Nevertheless, Onoki continued his tirade.

Retaining his composure, Hiruzen was about to shoot a thin jet of water once more only for him to abate his plan in order to evade swooping Onoki who looked worse for wear.

This war, has drawn a close'. Maito Gai wore a straight face as he delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to a puppet that was sent his way, shattering it into wooden splinters. And we both know how idiotic he can be. She didn't really have one.

With that, Konoha's forces plunged into battle. It was more of a statement then a question, but inquired regardless. Beside him stood, Tsunade-hime, his teammate and his best friend.

The battle took place in the mountainous valley closest to the border of the Land of Mountains. Some turned their heads and were unfortunate enough to be cut down for their idiocy, while others paid attention on half-heartedly. 'Time sure does fly,' Enma thought woefully, as the echoing cries of ninjutsu being cast could be heard.

The Ame Orphans lost their parents during this war, leading Jiraiya to take care of them for a while, claiming it was the least he could do. Needless to say he came out unscathed. Itachi frowned as he knelt beside Kakashi. His breathing was ragged and his clothes mostly ripped, however his arms were shielded by a Iwa exclusive jutsu, Earth Release: Earth Spear, one Hiruzen recognized from the First War. 'I'll see you soon Hashi-sama, Tobirama-sensei. 'I am the God of Death.

And why I'm telling you... As apart of Team Sarutobi I felt you deserved to know.' Live, fight, and with Onoki's death, this battle in particular will turn towards our favor.' Ask. After hearing Shōyō had been sent, the Third Tsuchikage, Ōnoki, personally appeared on the battlefield and directed his men towards the location of the Team. Depends on what you think bashing is, the faster i upload the more work im putting off, Minato Namikaze and the Destroyer of Worlds, Nohara Rin & Obito Uchiha & Mitarashi Anko, Alternate Universe - No Zetsu/Project Tsuki no Me, Friends Drifting Apart Because Of Ninja Drama and Personal Issues. Those were the last words that Minato would here before the Shinigami claimed his soul to carry to the afterlife. Hiruzen slipped into a Body Flicker and side-stepped to the left as a wave of iron sand flooded his previous position and toppled over small brush. Enma's frown deepened. She was always...erratic. Changes to Jinchuurikis and Bloodlines. A dragon shaped fireball roared as it scorched through the very earth, quickly sprouting off into two different directions; one went higher toward Onoki while the second dived to strike the Iron Sand cocoon.

Hiruzen continued, 'keep your sight vigiliante and remain obstinate in your goal'. Try as he might, Ōnoki's Earth Release techniques were failing against Shōyō's kenjutsu and Senjutsu techniques. Eight years before the Kyuubi Attack, another is born.

That's what Hiruzen believed. But alas, Hiruzen-san, I shall gladly assist you, if only this last time.'. Onoki was quickly preparing another Dust Release attack, but before he could finish he felt a searing sensation rip through his left arm before exploding in a shower of blood and gore. His voice rang throughout the area, what remained of the three thousand ninja who fought here looked up in wonder, some in veiled contempt, others in awe. How dare you make such a proclamation, you legendary fool!' For Konohagakure. War of Shinobi 2.0 - OpenGL version is officially released! 'D-damn you, Sa..Sarut--Sarutobi' Onoki bit out in a snarl, failing to break the grip of the clone. If I was going to die a completely stupid death anyway, might as well risk it in a career as a hired assassin right? Twirling his Adamantine Staff, Hiruzen thrusted the staff into the cocoon to no avail as his fellow Sandaime leapt high into the sky, using his signature sand to keep him afloat in the air. He doubted that would happen, but there was no need to worry his dear wife. Before another word could be said, in a whirlwind of sand? One that was used on Tobirama-sensei during the first war, back when Hiruzen was a chuunin. 'This war is so unlike shinobi. Was this planned? AU. Just one big, slightly glorified biography. As was genjutsu due to their near identical ineptitude towards illusions. To the Kazekages credit the massive wave was formed with little warning and almost no chakra expenditure until after the attack struck. Moments later they fell to the ground, filling the air with bloodcurdling screams and clunching their throats in horror. Moreover, medical-nin are worth praise; after all, if a medic-nin fails then someone loses their life. 'I, Jiraiya of the Sannin, speak. The hunger and need between them eclipses anything they could possibly ever feel for anyone else, and overcomes all barriers between them.
Maybe she fixes some problems along the way, after all isn't that what mothers do? iron sand sprouted from the earth and from it, a tall man befitting his position with his confident build and tan-skin appeared. Ōnoki, and one hundred of his men, ambushed Team Shōyō in this valley, and a bloody battle ensued. I'll protect Itachi and the rest of my precious people to the very end.'. And now, not only had he lost a tremendous amount of people, money, and land, but he was comprimised by a shitty Medical Division, which stood no chance against Suna's now legendary necrosis poison. Follows the life of Chiyome and major events taking place in Konoha between the time of its founding and the ending of the 3rd Shinobi War. As this happened, instantly, Jiraiya stood up, his voice amplified by chakra.

