Waiting for a book that has been sitting in a NJ DHL warehouse for a week now (after being shipped three weeks ago from Texas). My package is now 8 weeks late with no update since April 23. Finally someone who determines a payment is due. box is. It keep my mouth shut up every thing smooth successfully. Have been hung up on twice and told 3 times that they were going to call us back in 4 hours and I had to call them back just to be told the same story. Shipping update said delivered and so I checked our mail room.  – About 3 months ago. The companies are always helpful and communicative! f%@k DHL they are garbage!!! It's been 2 weeks now! I have subscription services that use DHL and I can't stand it. As if. I hope everyone who works at DHL gets HIV and I hope their children don't learn to read, I've been waiting 14 months for a package from them which they refuse to acknowledge they lost. DHL said my package was seized at customs. DHL's service for my road/area is appalling. Dhl is by far the slowest shipping. Was actually impressed how fast it got to the Boston facility. Eventually after a week I saw their tracking finally updated, and they had shipped it to Tennessee because apparently, that's where their next closest sorting location was. I ordered something April 17th, it says it Shipped , no tracking worked then got one that showed shipped May 17th and is sitting in Hong Kong on hold ever since. f%@king garbage.... Apr 28, 2020 Just like my shipment. I also received a second tracking # for my local USPS carrier. to see DHL on the shipper name !!!! Getting a straight answer as to why my delivery is on hold? So package arrived at my destination hub 2 days ago and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday but its on fricking hold. WTH!!!. Rage! Ive had three packages come through dhl. I called them and they told me that I will receive a call 2 hours later. Apr 20, 2020 You'd think my problem would be with customs but NO.  – About 9 months ago. What the... My package is supposed to be delivered from Taiwan to Montreal and now it's in Mexico... May 11, 2020 And whats worse, the delivery date is 2 more weeks from now! This is medication for my old dog. Next time, I'll ask 'em to ship it UPS or USPS. to get a package through from Hong Kong to Europe! Seller sent it out next day However the tracking on DHL website stopped after the very first scan on May 27th... and... Si ese color es importante. THERE HAS BEEN NO UPDATE SINCE THE 19TH! Since July 10th, the tracking says ‘en route to DHL e-commerce distribution centre.’ It is now July 29th and it says the same thing with no updates since July 10th. The good guy had to DRIVE all the way from my house to mine, give my parcel and tell me the story. Unfortunately, they were shipped on the 25th of April using DHL. It is not the company is the lack of your knowledge regarding the destination country who do You have to blame for ! The first one came the second one kept saying “on hold” the hold last two weeks then suddenly it finally updated saying “address incomplete” how is it incomplete if the other package made it and both items were bought at the same time? The slowest and the worst service EVER.... Jul 27, 2020 I get that you might be lazy to deliver it to my door, but why then not leave a note?  – About 3 months ago. The fact was it was raining and no cars were even on our quiet street for the past hour. Everytime I order something online as soon as I find out it is DHL I know it will go wrong. Don qué le quiere la rotión y can que. oh 3rd box was fed-ex, sent across US took 2 days. This package is coming from Nj to Ar. Wednesday it was about 3 hours away then it vanished off the face of the earth. All this cr*p about "logistics" and shipments sit in their "hub" for weeks on end, then they miss multiple delivery dates. Creating a waybill in order to schedule a pickup is a nightmare especially if you never used. Gets to local depot says it is out for... Aug 30, 2020 They are so slow that I... My package from Asia has been sitting in the processing facility in Germany for over a MONTH now... still sitting there, no updated status, still needs to be shipped to America and go through customs... Sep 1, 2020 Tried ordering a package from EK Water Blocks. Cant call. Don't bother relaying your complaints regarding stolen, lost,or damaged parcels with DHL customer service. I can’t believe they are still in business. Just another critical failure from DHL. I ordered a parcel from Grailed. PUT DHL OUT OF BUSINESS. ... It’s been a month now. At this point I have mentally written off the $200 product as I seriously don't think it is going to leave Germany. I have subscription services that use DHL and I can't stand it. My september subscription has been sitting in the avenel facility since the 18th. Each call to DHL takes 30 minutes or longer to... Jun 19, 2020 Two days later I get a phone call from DHL Canada's brokerage provider. Shipment I have been waiting for for several weeks finally arrives at the local san Francisco office last Thursday. DHL generated an incorrect tracking number, so I have no idea where my package is or if it will even be delivered!! This is embarrassment to a delivery service. I have gotten used to the blatant lies from 90% of USPS employees and responses to several FOIA requests in which the USPS refuses to disclose their inner workings. Paid every duties and taxes online, instructed no signature is required upon delivery, the package is clear to leave by my house's door. I thought Canada Post was bad but it is much more efficient than DHL. Today March 31 I saw where it had been at an USPS sort facility so in 12 days it was in the hands of USPS. I can never track it and it just "disappears". DHL SUCKS!! Now I'm gonna have to pay for some bullshit