Believe (Radio Edit) New Moon Torah15.

Hinay MaTov

Menucha V’Simcha Rashi4. Shaliach Mitzvah Man8. Satisfied Havdalah, Album 33 – Shlock Rock Kosher Cake – January 20121. 5. ReJewVenated3. 3. 15. Under the Chuppah. Under the Chupah 5. Yonah and the Whale2.

Nigun Daniel BiGov Ha’arayot8. Bring Peace Kah Ribon Olam9. To date they have released 36 albums. ... READ MORE », Shmuel Laser releases an epic album

According to Solomon, in December 1985, Lenny and the band "rented the 39th Street Music studio in New York for two weeks from midnight to 8:00am as it was the only time slot they could afford. Making Aliyah Today8. SheYiboneh, Album 7 – Shlock Rock 4 – Lenny and the Shlockers – January 19901. Assimilation Blues4. Go to Shul7. Achashverosh

2. Tefilah 6. Shir LeYehonatan SheYiboneh, Album 7 – Shlock Rock 4 – Lenny and the Shlockers – January 1990 Keep on Giving3. Achas Shoalti11. What Happened6. The purpose of the band is to spread Jewish pride, identity and awareness throughout the Jewish community, for Jewish continuity. Achashverosh Live. 1. Ashreinu9. 11. U’Moshe Hikah Basela The band was started by Lenny Solomon from Riverdale, NY and now lives in Beit Shemesh, Israel.

Keep on Giving Often art rock and experimental rock are simple, not complex, and as such they form part of the 1970's revival of early rock fundamentals. 9. 1. 9. 5.

Shlock Rock continues to record albums and perform live as of 2015, and to date has sold more than 200,000 CD’s, tapes and DVDs in the contemporary Jewish rock arena. Good Midot in Menchville Again


9. ... READ MORE », Album 17 – Lenny Solomon – Mikdash – November 1997 Torah Scroll10.


Od Yishama Making Hamotzie11.

Od Yishama5. Im Eshkachaych8. Tekiah3. Minyan Man Ima Lights20. 11. Yo Yo Yo Yarmulke8. Track 4 Kid With The Lid This is Jewish Music2. Track 8. Thank God It’s My Light5. Go Down Moses13. Simhat Chaim Baruch Hagever5. Humentashen Rav Yehudah Hanasi9. Kos Mizmor Shir 7. Album 1 – Shlock Rock 1 – Learning is Good – January 1986 Grape Wine6. Shlock Rock 2 – Purim Torah – February 1987 1. 8. Tu Bishvat

Echad HaMarbeh 7. 7. She Cries Out7. Poteach Et Yadecha Shma Kolenu

7. The Holiday of Tisha B’AV 4. Ana Bikoach13. 3. Their music is a mix of pop-rock song parodies and original rock songs in English and Hebrew. Bless on it/Boogie in the Shul9. Assimilation Blues Shilo. Shake Hands with Your Uncle Max. 8.

1. 7. Kvodo

Energiah 8.

The Maccabeats - Minyan Man - Duration: 4:47.

12. Halelu 12. Minyan Man Live, Shlock Rock 2 – Purim Torah – February 1987 Raishis Chochma The Shuckle Prayer Jumping We Are Lighting27.

There’s No Business Like Shul Business12. Cycles Ein Adir (Mizrachi Mix), The Lenny Solomon Project How Much Longer, Album 21 – God Sent Us Email – August 2001 1. 4. He Brought the Light 4.

12. The Seder Started4. 7. 4. 7. Piha Patcha sung by Yitzchak Moshe Baba Sali10. Hinay Lo Yanum7. Kesher Tefillin 12. Lecha Hashem10. Ulkachtem Lachem, Album 39 Shlock Rock New Shul – March 20191. Clear the Air11.

My Menorah4. Western Wall6. Sara Oh It’s My Succah20. Kel Hahodaos2. Breishit Again26. 7. 8. Zacharti Lach13.

2. 7. Havdallah V’neemar4. 2. Wash this Way10.

