The band continued to record studio albums and to tour until 1999. [10] In an interview, Adamson stated in 2012 that the five-piece band were living together in a house in East London. At the time of Stuart's death, it was rumoured in the media that both Adamson and his sister wouldn't see anything from their father's fortune. The video for "In a Big Country" received frequent airplay on MTV and featured the band riding all terrain vehicles in the countryside. They toured the UK, Europe and United States following the release of their first CD in 2009. The Adamson family now complete classed 1958 as a year to remember, the birth of their first child. Under the names of Ann Adamson and Stewart Adamson. Jobson later said "This was a guy who had a mortgage, a wife, and a family when we were all trying to live some mythic punk lifestyle. Both his parents were Scottish, and when he was four, his family moved to Fife and settled in a small mining town, Crossgates, about a mile to the east of Dunfermline. Adamson founded Skids in 1977 when he was 18. Adamson came to greater international prominence with Big Country. best to protect intellectual property rights, we endeavour to obtain From the registered date of marriage we do not know the where William and Anne Latta until the birth of their first child a son who they named as William Stuart Adamson he was born on the 11th April 1958, in the suburbs of North Manchester to be exact Davyhulme, near Old Trafford. [3] Jobson was recruited as a frontman; Adamson and Jobson both wrote songs for the band. Adamson was born in Manchester. Adamson supplied much of the distinctive guitar work, as well as being the lead singer and main songwriter (both music and lyrics). Website Design by Cob hosted and managed By Cob - Stuart Adamson performing in August 1991. Growing up in the shadow of a rock star parent. notices and watermarks of the rightful owners. This was to remain the family home thought-out Stuart’s Childhood years were Stuart spent his days being brought up as a true born and bred Scotsman. Extracts From my book “Restless Native” by Gwenda Matthews, The birth took place in the maternity unit at Park Hospital; Davyhulme in Manchester, Park hospital is three quarters of an hour drive from the Adamson residence. permission from the owners of any media used on this website. The proud parents named their first child William Stuart Adamson after his, The mother Anne Latta and bouncing baby William Stuart were discharged, Anne Latta Muir at that time resided at 42 Rae Street, Cowdenbeath, her father James Muir coal Merchant gave her away and signed the parish register as a witness her mother Elizabeth Bawdie Muir former Ms Page was also present at the date of marriage. copyright notices or watermarks on any images used unless they are the copyright Living in the Shadow of a Rock Star Parent",, Articles with dead external links from October 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 18:05. William Adamson at that time resided at 23 Kildownie Crescent, Ballingry. Chapter Two – Will look at his childhood in Crossgates and where he went to school…. [18], Stuart Adamson was the inspiration behind the song "3 Ways To See Despair" by Manic Street Preachers.[19]. [17], In September 2011 a commemorative bench to Stuart Adamson was unveiled at Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline. permission from the owners of any media used on this website. While performing to a crowd of 15,000 people, Adamson and fellow band members were unaware that BBC Radio 2 presenter, Bob Harris was in the crowd. The proud parents Anne Latta (mother maiden name Muir) and William Stuart Adamson (father) gave birth to their first born child a bouncing baby boy. Adamson founded his first two bands in Dunfermline and they both started out playing Dunfermline and across the Firth of Forth in Edinburgh. He encouraged Stuart to read literature, and both parents shared an interest in folk music. Anne Latta Muir at that time resided at 42 Rae Street, Cowdenbeath, her father James Muir coal Merchant gave her away and signed the parish register as a witness her mother Elizabeth Bawdie Muir former Ms Page was also present at the date of marriage. Web Design. Stuart Adamdon On One Of His Rare Motorbikes. Many at the time had been touting them as the alternative country version of Mumford & Sons.[11]. Adamson's father was in the fishing industry and travelled the world. He also used Fender Stratocasters in this period to achieve lighter tones. "[6], Ahab released their first purchasable content in 2010, when they released the extended play album, No King. [14], His body was flown back to Scotland, where after a private funeral service at Dunfermline Crematorium in Fife, he was cremated. [11], On 26 November 2001, Adamson was reported missing by his wife Melanie. If you feel we have infringed anyones rights relating to any graphics, photos or [12][13] A subsequent Coroner's Office report found that he had consumed a 'very strong' amount of alcohol around the time of his death. ", "Daughter of Big Country legend Stuart Adamson is happy the world still loves his music as she prepares to release her debut album", "Exclusive: Son of Stuart Adamson to launch his own music career", "Eden On The Line - Journal - Ahab: a recommendation", "Expect a Whale of a Time with ahab Onboard", "Reading Room acquired by Idox in £5.6m deal", "Distributed Raises £1.5M in Seed Funding", "Battle over Adamson's fortune after wife severs contact with family", "My old man's a rock star: the musicians who join their parents' bands", "How's Your Dad? [18], "You need to assemble a crack AI team: Where do you even start? BBC Radio 2 played "Wish You" regularly, which was written by Adamson. [2], Adamson is a guitarist and songwriter for the London-based country folk band, ahab. Website Design by Cob hosted and managed By Cob -. As Adamson grew older, his relationship with his father deteriorated following the divorce of his parents.

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