It is shaped in a triangular shape and can fit into corners of your enclosure. Any bulb that is bright white (doesn’t put out color) and is between 50 to 75 Watts will likely work for most cages. As aforementioned, there aren’t very many reliable and safe options on the market for UVB bulbs. Inconsistent UVB coverage resulting in dark spots where UVB is low or not present and some concentrated spots where UVB is too strong. A bearded dragon needs about 95F to 105F in the basking spot and 75F to 85F in the cool end of the tank. Once you have one, set the temperature to 65 °F and 75°F, with the ideal one being 21°C (70°F). Among them, the 2 most important lights for bearded dragons are the Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB). Proper lighting is not only essential for proper temperatures but more importantly for adequate vitamin production within the body of bearded dragons. Question… You recommend leaving the heating lamp outside of the tank, but also recommend the T5 fixture which appears would be mounted inside the tank, leaving the heating lamp also inside the tank. To reduce the overall humidity levels in your room, you will need lots of ventilation to lower the level of moisture in the air. Reptile.Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to – This will determine how you mount your light. Heat lamps should always be checked once every 6 months if possible. With that in mind let check out the pros and cons of play sand: This calcium substrate also known as vita sand is an all natural substrate made up of calcium carbonate. This can result in higher risk of impaction. Halogen floodlight bulbs are. So having good ventilation is also important in your bearded dragon’s enclosure. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Suitable for most tank sizes, this lamp fixture is typically. Baby or hatchling bearded dragon (10 inches or less): Minimum size of 20 gallon tank/cage. Also, on the colder side, you need a thermometer and thermostat and guard the bulb to avoid burns, or these pets cannot reach the bulbs. Just get the right length that fits ⅔ of your terrarium and you are good to go. Naturally, mercury vapor bulbs are much stronger so you’ll want to be extra diligent about measuring temps in your beardie’s cage and also making sure the lighting isn’t placed too close where it could burn your bearded dragon. Ceramic heaters supplemented by under the tank or heat cables (strips) are the best options touse at night. For food and water dish, there are many options but here are a few that i have personally used: These mentioned below are all shallow dishes can be used for both food or water: If you plan to place these dishes or bowls in the enclosure, make sure you place them away from the basking light to reduce evaporation and humidity. Here are some examples cave hideouts that are suitable for bearded dragon: Logs that are empty within are a great decorative hideout for your bearded dragons. The type and amount of light, diet, temperature, and cleanliness are the four main components to keeping these, and many other reptiles as healthy and happy as possible. Yet, as cute as this scenario is, things can turn deadly fast. However, it is advisable not to leave them without heat for more than 24 hours or their health will start to get affected. I particularly enjoy halogen bulbs as they produce steady heat and last quite a long time. Many users are happy about their efficiency, affordable prices, and small sizes. To monitor enclosure temperatures, it is recommended to take 2 readings. A 50-watt bulb is equivalent to a 150-200 watt standard incandescent bulb. Protip: Mercury vapor bulbs are made to give off intense heat and UVB, so it should not be placed into your standard dome fixture like your clamp lamp mentioned above or it may burn out. A 30 to 45 watts halogen bulb or a 60 to 70 watts incandescent bulb should be more than enough. Low to mid 70s is ideal. Before we dive deep into product recommendations, setup, and other critical information, let’s first discuss what lighting your bearded dragon will actually need to thrive.

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