(Or: Rin doesn’t die, that day.

'You always were,' Hiruzen smiled, 'an arrogant one,' he quickly sped through a sequence of hand seals, his hands mere blurs and while doing so, Enma leapt at Onoki. As night fell, the four had cut down over eighty of the original one hundred Iwagakure troops with only minor injuries themselves.

Hiruzen drew in a slow breath as the Shinigami appeared, hovering behind him with a sadistic zeal and an impassionate stare. The last time a shinobi had such a connection to their elemental affinity, Senju Tobirama was alive. Photo. A technique so powerful that it commanded the presence of the Shinigami itself to claim the soles of the caster and one other individual; nothing could escape the range of that jutsu. Kurenai felt no need to respond, kneeling down and rushing through practiced sequence of handseals to her favorite genjutsu. But most importantly, to finally end this pain that seems to only propagate with the efforts of the past generation; after all, the bridge to evil is built by good intentions. That much was evident in Madara Uchiha, his sensei and senseis' brother rival, Orochimaru, his wayward student, and mutiple times in his past against missing-nin and traitorous comrades alike. 'Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work'. Quote. The energy of the two was inexorably yanked from them, losing their very life-energy and their bodies becoming numb and as cold as ice. He vanished with a puff, sadness evident on his harrowing face. For you...Namikaze Minato. She instead, slightly fumed, opting to take a different approach. I will not make my strike until he is at his weakest, just prior to him changing bodies with his Immortality Technique. The Kazekage was breathing heavily and was still lying on his back, weakly. Ōnoki was furious; that damnable coucil had convinced him this would be easy; child's play even. Remain vigilante and let the Will of Fire burn brightly. Have fun with the paperwork, Jiraiya-boy! Kakashi intoned, keeping a wary eye on the battlefield, while his Sharingan eye spinned madly to keep up with the saturation of chakra in the air. A rare serious expression crept onto his face as he instantly, and without any words opened up the first two internal gates. He answered, his wounds, atleast the superficial ones, were all healed to a moderate degree. Why does it feel like they should be by your side? It continued on like this, however whilst this war was waged each of the Konoha teams were having their own; Maito Gai steadily proving his nindo and continuing his advancement by plowing through the earth ninjutsu and avoiding mudslides with speed akin to only an Elite Jonin, despite being no older then sixteen. Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage and the only man known to have learned every ninjutsu within the confines of the Hidden Leaf Village.

What even counts as 'beautiful'? He then withdrew all Konoha shinobi from the Land of Mountains to increase Konoha's chances in the face of the Sunagakure invasion. Ninjutsu, although Hiruzen was superior in terms of quantity, Onoki knew his mastery of Earth Release was far greater then anyone in the Ninja Continent. Jiraiya sighed and Tsunade rose an eyebrow, rarely seeing her teammate in such a tired manner, nor one in which he spoke so openly.

'Leaving this world to them. I would've loved to see you stand against the Snake one last time. Several months prior to the war's beginning, Konohagakure had already been at war with the Kagerō Village of the Land of Mountains.

'Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder!' You will fall here.'. Alternate Universe. In order to revel in his victory he bounded forward with a flurry of high-speed jabs which slammed into a group of Suna shinobi. And, as for my growing spy network, well, given Konoha's victory in the war my network has grown and many of our false informants who have been feeding us misinformation were cast aside. Before he could counter-attack though, Sarutobi leapt back as he watched, from the corner of his eye, Onoki go through a set of a hand seals that he noticed all to well. Their land campaign to conquer Sunagakure was perfect; strategized, organized, and their numbers surely exceeded that of Suna's.
Jiraiya smiled wryly, even in the afterlife his sensei was finding away to sucker him. Those down below, many of them, were dead or dying.

Before he could regain his composure, the same earth fist impacted the small of his back, except this time a satisfying crunch could be heard as the Kazekage fell to the ground, his face a permanent pain-induced scowl. 'Don't forget, Kushina-san. Uzushio is that village. Yes, it was his overwhelming arrogance that his neighboring countries would sit idly by. Saiken is enjoying his Jinchuriki's discomfort.

For his wife and son. 'Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique!' Many of the forces long since recognized the puppets, and made to move back or find cover, however those unfortunate enough not to see the woonden monstricities fell pray to Suna's follow-up assault. 'Water, fire and earth ninjutsu. 'Ho--Hokage-sama...I...wa..wanted to say...congrats. Jiraiya brought his fingers to the bridge of his nose.

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