In Susan Soon He Stanton’s new play Today Is My Birthday, Jennifer Ikeda plays Emily, a woman who has returned home to Hawai’i to figure out her life. Page Seventy-Three Productions (Page 73) is presenting the world premiere of TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY, a new play by Susan Soon He Stanton. That definitely has effect. Two and a half years ago is when I got the email about the workshop at Sundance and if I was available for three weeks to go to the Sundance Institute and help develop what the sound world of the play would be, which felt so integral to its existence. It’s challenging because that awareness that you need as a theatre performer of this space and the energy, the molecules in the air, has to be very selective. A difficult librarian and a local boy who never grew up, are trapped in a library basement in Kauai by heavy rainstorm. Similarly, I was like, “These things can be anywhere. Seriously. Betsy Wolfe is Absolutely Fine. On the eleventh day, she was discovered and claimed amnesia, never speaking or writing about the incident again. In a fictional retelling of this real life disappearance, SEEK imagines Agatha on the Big Island of Hawaii in Puna: a rough and unforgiving landscape. Combining hula, chant, history and hard science this production explores ancient and modern stories of navigation. Jennifer: For me personally, I’m like, “Great.” Not that people would think it’s totally autobiographical, but I need more people who don’t look like white men to be writing seemingly autobiographical plays. In 1926, British mystery writer Agatha Christie disappeared in England. New York Theater Workshop / Sundance Institute Theatre Program, Lark Play Development Center/ Voice and Vision, Lark Play Development Center and Venturous Theater Fund, comedy, dark comedy, drama, experimental, romantic comedy. I’m cool! Jennifer, can you talk a little bit more about your process in terms of performance? The New Play Exchange ® (NPX) is the world's largest digital library of scripts by living writers. I’m the cool kid!” It was really great. For tickets and more information, click here. To give myself more creative liberty, I named the character David Henry Hwang.” So I was like, “Well, I’m just going to lean into that extreme discomfort.” We’re doing it at Humana and the production meetings and casting has just been really horrible because everyone is like, “What is Susan’s problem? It’s a really difficult task, but she does it so beautifully. Palmer: In some scenes there are a lot of jumps. Plays include we, the invisibles (Actors Theatre of Louisville Humana Festival), Today Is My Birthday (Page73), Both Your Houses (ACT New Strands/ Crowded Fire),  Takarazuka!!! The play is how we live so much right now. I don’t think constantly. Susan: I think theatre and stories can be a way of teaching people to notice or see things in a new way or notice things that are there. ( Log Out /  The title of Susan Soon He Stanton’s hilarious, intricate new comedy doesn’t refer to anything in the play itself. Because of how surrounded we are with film and television now, the way that sound design is done is so different. It’s this realization of like, “Yes, it’s fine. Page 73 Productions has announced that its fall production will be the world premiere of Susan Soon He Stanton's new play, Today Is My Birthday, directed by Kip Fagan. Plays include we, the invisibles (Actors Theatre of Louisville Humana Festival), Today Is My Birthday … It’s really easy to pretend that you’re happy when you’re sad or to pretend that you’re calm and still when you’re actually jumping up and down the room. The NPX, a National New Play Network program, is flipping the script on the ways in which new work is shared and discovered. I think it’s exciting because that’s normally behind the scenes, so to come to the forefront, but also feel well integrated and support what’s going on and for people to experience that. Susan: In terms of scene length, it is more like a film or a TV show. You feel like a failure, and that effort to climb out of that through communicating when communicating can make it harder. Jennifer: It’s not naturalistic in that way. Bernadette Peters: Young and Cute, Forever and Never, Women to Watch 2017: Women Behind the Scenes, 7 Women of Theatre History You Should Know, Female Lighting Designers: Past, Present, and Future. With underscoring, you can do completely anachronistic music and it’s amazing when you have something that’s turn of the century, but you’re hearing PJ Harvey guitar at the same time and you’re like, “Yes, this is amazing!” You just give over to that. The New Play Exchange ® (NPX) is the world's largest digital library of scripts by living writers. Palmer: I’m not sure of the exact timeline, but it’s definitely the earliest I’ve ever been involved in a project as a sound designer, which has been so exciting, because I love collaboration and to be at the workshop stage and be able to implement my art as well and to contribute to Susan’s was really amazing. Theatre is my medium, so I love actual bodies and space. It was microphones and Palmer’s different kinds of sounds, but it was very much in a line, and then Jenny was a little bit set apart and vulnerable, but it was still just a straightforward presentation. I think that plays that have really heightened concepts or forms need to have an emotional cost. I think the production felt like, “How do we get the essence of that, which we really enjoyed with the collaboration, into the production?” It ended up with me in a sound booth within the audience, but visible. Definitely the hope is to figure out ways to be accessible and modern and fresh, but in a way that’s still emotionally truthful.

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