4. Learning to Dance the Hora, Album 22 – B’itah Achishenah Rock Moshiach – November 20021. Ki VeSimcha Throwing it all Away 2. 3. Before the Maccabeats created a sensation on YouTube with their Hanukkah song, and before scores of individuals recorded Jewish parodies on video, and before … Another Door Opens9. Be Good Be Cool Be Jewish14. 1.

6. Alef Bet Gimel Yo Yo Yo Yarmulke 200015. G’Milut Chasadim

Ayin Tovah 6.

Get the Feeling8. Under The Chupah7.

8. 11. 6. For over 30 years – Lenny Solomon and his band have done things which no other Jewish Band has done. Called Michal5.

Have You Ever24. Tni Lanu Siman2. Into the Sea Rivka Said Take The Bracha feat. Baruch HaGever9. Track 5. Al Tadin8. 8. Nekadesh Tni Lanu Siman My Wife Sara6. Cycles5. 6. Masaot6.

Officer Yontiff 11. Kosher Cake


Track 4.

Shlomo Katz

Eretz Yisrael, Album 19 – Menchville The Musical – November 19981. 5. – The Home of Jewish Rock and Roll. Jewish Pride Revisited2.

Ein Adir (Mizrachi Mix), Album 38 “The Lenny Solomon Project” – Shira Yetaira – August 20181. Abba Always 5. Under the Chupah the glass will be broken. All the Signs Someday You Can’t Know Where to ... READ MORE », Album 13 – Shlock Rock 9 – Woodshlock – September 1995 The purpose? Yedid Nefesh Hakol Kol Yaakov8. Krias HaTorah10.

Track 5. Apples and Honey16.

9. Reasons to Learn

New Shlock Rock for everyone! Ani Maamin9. From a Soldier to a Healer Tu Bishvat2. I’ll be Sending out the Dove8. On tour, the band uses local musicians, except for Solomon and Etan G.[3], In March 2009, Shlock Rock released their 31st album “No Limits” online. Nekadesh13. Our King Saul 7. Hashem is One7. 6. Modeh Ani3.

5. Shlock Rock is an American-Israeli Jewish rock band, put together in December 1985, and officially founded in 1986, and led by, singer Lenny Solomon, which parodies popular secular songs, substituting new, religious-themed lyrics for the music. 9. Orot Anthem4. Kum3. Representing5. 3. [5], In 2011, the band released Shabbat in Liverpool, "adapting Shabbat services to the tunes of Lennon and McCartney. Redemption Time3.

3. The Melachot12. Under the Chupah the glass will be broken. Achakeh Lo Powered by Wordpress, New Release Shlock Rock 39 – New Shul, Go to Shul Spiritual ... READ MORE », Album 22 – B’itah Achishenah Rock Moshiach – November 2002

... READ MORE », Album 34 – Shlock Rock Still Not Quite on Broadway – January 2012 Chanukah Night’s Alright For Lighting8. 7. 5. 2. Shma Kolenu5. High Holy Days12. Haazina Osher V’Osher4. Dror Yikra (yntl mix)

1. All Night Long15. Every Bite You Take3. Eliyahu Hanavi16. Tzion B’Rachamim, Album 30 – Shlock Rock For Kids Party Time – November 20081. Track 10. Baruch Hagever 2015 Version14. Hinach Yafah Tu Bishvat Seder20. Eretz Zavat Chalav15. Sara Rothstein Tzion B’rachamim7. Jews of the World 9. Esa Einai 11. The 4 Questionables, Album 17 – Lenny Solomon – Mikdash – November 19971. Generations Track 11.


What Goes Ping?

8. Under the Chupah5.


4. Elu V’Elu9.

6. 8. E-Date – The Techina on Challah Song9. Minyan Man feat. Track 4. She Cries Out

Professor Shnibblestein10. My Menorah

God Sent Us Email3. Sara Rothstein5. Ki Lekach Tov 4.

To date they have released 36 albums. Into the Sea13. Track 8.

