Kate is well known for writing story emphasized on freedom or independence of women during the 1890s. Essay, 4 pages. In this fictional tale the author describes the experience of Louise Mallard, a woman with heart In 1894, Kate Chopin wrote, The Story of an Hour. While her family believes she had a heart attack because she was overjoyed, the author leads us to conclude the heart attack was actually caused by her realization that the freedoms she looked forward too were no longer a reality. She was shocked and portrayed as abnormal when she heard the news of her husband’s death. Kate Chopins description of what the main character feels and sees shows us how this is possible. I'm fine with missing my deadline, WowEssays. July 8, 2020. https://ivypanda.com/essays/the-story-of-an-hour/. "The Story of an Hour." Web. However, “she knew that she would weep again when she saw the kind, tender hands folded in death” (159), but it’s just a reaction, one that society expects her to have, and one that many have when dealing with the death of someone they know. The story is open to multiple interpretations and has a lot to reveal about women in the 1890s, and many of the story’s themes, characters, and symbols critique women’s marriage roles during the period . During this period, women had no rights to vote and participate in the nation’s democratic processes, employment opportunities were skewed against them to an extent that it was not easy for them to access paid jobs and even if they managed to get such jobs, they could only be hired for a pittance to earn much less than their male counterparts for similar work. This kind of direct and simple language is used to describe things that Mrs Mallard isn’t emotional about, thus the language would indicate, as much as the actual words do, that Mrs Mallard didn’t have strong feelings for her husband. Ask Writer For Special offer for LiteratureEssaySamples.com readers. "The Story of an Hour." Retrieved from https://phdessay.com/analysis-of-the-story-of-an-hour/. The role of the woman in this time period is seen as the stereotypical housewife who has full control of the house and the chores that go, The exploration of symbolism and irony in “The Story of an Hour”, is apparent for the reader to establish. The screen play which is co-written by Paul Berges in 2004 is created on Bollywood style adaptations (Eber, 2005). She just imagines women as dominated and bold. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Categories Emotion, Essay, Health, Literature, Mental Health, Psychology, The Story Of An Hour. By using imagery she allows the reader to get a sense of the characters surroundings while adding to the story. With her use of personification, Chopin allows the reader to better understand what Mrs Mallard looked like, while keeping her physique vague and without going into too much detail. The contrast is when the writer says, “She had died of heart disease…of the joy that kills” (Woodlief 1). ?What are the causes and effects of students stress? She is best known for her recurrent theme on the status of women in societal affairs, the challenges and problems facing them as … In the final minutes of the hour, Mrs. Mallard is shocked to see that her husband walks through the front door alive and well, which causes her to have a heart attack and die. During the 19th century, most women when in Mrs Mallard’s situation would wait until they were in private before breaking their composure. The author proceeds to tell us about a specific feeling that comes over Mrs. Mallard. She enjoys aroma of rain and also hears twittering of sparrows. Published Feb 24, 2020. The main point of the story is that freedom is a prize possession in Mrs Mallards life and that to loose it again so quickly after gaining it is more than she can bare. Mrs. Mallard from “The Story of an Hour” and Loureen from “Poof!” are different characteristically, story-wise, and time-wise, but share a similar plight. An hour later the prisoner is put in handcuffs and taken back to his cell where he is reminded he will be for life.

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