As for now, looking at the fake vs real Supreme bogo crewneck image above, you can notice how the replica Supreme item has its “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” text and the lines below looking too thin. We really hope this guide is helpful to you. The counterfeit Supreme manufacturers never manage to get the printings on the wash tag correctly and at the same quality as the printings on the legit Supreme items. 6 – The “MADE IN CANADA” / “RN 101837” prints. This is pretty much the only difference of the releases/models in the fake vs real Supreme bogo crewneck image above, which we’ll investigate in just a bit. This being said, and now that you know the main goal of this fake vs real Supreme legit check guide, we should proceed to the proper real vs fake Supreme guide. The fake Supreme Bandana Box Logo items are most common to have their “Supreme” text on the side tag improperly placed, either too high or too low on the tag. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. When speaking of Supreme legit checking, people first think of the wash tag, and they are correct because it is one of the best signs of authenticity on the Supreme items. Step 1: Fake vs real Supreme Bandana Bogo wash tag, Step 3: Inspect the neck tag of your Supreme Bandana Box Logo (tee/hoodie comparison), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FashionReps community. In the real vs fake Supreme box logo crewneck image above, we have pointed out three main flaws visible on the replica Supreme crewneck example. Lastly, we have placed a hand-emoji pointer in the real vs fake Supreme Bandana Box Logo image above, showing you that the “PRE-SHRUNK” text and the 2-3 (depending on your neck tag) lines of text below have their text looking thicker and boxier than the text on the legit Supreme Bandana item. Besides, the stitches on the fake bogo are also too short compared to the stitches met on the authentic Supreme box logo crewneck. In the fake vs real Supreme crewneck image above, it is visible how the replica Supreme crewneck has its “Supreme ®” and its “MADE IN CANADA” labels placed too close to each other, as they make contact. As usual, let’s have a quick look at the fake vs real Supreme Bandana Box Logo items in order to see the flaws on the fake Supreme Bandana item easier. By that, we mean that the fake Supreme Banda item’s letter “m” has its legs placed incorrectly as they are angled, while the authentic letter “m” has all of its legs placed correctly and straight, along with the rest of the letters. Our mission is clear: building the infrastructure for safely buying luxury items. Not only at the bottom, but you can spot this flaw on the fake Supreme Bandana Bogo even in the middle of the letter, where the two curves take place. If your Supreme Bandana item says “90% COTTON / “10% POLYESTER”, don’t worry – that doesn’t mean that you have a fake Supreme Bandana item. Again, any inconsistencies should raise a red flag. So when you’re looking for the horizontal lines flaw, you’re going to want to ignore the letters for a minute and look at the patch. Moving to the “Supreme” tag on the neck tag, you can notice how the fake Supreme item has its text looking too wonky. With all of this being said just for the real vs fake Supreme hoodies, we should now proceed to the wash tags of the fake vs real Supreme crewnecks. As for the last element which we will inspect on the fake vs real Supreme Bandana’s wash tag, we have to check the dimensions of the “MADE IN CANADA” text. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This is a less widely known flaw, but can be very helpful when trying to legit check a Supreme box logo hoodie. With this being said for the fourth step of the real vs fake Supreme Bandana legit check guide, let’s move on to the fifth step on how to legit check the Supreme Bandana Box Logo. The Supreme Box Logo (“BOGO”) Hoodie is one of the most iconic and sought Supreme pieces year in and year out. This time, it is visible how the replica Supreme crewneck has its text too thick and too boxy compared to the one on the authentic wash tag. As Slayer winds down it’s career with a final world tour, one thing can be said about them:  They never compromised their sound. The spacing between the neck tags varies even on the retail Supreme Box Logo items, so don’t take it for the exact millimetric measure on your Supreme item too. So basically on authentic box logo hoodies the two tags (Supreme tag, and Made in Canada tag) should be about a centimeter apart, while on replica box logo hoodies you will sometimes see the two tags overlapping. While being a small flaw, it’s still worth noting that the new box logo hoodies are supposed to have slightly thinner fonts than older box logo hoodies. If you’re not aware of the floating “e”, it’s when the last e in the box logo is raised up higher than the other letters, or “floating” above the other letters, hence the name of the flaw. Supreme. These four lines of text are basically the text under the “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” printing which we have previously inspected on the real vs fake Supreme Banda items. The fake Supreme neck tags have their two tabs placed too close to each other and the letters are improperly positioned and font-weighted, Examine the Supreme logo on the side. All you have to do is send us high-quality pictures of your Supreme Bandana Box Logo and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. First of all, as we’ve previously mentioned, we are first going to analyze the fake vs real Supreme Bandana bogo (box logo) image in order to visualise and easily understand the flaws on the fake item.

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