duty taxes and "service fees" that don't ever appear when using USPS or UPS. I ordered a package from Aus to Canada on March 27 with an ETA of April 11. I HATE!!!! ITS IN A f%@kING WAREHOUSE!! Then called and said, it will arrive today.... Oct 12, 2020 I bought face masks 4 weeks ago that "shipped" from KY to me in FL, still no update. I clicked on the photo section... May 27, 2020 Ordered wireless bluetooth earbuds from walmart on the 20th of july not supposed to get here till the 28th, tracking stopped at 2:23 am yesterday, I've been reading up on this delivery company,... Jul 22, 2020 DEL Ecommerce is the worst and slowest delivery service I've ever encountered. No updates. I did some research and found that poetic uses dhl regularly. I thought my power supply was going to reach my house before my other PC parts that’s in California. I don't recall not ever receiving what I ordered when they were the delivery service provider, but what I don't understand is why anyone uses them in the first place.  – About 4 weeks ago. Stayed at home and wait for the driver for two days! i work at a website with dhl as the courier and god can you imagine how many times customers email me about their lost packages? This company will not deliver my CrankBrothers wheel set to the post office where my P.O. My package is supposed to be delivered last Wednesday, and then Thursday, Friday, and then Monday. ... Aug 26, 2020  – About 5 months ago. Waiting on the phone for about 20 minutes to get ahold of person to ask why my package left California to OH, when I live in CA. Paid the duties, fees. The company I ordered it from said no they don't destroy packages. DHL is horrible.  – About 7 months ago.  – About 6 months ago. DHL may be in the same situation. asses. I ordered a product (gift) through Amazon, 1/4/2019 and it was reported as shipped on 1/6/2019.  – About 8 months ago. Now it's held hostage by the DHL Gestapo and after spending over 2 thousand dollars to get it shipped,... Sep 15, 2020 It would have been faster to have someone drive it up to Canada on an e-bike, then deal with this bullshit company. Unf&%$ing believable, when there is a website made up soley for rants and complaints about the poor service your company provides, should be a clue for your to improve somewhat!!! My package has been “Transferring to local USPS” for 20 days now. When the seller uses USPS, it is slow because of the pandemic but at least there is some tracking information every 2-3 days with most packages. But a lot of the grammar and spelling on here is too.... DHL "questioned" 3 of my packages filled with Christmas gifts to family in Austria. DHL couldn't deliver because nobody was home, please reschedule. Help desk email doesnt answer the question and months later package lost. Still not here after weeks! No problem the airlines aren't flying them. wtf does that mean????? I ordered a engine cover from my car and it was supposed to arrive yesterday. My package sat at the "distribution centre" for 2 weeks now... like just give it to me. why is dhl so slow. DHL is the worst!!! This was back in November of 2019 and I was pretty excited as it was part of a new entertainment center. If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. DHL is so garabage. Get contact details that poster left for the company.  – About 6 months ago. Contacted the Vendor and they gave me a DHL canned reply. They were supposed to deliver a package by Friday. Usps did not process anything Monday for memorial day. Seems like everyone is saying the same thing of there packages being on hold ! Sorry one of the safest jobs is cargo pilots.. Load the plane and say bye.. Called DHL to find out where the... Jul 31, 2020 This is sad I can’t even get work done because my supplies are being delayed and my time is being played with. DHL life about making a delivery attempt but no one was home. I ordered something back in December, it was coming from France to the USA it was shipped via DHL. I spent $129 on the power supply and I could be done my PC days ago if it had arrived on time. You might be able to mess with me, but NOT with my dog. For 8 and 9 days???? - sometimes still doesn't show up, but always claims that I wasn't home. That is not good service then. I ordered the Oculus Go from Oculus (now Facebook technologies), who sent the item parcel select through DHL. then wait 24-36hr's to transfer to the USPS and go back across to buffalo or rochester ny . And, to make matters worse, they keep changing the damn delivery date so I keep having to change my damn plans to sit at hme all day to wait for the damn package. I bought a vynil from USA to Brazil in april. Did it magically scan itself!? Did not even leave a notice of attempted delivery. Even couple of days later, I did not get any updates where the heck is my stuff. You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult. If I EVER get my f*cking package, I AM NEVER using DHL ever F*CKING AGAIN!! Fedex, UPS, yes, the services that "Wannabe DHL" wants to be soo badly.  – About 4 months ago. I live in the Netherlands in an asylum seeker center. 3) No tracking since Monday morning. Original estimate was April 23rd which amazon changed to the 26th. I ordered a mouse and it still has yet to show up...slow half-assed company.  – About 5 months ago. Liingo Eye Glasses and 1800CONTACTS stop using DHL-their deliveries are ALWAYS LATE if they arrive at all!!! I live in UpState Ny. Called DHL to find out where the package was? DHL is the worst shipping company I have ever dealt with. Ordered from seller authentic gucci and fendi belt It cleared all the customs it was in delivery facility on sept 8th and instead of out for delivery was please contact dhl well I did they said... Hi.

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