:(. Maybe that's why it worked so quickly for me. This is my first cycle right after a failed IVF and I felt good at first but now I’m starting to have more cramps. I'm glad its working for you :lol: I started on the 17th and still no AF for me so I'm hoping it will kick in at some point. You definitely need to consult with your doctor again and find out what is in these things she has given you. Is it possible for Vitex to delay ovulation? and i started it in june. Whether to take 1 pill or to keep going with no vitex at all. But now ive has another full four days of bleeding. I took your V-sign quiz and came up as brown. Your blog arrived on time! Should I take vitex to regulate my cycle even though my levels are normal? <3, Hi Maddi! Yes I admit it makes me a little bit more anxious & nervous like BUT the good out weigh the bad any day. This is based on my own experience with the herb and that of others. I concevied relativily quickly with my spouse the second month of our marriage so I have hope that I must be ovulating sometimes. My period after taking it was also much more painful and my whole body felt “off” as well as extremely bloated and sore. Thank you for the thoughtful article. So I stopped the Vitex once my periods started, and this time I didn’t feel depressed at all. Should I use it before or after menstruation? I was taking it with Ashwagandha and Triphala. The first cycle while I was taking it I was also doing acupuncture. "acceptedAnswer" : { I was never like this, I don’t mind the cry with PMS that’s why it’s PMS, when I was a teen it would make me viciously angry now PMS makes me cry, only affects me 3 days. Been on it 3 1/2 years and developed some anxiety recently. On the new sheet yesterday it was just like HIV testing and for rubella and stuff. I started reading about how it wasn’t for everyone with PCOS and the voice obviously grew stronger when it got validated. It’s strong stuff. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Also, you mentioned that some Vitex capsules contain bad ingredients. You are amazing and I appreciate all you do! Hey ever since i was 15 Will since i my first period I always had heavy bleeding nd irregular periods I got tired of it so in December 2017 I started using nueva ring because I want to get pregnant so I used it until may I stopped I did what the doc told me to get pregnant nd I did later on I had all the pregnant sytomas after I misscarge doc said I wasn’t pregnant when she just did a stupid pregnant pee test so I just stayed off of birth control hoping it will regular by it self so it didn’t I started birth control nueva ring again December 2018 am still using it but my plans is to get pregnant around July or August what do I do my plan is just to regular my period forever I don’t want to have anymore irregular periods nd I want to become pregnant too so what is the best thing to do plz help me . You will want to follow that up with blood sugar stabilizing meals and cycle syncing your foods. Thank you. I tried vitex and after a week stopped as I felt very irritable and depressed, I.have a hx of depression and anxiety. My doc prescribed combination 3 pill for me. In clinical trials for the treatment of PMS, Vitex reduced self-assessed symptoms including breast pain, bloating, constipation, and irritability. Hope this helps! I retook a hormone test and my testosterone jumped to 107. Thanks. Vitex (also called Chaste tree or Chaste berry) is a herbal medicine prepared from the berries of a large Mediterranean tree (Vitex agnus-castus).In ancient times, it was used to suppress the libido of monks, hence the name. Vitex is available to us in herbal supplement tablet or tincture form. I have a long history of depression and started taking vitex for PCOS and fell into a deep depression for 2 weeks. Interesting stuff going on in Jenny Jens world today. I conceived. I’ve just had my hormones tested and been told that my progesterone levels are low and that I might not be ovulating every month. I have irregular cycles 33-43 days long but my luteal phase is pretty much the same every month 13/14days after ovulation. And even after. I am also only taking one pill a day instead of two like the bottle suggests. Will I end up with a never ending cycle like some posts that I’ve read? I do not treat allopathically unless it’s absolutely necessary so I have been searching for years for my cute for my hormone induced migraines. The way I took Vitex was once in the morning for 23 days, then stopped it for 5 days. My diet was already very clean AIP, but I went from 40-55 day cycles to 27day clockwork cycles. I feel very very anxious during PMS and I get very tired. However, my perspective is that Vitex is a, Supporting your whole system by eating the right foods at the right times, per the, protocol, will provide your body with the building blocks it needs. Has Vitex helped your symptoms? Hi Hoa, Take Vitex for 8 to 9 months, and then give it a 3 to 4 month break! Hi Vanessa, so glad the post was helpful. I have tried black cohosh, DIM, maca, longjack, DHEA, fenugreek and Vitex. Should I keep taking it? Well AF arrived this morning and I am happier than a pig in sh*t!! Everything and the kitchen sink it seems! I will stop taking them and see. If you have a hormone imbalance you will want to address that with food and lifestyle changes – this will ensure that the shifts to your health come from deep within. I did notice I started getting migraines during ovulation which is unusual for me, but the period migraines were gone so I kept with it. Hi Rachel, thanks! I ovulated when I usually do on CD 15, so the vitex … Does that happen to a lot of women? I usually have cyst, I don’t have a cyst and I ovulated as normal this past month for the first time in forever and didn’t have horrible PMS symptoms.. also cleared up my skin. Anyway, everything I’ve read said a woman with PCOS shouldn’t take vitex but I seem to be functioning normally except for having polycystic ovaries. In fact my sadness has significantly reduced – almost gone. Not to mention I have lost my libido. A quick update - today’s CD 22, and I’m 7 DPO. So we are thinking that the endometrium is maybe too thin to support implantation since I ovulate so soon after my period (like one day after my period) . well my cycles got on track in august. As it stands today, my AF is due on May 5th and my temps indicate ovulation has occurred (LOL - yet again,) but if my AF does show, my CHs will most likely stay in place and it will tell me I have ovulated. I also felt depressed today and I’m in CD 11, so close to ovulation(which it was confirmed I am ovulating)I’m wondering if my situation sounds like a bad fit with Vitex or if I need to hang in there? Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled.Learn how to enable cookies. My question is if I can take vitex and use the progesterone cream at the same time… Or stop the progesterone cream (which secretly I’m afraid of doing), Hi Joanna, I would not recommend using both at the same time. It’s easy to assume that herbal remedies are going to be gentle and underestimate their power. It'll drive you crazy trying to guess what a temp means. I have just started taking Vitex, and I have found it to be incredibly strong for me. Will it be potent enough for an effect, or is pill/tincture form necessary to see a result? So, be cautious if your PMS commonly includes feeling really low and depressed, rather than anxiety, irritation or fatigue. It all really depends on AF showing 2 weeks after O I guess for my CHs to stay in place. Have you found that it ever increases people’s bleeds? Vitex has been used to lengthen a short luteal phase, improve corpus luteum formation, relieve PMS, regulate an irregular cycle, address infertility and even bring back a missing period. Sometimes I definitely do give in!!! Alisa. I went on Vitex in a February and at first my PMS was better, no migraines and minimal symptoms. They also have problems with this opioid system in the brain. Hello, I am Fatima. I just can't seem to get moving during the day. I’ve been on Vitex going on 2 months now and I LOVE it. O my, I have a touch of OCD now, thinking of making it home from my errands so I can wash my hands. How long can it take for the hormones to go back to the level they were (will it happen?) It was a good sign the Vitex did work, unfortunately I believe I am having a miscarriage. [snip!] }, We cannot find information how ever if this is for long term use or if I discontinue after a while, will the problem be corrected? As you know, Vitex acts on the brain.

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