hearing in Statesboro for 21-year-old Marcus Wilson. “Black people’s lives are not as important and valued under the law.”. Now, a person who was defending himself has to pay for a dead person’s stupidity? He’s a big hearted kid,” said Darren Wilson. Here in Indiana, Brothers have to jump through hoops to get a gun permit but these young fresh out of high school white boys get them with no problem. It is the same law, they said, that delayed arresting Ahmaud Arbery‘s killers for more than two months and also the same law that allowed George Zimmerman to be acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin in 2012. The truck was allegedly playing music from “The Purge,” a movie about the one lawless night every year when vigilantes are all but encouraged to go wild with violence. Obviously a tragic accident that resulted from a bunch of thugs out here trying terrorize law abiding citizens. It’s better them than you. White Louisiana Officer Who Brutalized Innocent Black Man, Has A History Of Racial Abuse Accusations, Minnesota Law Makers Introduce Deceptive Reparations Proposal That Includes Native Americans, Elderly Suspected White Supremacist Shot Black Man In The Back Because She Thought He Was Going To Steal From Her Store, How Unpunished, Anti-Black Antagonism Pushed Black People To Defend Themselves Out Of Fear. He did the right thing. They are the true 3/5 a human being they’re trying to associate us with. Driver Mason Glisson took the stand Tuesday and said he didn’t run anyone off the road. He said his family has cooperated with police throughout the investigation, and would continue to do so. Did his white girlfriend come to his aid, are the funding his defense? A Sharpsburg, Ga., Black man named William Marcus Wilson was charged with murder last week in connection with the shooting death of a white woman named Haley Hutcheson in Statesboro.. The judge said he was acting inappropriately in court and prosecutors say he previously made threats against witnesses. Required fields are marked *. Deputies escorted Joshua Pridgen out of the courtroom. During the court hearing Tuesday afternoon, Superior Court Judge Michael Muldrew, of the Ogeechee Judicial Circuit, said he felt Wilson is a threat to the community based on what happened that night. William Marcus Wilson and his girlfriend were chased by a "truckload of belligerent racists" trying to run them off the road in Georgia. GOOD FOR THAT BROTHER NOT BEING A COWARD!! I say every black person needs to own at least one gun and be well trained in how to use it! He was in the right and believe that he shouldn’t have been charged.. Dang his lawyer didn’t tell him that? The #1 Source For news concerning Foundational Black Americans. She grew up in Savannah and is a proud graduate of H.V. The state of Georgia prides itself on being a Stand Your Ground state, but many people believe the white lawmakers pick and choose who is allowed to be protected under that law based on race. Even Non white / Black cops go to jail when shooting a Becky / Karen and killing them by mistake. It was unclear when Wilson’s next court date would be. Gun laws are enforced against us to the max. Disgruntle white boys are doing the killing not the thugs from the projects.. Ironic…. Wilson's father asked the judge to grant bond. A Gray Media Group, Inc. Station - © 2002-2020 Gray Television, Inc. Statesboro judge denies bond for man charged in roadway shooting. Plus you don’t shoot unless you intend to harm someone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Under the illusion of inclusion, this bed buck thought by standing his ground in the middle of a race war in Georgia, that he could defend himself and Becky against other suspect whites supremacist and get away? Local news outlet WTOC reported that both the defense and prosecution had “a line of witnesses to testify why Marc Wilson should or should not be granted bond.” However, because the hearing in Bulloch County Superior Court was cut short and set to continue at another date, Wilson had to remain jailed. Since you went there….If you’re white you’re missing two human genes (SLC24A5) (SLC45A2). Box 8086Savannah GA 31412(912) 234-1111. So the 1st law of nature is self-preservation. A Sharpsburg, Ga., Black man named William Marcus Wilson was charged with murder last week in connection with the shooting death of a white woman named Haley Hutcheson in Statesboro. “Quote, Marc got mad and pulled the gun and shot,” said Hon. Election Day 2020 has arrived. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Black Man In Georgia Charged With Murder After He Stood His Ground Against Alleged White Supremacists. The statement is from a friend of Marc Wilson's who was riding in the car with him at the time of the shooting. He was accompanied by his attorney, who said Wilson was protecting his girlfriend when the fatal shot was fired. The polls will open Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. in Georgia and South Carolina. William Marcus (Marc) Wilson‘s defense team says their client was being chased last month by a pick-up truck carrying white people yelling racial slurs and threatening physical harm. August 18, 2020 at 2:23 PM EDT - Updated August 18 at 7:22 PM, Election Day 2020: Polls set to open across Georgia, South Carolina, Georgia hopes for smooth election with high turnout expected, League of Women Voters no longer offering rides to the polls, NAACP will, Chatham Co. officer honored with ‘Officer of the Year’ title by the Exchange Club of Savannah.

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