Meanwhile, Meghan Carlson of Buddy TV praised Ferrell for not going over-the-top with the role. First, provide some examples of the what in the summary was wrong and please provide your version. neva seen the office.but will farell is hilarious in all of his movies!remember the other guys,blades of glory,elf,and many more!hahahaha!But he is still a freakin retart! It wasn't funny and I plan to stop watching as soon as Michael Scott stops appearing on it. And who the hell cares about how the article was written??? As for what Ferrell will do next, he's starring in a send-up of telenovelas called Casa de mi Padre (House of my Father), which will open later this year. With so many good writers struggling to find jobs these days, how is it that CNN is employing what has to be a remedial-level high school english student to write articles! Ahh, the good old days when movie stars wouldn't lower themselves to do Television. I thought Ferrell played the shift between happy-go-lucky and happy-go-f---yourself DeAngelo surprisingly well. But, wanting to get as much mileage out of Ferrell as possible, the writers came back to him and asked if he would do a whole character arc. Never understood North Americas fascination with this watered down version of the original. I've never watched the office, but, Ferrell is a guy that will make you lol ! I love Will! Will Ferrell played the character perfectly! But more than that, by making Vickers so unlikable, he helped viewers realize how much they're really going to miss Michael Scott. I'm a huge Will Ferrel fan, but absolutely hated him in this. Where did he come from and has he done any other acting roles? The Office certainly holds a special place in every fan's heart for mixing that special cringe-filled humor no other show could manage with the more traditional, hilarious moments.In addition, the show's ability to balance out that humor with some well-placed heart and emotional moments made it the classic sitcom that every Netflix user must marathon through at least once. Hard to argue with a complete moron, but I'd say there are several million viewers (most I'd guess far more intelligent than you) who would disagree with you wholeheartedly. tricking Michael into meeting him to see a turtle, Neve Campbell's a 'pussycat' when it comes to scary movies, Our favorite YouTube stars of the week cover Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera's coming back to 'The Voice,' and more news to note, 'American Horror Story' renewed, and more news to note, Taylor Swift is Billboard's Woman of the Year, and more news to note, We hope you liked 'Extant,' and more news to note, Robert Downey Jr. messes with our minds, and more news to note, 'Walking Dead' gets sixth season, and more news to note, That time Colbie Caillat sang 'Smelly Cat,' and more news to note, Ellen Pompeo's new baby, and other news to note, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga top the charts, and more news to note, Chris Brown's rep on his tattoo: It's not Rihanna. Of course it's about the quality. I say again... Will Ferrell, NOT FUNNY! Unacceptable for a professional website. It has the same main people and they connect amazingly! What show were you watching? The series has produced so many funny people that had great success even after their time on the show, its insane to discredit all that. I've read all of your comments here. Wow, this was just a horribly written summary of the show. And how in the world of comedy do you see Ferrel as funny in this role at all? Who knows....maybe Deangelo's mistake will be so bad that it closes down the office. The episode was the weakest this season, Goodthing there are better comedies on thursdays. Kinda makes you look stupid to say you hate people voicing their "sh!tty opinions" by giving your own "sh!tty" opinion. Way to ruin a show....will ferrell is so unnfunny eh looks like im done watching the office....death 2 ferrrell. I have been a pillow biter for years and really keep looking for gayboyz to party with. the episode actually seemed short-i wasn't impressed, but I love Will Ferrell. Tom, Write one better to show us your writing style. Forget replacing Michael do we find a replacement for this blog writer..geez, I hate when people say stuff like "The British version is better." If you're going to have an opinion, why not have an intelligent one? And for what audience was it written? Last week, he even revealed himself to be a terrible salesman. Will is just another product of the machine. If this is how the office plans on continuing, I will not watch any more future episodes. This show is on my all time favorite list. Dwight tried to figure this out by tricking Michael into meeting him to see a turtle. And as if that weren't enough, promos for tonight's episode show him exhibiting sexism that would make Ron Burgundy proud. Will would be a funny replacement but he won't stay. What did you do? Very wi ferrell and not office like. Jim and Pam are more annoying than Ross and Rachel and the show grinds to a screeching halt when it's about them. Have you ever seen any of his movies? I missed the episode...huge office fan and i think will should improvise during his scenes because thats when he is the funniest. like da doc in STF would laf on when squeaking like crazy! I have liked all of the characters on that show with the exception of him. My husband and son are asleep by then and it's my chill time. If you haven't seen the trailer, it's well worth a look. Tuned into Thursday's show and loved it! Even worse your clever come back is that Dan probably works at McDonalds.. A horrible actor and a very poor choice as a replacement. hide caption. Erin sucks I realize she's supposed to be stupid,but she's just to stupid to like. And, KBro, I have to ask: what exactly is a "professional website"? The show is 20 minutes of