A thing that is not exact: ‘Ere, did you just say zummit?’. Commonly used across the West Country) "Anywhen" (Hampshire, Isle of Wight) – At any time "Appen" (Devon) – Perhaps, possibly "Arable" (Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight) – (from "horrible"), often used for a road surface, as in "Thic road be arable" The Black Country is a region in the West Midlands, England. Proper job! Got it? "Keendle teening" (Cornwall) – candle lighting. This translator can be used to translate to and from the Black Country dialect. Type English in the left box (desktop) or top box (mobile), or type some Black Country in the right box (desktop) or bottom box (mobile). Alternatively, you can generate a random couple of default sentences from Lingo Jam. Get Babylon's Translation Software Free Download Now! This is far from perfect, so please leave me a suggestion to help improve this translator if you want, as this is all from memory and I'm only doing a bit at a time. "Hilts and gilts" (North Somerset) – female and male piglets, respectively. e.g. "Put'n in thic yer box" "Put it in this box here". I've scagged me 'ook up 'round down 'by Swyre 'ed”), "Scrage"  – a scratch or scrape usually on a limb, "Slit pigs" (North Somerset) – male piglets that have been castrated, "Smooth" (Bristol & Somerset) – to stroke (e.g. ("Dorchester, where's it to? Cummus ‘zon’, Didnus: Didn’t we: ‘Had a bliddy good larf at the village fete didnus?’, Dimpsey: Evening time or dusk: ‘I woz yomping the path home coz it woz fast gettin’ dimpsey’, Dreckly: Sometime in the near future: ‘I shall see ye dreckly’, Drumbledrone: Bumblebee: ‘I be walking a bit ginger on account of ‘aving just sat on the sharp end of a drumbledrone’, Fess: To be pleased as punch: ‘I was fessed right up with my new socks’, Fossick: To search by rummaging: ‘Just ‘ad a good fossick in the hay loft’, Gakeing: Daydreaming: ‘Are you gonna dig they tatties or just stand there gakeing?’, Grockle: A tourist or holidaymaker: ‘Sorry I’m late. "Giss et peak" (Give me that pitchfork), "Gleanie" (North Somerset) – guinea fowl, "Grockle" (Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight) – tourist, visitor or gypsy (derogatory), "Grockle Shell" (Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight) caravan or motor home (derogatory). West country dialects in English West Country English refers collectively to the English language varieties and accents used by much of the native population of South West England, the area popularly known as the West Country. "Alright me ansum" (Cornwall & Devon) – How are you, my friend? "Mackey" (Bristol) – massive or large, often to benefit, "Old butt" (Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean) friend, "Ooh Arr" (Devon) – multiple meanings, including "Oh Yes". E.g. It is the area where the original coal seam came up to or near the surface, including (roughly) most of the modern-day councils of Dudley, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Sandwell, including towns such as Dudley (the 'capital'), Coseley, Bilston, Wolverhampton (disputed) Walsall, Wednesbury, Sedgley and Tipton, as well as a few more - but NOT Birmingham. "Love", "My Love", "Luvver" – terms of endearment. Black Country Day is celebrated annually on 14th July. cat or dog), "Somewhen" – At some time (still very commonly used)(compare German; irgendwann). Dialects are linguistic varieties which differ in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar from each other and from Standard English (which is itself a dialect). "), "Young'un" any young person "'Ow be young un?" "Hark at he" (pronounced "'ark a' 'ee"), "listen to him". "Alright my luvver" (just as with the phrase "alright mate", when said by a person from the West Country, it has no carnal connotations, it is merely a greeting. Would you ark at ‘ee’, Are ‘em: Aren’t they: ‘Those daffs are beauts are ‘em’, A-feard: To be afraid: ‘That spider under the sink ‘ad me proper a-feard’, Backalong: Sometime in the past: ‘I remember that song from backalong’, Brock: Badger: ‘I seen a brock t’other day that was larger than my wheelbarrow’, Bulorn: Snail: ‘They bliddy bulorns been at my lettuces ageen!’, Cakey: Soft in the head: ‘My cousin be proper cakey in the swede’, Cummus ‘zon: Come on then: ‘We best be off. West Country accents also share certain characteristics with those of other isolated rural areas where Standard English has been slow to influence the speech of most people; for example, in parts of Northumberland final "r"s are still pronounced, or, in East Anglia, long "a"s retain the æː pronunciation. : Nominative pronouns follow some verbs. These dialect translators are therefore not copyrighted by me. "Parcel of ol' Crams" (Devon) – a phrase by which the natives sum up and dismiss things (a) they cannot comprehend, (b) do not believe, (c) have no patience with, or (d) may be entertained by but unwilling to praise. It is also worth bearing in mind that Black Country is a dialect. Although often "Gurt" is thought of as meaning "Great" in fact a better meaning is "Very". The original draft of the Jive dialect was written by Daniel V. Klein, based on work by Clement Cole, with improvements by Samuel Stoddard. to be make dialect deliberately stronger. Ever been in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset or Somerset and wondered what on earth that friendly local is trying to tell you? Wheatley, one of the main characters in Portal 2, was voiced by. The other dialect translators are improved versions of translators created not by me but others who released them into the public domain. the verb "to hark" (as in "'ark a'ee"), "thee" (often abbreviated to "'ee") etc., the increased use of the infinitive form of the verb "to be" etc. Popularised by, "Ort/Ought Nort/Nought" (Devon)  – Something / Nothing "I a'en got ought for'ee"="I have nothing for you" "'Er did'n give I nought" "He gave me nothing". Get your head around the West Country’s weird and wonderful dialect…. Ever wanted to make a random text generator. Pronunciation  …   Wikipedia, West Kalimantan — Infobox Provinces of Indonesia name = Province of West Kalimantan country=Indonesia logo= motto = Akçaya Sanskrit: Immortal capital=Pontianak population= 4073304 population as of = 2004 area in km2 = 146807 Time=WIB (UTC+7) ethnicity = Dayak… …   Wikipedia, Survey of English Dialects — The Survey of English Dialects was undertaken between 1950 and 1961 under the direction of Professor Harold Orton of the English department of the University of Leeds. Use of the past tense "writ" where Standard English uses "wrote". Tis loverly to see you’, Ramshacklum: Rubbish: ‘This holey bucket is ramshacklum’, Wasson: What have you got planned: ‘Wasson this afternoon?’, Where’s that to: Where is it.

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