This allows you access to resources, such as room and facility reservations and to request for funding. Please follow this link to find out more about ESUC and what we do. School-wide organization – please contact Wes Uehara. The following are topics that the Office of Communications is most interested in: Additionally, the Office of Communications would like to remind all student orgs that websites should be made in compliance with the Samueli Website Guidelines. Ph.D. Graduate Student in Geology There are many offices who will have to help you process your purchase, ship your product, and get the shipment into your organization’s hands. SOLE supports the scheduling of Meyerhoff Park for registered campus organizations, individual students, faculty or staff. Use a Purchase Order (PO) to order from a UCLA approved vendor. Join Facebook to connect with Melissa Sola and others you may know. Dr. Melissa Dinolfo PHARM.D. Mailboxes are located in the ESUC Lounge (Boelter Hall 5800). Email: [email protected] The SOLE staff are working remotely during our regular business hours (9am-5pm PST) and are available via email. The mission of the UCLA Engineering Alumni Association is ‘To foster alumni participation in the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science community and to enrich the engineering experience of its students’. Genuine social connection is very important for mental health, and is more fulfilling for the heart than a “like”, “share” or emojis could ever be. We DO NOT have contracts with Costco, Home Depot, Amazon. Join our mailing list!

Do the things that scare you, because if they scare you it means you are stepping outside your comfort zone- it’s an opportunity for growth- so don’t let fear hold you back from your own greatness. Policies and procedures are being updated as we learn more about the virus, its impact on our world, and as new State of California mandates on public health are established.

MELISSA K. GIOVANNI. Rest here for 10–15 minutes, or as feels best for your body. ",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j
If your accounts are housed in the School (rather than a Department), then please contact Marlon Williams, (function(){var ml="swa4%do.rclm0enu",mi=";28:6>143<0=207?9:27=5? Website guidance – make sure events are front and center.

PLEASE NOTE that room reservations are on hold due to the pandemic and the campus closure.

Spend time outside, instead of cooped up inside on your device: Even a 10 minute walk outside during your lunch break can do wonders to “reset” your mind and reboot energy levels. The page is managed by the Engineering Society at UCLA (ESUC). Connect with me on Instagram @melissao_yoga!!! Mental fatigue is often a result of overworking our minds, and it’s no wonder when our attention is often split between 2 screens, and our brain is constantly in an “active” mindset when on our phones, computer, etc.

Note that shipping can extend the turn-around time drastically depending on the class of shipping you request. Affiliating with UCLA Samueli Engineering slides, Orlando Luna, Advisor, Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement.

Along the way, we have made system and process modifications to help expedite the process. When we are not able to shut down and really relax- this can contribute to less restful sleep and/or insomnia. The moment you open your emails, social media, text messages, you are being bombarded by stimuli, which means, most likely you are starting your day with undue stress. Contact ESUC (email us here) if you are interested in establishing a mailbox for your organization. Your organization MUST register with the School of Engineering if you hold a physical space in the School. Email: [email protected], Assistant Director The online portal was instituted in November 2018 and more than 4,500 requests have been processed since that time. Her credentials are: PHARM.D.
Photographer. Screen time also affects our mental health because of the constant stimulation. Chemical Engineering | 5513 Boelter Hall (10 – 12 people) | Contact: Sara Reubelt. Melissa has … Senior Advisor Dr. Chau, Hung PHARM.D.1011 Baldwin Park Blvd The organizations of the year (there are different categories) will be selected based on review of your contributions to the UCLA Samueli Engineering community. Please contact the appropriate contact to request information on how to make purchases, process reimbursements, arrange travel, and manage fund accounts. Finally, in 2015, I completed the 300 Hours Professional Program through YogaWorks Los Angeles, under the mentorship of David Lynch. This way, you can start your day by centering your mind, grounding your energy and providing a more balanced foundation to go about the rest of your day. Please contact us at (function(){var ml="%ogi0acl.se4um",mi=":9<68<6750;42=537861=",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j
Last year, because of everything going virtual, we had to cancel our biggest annual event, Kids Day, where we invite engineering orgs to showcase their projects and do fun activities with students of elementary to middle school. Our events in the past have included Networking Night (a time to to just network and talk with industry reps), Art Display, Engineering Jeopardy, Hebocon (a sumo robot competition), Code Smash (hackathon-ish event), Talent Show, and many others.

I’m looking forward to hosting my Big Island Hawaii Yoga & Wellness Retreat on October 4th-8th, 2018 at the WhaleSpirit Sanctuary in Captain Cook, Hawaii. The same can go for your morning or evening routines- you know that 30 minutes you waste sitting at the kitchen counter or couch scrolling through social media or online news?
Submit purchase order requests or reimbursements late (2 weeks for PO requests and 1 week for reimbursements).

Email: [email protected], Management Services Advisor

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