pure funniness, which you would never by reading this. THR staff There are a ton of shows I don't support, but I don't bash them. One more thing, still waiting for the entire royalties from An Idiot Abroad, Ricky. That is my favorite injun story. Hes sooooo funny, but it was as weird seeing him on the show taking Michael Scott's place. He plays DeAngelo Vickers, who is taking over as boss at Dundler-Mifflin's Scranton branch while Steve Carell's Michael Scott prepares to move to Colorado with his fiancee (Amy Ryan). I wish some of these blog posters had no internet access.. I believe you think it's hipster cool but its not. So what did the critics think about his debut? Get over the article already! The workers as Dunder Mifflin don't actually hate Michael...I think it's time to bring in a guy they would hate...and Colbert would be perfect in that role. I think there might be too many characters lol. HOW. Leave me with something. I am an injun. Micheal was really the glue holding the office together, episode after episode the writers made sure that the sub plots resolved with Micheal getting a win or getting compensated for being hurt, e.g. How the hell is watching grown people acting like 5 year olds funny? Should I contact Steve? Squeak on baby! It was just a summary of the show...and it was funny!!! Just stop the show when this season is over. The Office always sucked. My hunch is he will not have a good heart and we will find out many more ways the boss can be bad. I also agree wholeheartedly. Fortunately his (one assumes, temporary) replacement, Deangelo Vickers, is played by Will Ferrell. I iz a fruit and a flamin fairy. The Hug scene may have been the best bit in this otherwise unfunny episode, but it wasn't even close to being the funniest scene in the history of the show. The entire article was just you recounting the entire episode, did you get paid for that??? i would also like to see jim carrey on the office. Dat be cool. Tonight, Will Ferrell's Deangelo Jeremitrius Vickers will make his exit after just four episodes. This episode was pushed to hard, it just wasn't that good. How about ANCHORMAN and THE OTHER GUY? Colbert could continue the cluess boss routine but add an edge of meanness that David Brent sometimes displays on the original Brit version. People who hate others with a passion because they like a tv show are not worthy of governing this mama. Best way to keep him off movies is to pigeon hole him on a sleepy sitcom he will undoubtedly kill. Even if that was the only job he had the skills to obtain I don't see many places that would hire you when within 4 sentences you misspelled 3 different words. I just wanna take a jig-a-boo meat stick in my pooper! Maybe I'll have to check it out now that Ferrell's around. Example- every news station on the dial. The show will seize your vital regions once more. Anyone who thinks this last episode with Will Ferell was any good, is not a real Office fan and doesn't get the humor that made the Office the funniest show on TV the last 6 years... Michael cannot be replaced, the show must come to an end... Reruns baby, reruns!!! Society is conforming me into a butthole, I'm just trying to fit in and get involved with a Had me lol for the first time in several seasons. Ferrell couldn't be temporary they must be saying that for people to watch but seriously these two comedians in the same show is comedic GOLD and I wont be missing ANY of these final episodes. I beg of you! And I might watch a couple of new episodes just out of curiosity but I don't think I will be continuing watching the office. I just don't like his character. Most of this stuff is hard to read, the Halperts baby would have done a better job.. Eleven long weeks after news of his guest arc was first reported, Will Ferrell’s four-episode Office arc finally began last night. TWITTER "Don't tell me fiancé I'm drinking on a Wednesday".. "I won't, I don't even know her". We thought Michael Scott embodied them all. I thought it was hilarious actually, Will Farrell is the best replacement in television history.. I agree he wasn't funny in that travesty of an episode the other night, but he was hilarious in the other three I mentioned above... and several more. You have to let the character develop. But funny? NBC doesn't need to air every funny scene for the next episode. It dawned on Michael that he had to accept what was happening, and he gave Deangelo one of the most hilarious hugs in television history, saying, "Why did you have to be so damn good? When Michael figured out he was duped, he said, "Now I'm going to have to go online and look at turtles, otherwise I'm going to be off all day.". I'm not really sure but the side plots lack substance. Will, Will Ferrel be permanent on the show? He was not only bland, but mean. i think i'm just sad that steve carell won't be on the office anymore. EMAIL ME. He's certainly given the show's ratings something of a bump. that is probably what ruined it. Are you looking forward to the rest of the season as much as I am? huge fan of the office, but not sure if Will can fill Steve's shoes....definitely will stay tuned. You should really know when it is appropriate to use the word whom versus who, especially as an Office fan. but i didn't think he was that funny on last night's episode. We Insist: A Timeline Of Protest Music In 2020. | Cookie Settings. Is he on, only to make way for Dwight? What's next for Will, DWTS? I would be more than happy to give u my digits so we could do some butt slammin! All the naysayers and English critics don't understand the show. That is the dumbest comeback comment I have ever heard. Sitemap | In real life aswell. How hard was that equation to figure out? One of these was Deangelo Vickers played by Will Ferrell. I want to play hide da sausage.

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