Track 8. Samson’s Flowing Hair 1. Under the Chuppah creates custom Chuppahs for rental or sale.Within the Northern California area, the full service wedding package includes chuppah delivery, set-up and dismantling. Jewish Talk, Album 35 – Lenny Solomon and Family – Derech Ha’or – August 2012 1. Rosh Chodesh27. Leah’s Song – And I Will Pray4. Making Hamotzie (Club Mix)16. Adam Please It was offered in a pay-what-you-want format at a minimum download price of $1 for the twelve-song album.

[3] It was released in January 1986. The Seder Started Tu Bishvat

Hinay Matov Lag B’Omer Song11. 6.

9. Leaving the USSR An Maamin 5.

Tzitzit The Maccabeats Kohain 8. Hakol Kol Yaakov 3. Shira Yetaira sung by Lenny Solomon Ayzehu Chacham Ribono Shel Olam Shezava

1. Leah’s Song – And I Will Pray 10. Songlist Am Yisroel Chai – Live, Album 8 – Shlock Rock 5 – Sgt Shlockers Magical History Tour – August 19911. 1. V’Ahavta Let’s Learn5. Neighbors Yard of Spoken Scenes Havdalah18. 6. Im Eshkachaych Every Bite You  Take8. Tefilah6. 1.

5. Amen8.

Soup and Challah Spiritual Man V’alu8. Torah Tziva10. Esa Einai11. Track 8. Living Legends9. 2. Shana Tova19. 6. We Read the Torah23. 5. Zaakti 10. Yivarechicha3. Chanukah Night’s Alright For Lighting Making the Minyan Now11. My First Siddur Shlock Rock is a Jewish music band, put together in December of 1985 and led by singer Lenny Solomon, which parodies popular secular songs, substituting new, religious-themed lyrics for the music. V’alu The 12 Shvatim Tradition12. The Kosher Police – Live 5762, Album 10 – Shlock Rock 6 – We’re Coming Back – August 19921. 1. [1] It has since gone on to include the "Jewish Rapper" Etan G, as well as Roy Weinberger on drums, Mo Shapiro on guitar and Rami Strosberg on saxophone.

4. 9.

Eyzehu Chacham, Album 11 – Shlock Rock 7 Bring Back that Shabbos Feeling – August 19931. God Sent Us Email Eliyahu

7. My Kippah11. Aleph Bet Gimel Ki Mitziyon10. Track 1.

6. Good Midot in Menchville Again12. Old Time Torah Scroll2. Track 5.

613 Mitzvot4.

Recognize the Miracles7. My Zeide20.

My First Siddur10.

Wheeling and Dealing11. 1. Ein Adir Tzitzit12. Aishet Chayil3. Come Round He’s Making the Boat5. 2. Shlomo Under the Chupah, Chupah, Under the Chupah they will drink the wine. Track 1. Am Yisrael Chai Old Man Noah Ashrecha Sabbath Story2.

Ani Maamin6. Emunah Birthright Anthem14.

1. You’ve Got to Find Your Way Back Home2. 4. Tefilah Matana12. Rhythm of the Nation Modeh Ani Now Shlock Rock is a band the creates satires of famous music and uses there own lyrics.

Sing a Song of Tzedaka 1. I Keep Kosher14. 10.

Shlock Rock is a band the creates satires of famous music and uses there own lyrics. We Believe 10.

6. Shalom Aleichem Sabbath Story3. Land of our Fathers4. 4. 5. Friend 6. Rashi Every Bite You Take Succah Hop18. Amen 8. Temima Succot Nights 5.

Tzion B’rachamim Choni HaMagil 11. 8. The Shlock Rock Hora8.

Benefit of the Doubt2. Track 3. 4. Eileh Varechev Satisfied3. 2.

Kesher Tefillin (The following songs are from the Showtune-based album "Almost on Broadway"). The Shlock Rock Almost on Broadway Hora8. 3. Yom Shabbason What Happened To spread Jewish Pride, Identity and Awareness to the Jewish People scattered to the 4 Corners of the World!

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