Firstly, at a headline level, I know the total amount paid in salaries looks like a substantial number but I would ask that you remember it takes a significant number of people to deliver outcomes such as talent academies, competitions, umpiring, indigenous engagement, coaching and school programs across all levels of footy in WA. But all of this is, first and foremost, about saving money to save the game. At the best of times this is a highly sensitive topic and I fully understand in the current environment sensitivities are at an all-time high. What it means for AFLW pay packets next year and beyond is up in the air until there is some clarity around when games get back again. Yes, no one is talking about it yet because so much effort is concentrated on getting some form of a season still played this year. I’d like to directly address with you the leak of WAFC salaries earlier this week. I’d like to directly address with you the leak of WAFC salaries earlier this week. They moved in like auditors of every club. Rostering| Apr 5, 2005 15,842 16,827 Jennifer Hawkins' bed AFL Club West Coast Other Teams Indoor Sports WA Mar 25, 2012 #4 Top players are generally on around $1000 per game. Enjoy unlimited access to and everyday digital editions on any device. The push from the AFL is to cut the number of players on club lists to 35. To prove to the banks they were good for the loan, the AFL had to show how they were cutting their own costs. Salary cap.

From The West today... The WAFC received $11.2 million from the State Government last year as part of its annual funding agreement but Murray was concerned that most of it appeared to be spent on staff payments rather than football development. Thursday - Monday papers home delivered with all of the latest footy news! Which is a hell of a lot of money in anybody’s book – but there are more than 800 players in the AFL who earn less than that. This conversation was held in an open and constructive manner.

© Copyright 2020 West Australian Football Commission Like Quote Reply. Why not have one long before this? In 2016 the Total Player Payments cap is $294,000 for the non-AFL aligned clubs, while the cap for East Perth and Peel Thunder is $191,100. The West Australian Football Commission has finalised its annual review of Rules and Regulations for the West Australian Football League following the conclusion of the 2019 Optus WAFL Premiership Season. The WAFL is a semi-professional competition and has a salary cap in place. "It shows every club, every player, every game and every payment," a WAFL official said. GWS spearhead Jeremy Cameron is in the final year of a heavily back-loaded contract.

Save. As revealed by The West Australian on Monday, one football identity was estimated to receive $1000 an hour for a part-time position while four staff were paid more than $200,000 a year. "WAFL clubs reacted angrily to the leak, claiming that they had to operate on limited funding while WAFC staff appeared to receive the lion’s share of WA’s football resources." It looks like the VFL will start before we do, the NRL is already underway, The AFL kicks off on Thursday...with no footy being played in WA what the f*ck has the WAFC actually been doing over the last couple of months to justify their over-inflated salaries? At the best of times this is a highly sensitive topic and I fully understand in the current environment sensitivities are at an all-time high. I undertake to come back to you in the coming weeks to explain how the reshaped WAFC will look within our new financial model so that we can quickly rebuild football again right across this great State.
For the other seven clubs, the cap is $280,000. Players have agreed to give up 50 per cent of their pay for the next two months, during which time games have definitely been postponed, then they will either give up 50 per cent or 70 per cent for the remaining five pay periods, depending on whether games resume this season. In the absence of actual games being played, the new sport has become economics not football – or, more to the point, the up-ended economics of AFL football. Read more explainers here. The coronavirus has devastated the world but, for the purposes of sport in this little corner of the world, we are occupied with what the virus has done to the game of footy.
Elliot Raiter October 29th, 2020. ", Was $13 now $7 per week for 12 weeks* (Digital + Print). "There are very good reasons that player payments are kept confidential, especially within clubs," an official said. Suddenly, no broadcast money and gate revenue were coming in and sponsorship money was thrown into doubt.

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