What is so special about the priest-in-training? Of course, Townsend was behind it, the master manipulator that he is. © 2020 TV Fanatic Yeah, that’s good. But then, the idiot had to go and shoot himself in the head, thus putting a major pin in Townsend's plan. Someone had a gummy, he thought he might try. Ho ho ho, just the taste of a yummy gummy. Ho ho ho, gummy gum, tummy, funny gummy. From celebrities endorsing diet supplements to the inane -- and potentially life-threatening -- so-called "challenges," and the unrealistic standards by which everyone compares themselves, the internet can sometimes do more harm than good. So the kind has his servants build a big brick wall and behind it, he plants potatoes in his secret garden. An insidious Christmas song spreads among numerous students on EVIL. Or rather, it seemed like it did until Acosta was essentially let off the hook during confession. Is Acosta a goner, or will his brush with death clarify his future about the priesthood? It’s a cartoon called “Pudsy’s Christmas,” built around a catchy tune written by Jonathan Coulton, who also writes the twisted songs from The Good Fight, the other acclaimed show created by Evil producers Michelle and Robert King. Because you’re not over this. Again, why does Townsend want Acosta dead? Like real life, a simple apology was all it took for her devoted fans to forgive her. Can I give you some grandmotherly advice?Lexis: Uh-huh.Sheryl: You take a brick, and you hit her in the face.Lexis: What?Sheryl: This is where it hurts the most: right here. Who or what else would go to such extremes? With her online presence living to see another day, Townsend firmly cemented just how much control he has over every little detail in our characters' lives. Jessica Lerner is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. This, of course, is an incredibly difficult and complex issue to tackle in just 42 minutes, but the message was mostly successful. Ho ho ho, yummy yum in my rummy tummy. Wrap your hand around this. For once, it didn't feel forced, as both Lexis' interaction with Sheryl and Lila stabbing her ear with a sharp object helped move the plot lines forward. On EVIL Season 1 Episode 9, Townsend had finally managed to convince Sebastian to take out Acosta. Santa got high, now everything is funny. Half the things you talk about just sound made up. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. She bigger than you? Kristen: Emotions are contagious, so many believe it to be an extreme emotional contagion. Wrap your hand around this. On this Thursday’s episode of the delightfully twisted religious procedural Evil, a strange singing epidemic catches the attention of the Catholic Church. Yes, that's right. Yeah, that’s good. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. In “Pudsy’s Christmas,” dear old Santa Claus tries a gummy bear that’s only legal in 11 states (more if he has a doctor’s note) and eerie hilarity ensues. You take a brick, and you hit her in the face. Who wants to bet that he'll have a major freakout when he finds out where Kristen's new earrings came from? You either make 'em your bitch, or they make you theirs. It's not like Acosta is the pinnacle of good on earth, or even God's creation, as we got confirmation that Acosta did, in fact, sleep with Renée. Is he merely whispering in her ear and bringing out her darker impulses, or has he somehow managed to brainwash her into doing whatever he wants? She won’t expect it. Usually, it'd be worth discussing in great length that the episode ended with Acosta being stabbed, but there's not really a need, as there's no way under the sun The Powers That Be would kill off their male lead in the first season. If you happened to miss the latest episode, don't worry. Marx: What stops it?Kristen: Nothing. Hopefully, Acosta's struggle will be a continuing theme throughout the rest of the season, as it'd be a shame if the conflict wasn't explored further. Because you said we should stay apart, but you’re the one who called me.Acosta: Renée.Renée: What is the other option here? An insidious Christmas song spreads among numerous students on EVIL. The investigation leads Kristen (Katja Herbers) down some unpredictable investigative pathways, and Entertainment Weekly is incredibly honored to offer you an early Christmas present in the form of the viral video that could be a clue towards Evil‘s demonic designs. | © 2020 TV Fanatic My thoughts are on the latter, as evidenced by both Sebastian's and his newly introduced patient's actions. Ho ho ho, gummy gum, tummy, funny gummy. On EVIL Season 1 Episode 10, the team investigates an insidious Christmas song, and Townsend continues his diabolical plan, and [spoiler] is stabbed. Four hundred people in France couldn’t stop dancing. From stabbings, to sticking sharp objects in your ears, and suicide instruction memes, EVIL Season 1 Episode 10 was a very violent ride. Did fans of The Good Fight enjoy the Easter Egg in the form of the online video Pudsy's Christmas? While Andy didn't play a big part this time around, he continued to be dismissive of Kristen's job. I mean nothing in Western medicine. The peasants grow curious and then upset. In fact, many of them died of starvation and heart attacks because they couldn’t stop.Ben: Half the things you talk about just sound made up. It usually just dies out on its own after a few months.Acosta: And it’s harmless?Kristen: Well, there was a dancing plaque in 1518. Then you just drop your arm down by your side like this and let it slip out, and people will never know you had a rock in there at all.Lexis: I can’t.Sheryl: Oh, sure you can sweetheart. "7 Swans a Singin'" is the tenth episode of the show's first season. As long as he promises to avoid such temptation in the future, there seem to be no lasting ramifications as far as the Catholic Church is concerned. Besides the obvious dangers of cyberbullying and online predators, social media can pose a risk to teenagers, who are completely enthralled by the seemingly perfect lives of their idols. It managed to illustrate the possible dangers of social media and influencers without devolving into an after school special and becoming overly preachy. Also worth noting is how Malindaz managed to walk away from the entire incident mostly scot-free. What’s her name again?Lexis: Sammy.Sheryl: Sammy’s going to bleed a little bit, but she’ll think it’s just from your fist. There's taking a laissez faire approach, and then there's encouraging physical violence. What’s her name again?Lexis: Sammy.Sheryl: Sammy’s going to bleed a little bit, but she’ll think it’s just from your fist. It’s an edgier version of Charlie Brown.Ben: It’s just a meme. You take something heavy, and you smack her right there. Ho ho ho, just the taste of a yummy gummy. How much control does Townsend actually wield in the grand scheme of things? Townsend: In 1785, the king of France found that potatoes were the most economical way to feed the peasantry. You either make 'em your bitch, or they make you theirs. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small, Hamilton vet explores ‘guilt and loss’ with Mike Colter’s David on.

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