The matter, mainly oxygen, is absorbed by the blood which acts as the sea does but within the human body, performing the same functions as the ocean in the external world. Indeed! There is even in the Hindu teachings what is called pranamayakosh, a breath-accommodation which is for such phenomena, and when one is advanced and can see in the breath and through the brain, often the barriers between the worlds disappear. These aspects are thus pictured in their finer work in human life. In the Sufi disciplines the breath is used as a conveyor and carrier and when it swings with the divine thought one is able both to purify and to progress.

Although Allah is within everyone but one has to get close to him through this right path / straight path. GATHA: Rhythm is the principal thing to be considered in breath, as it is on the rhythm of the breath that the working of the whole mechanism depends, and the chief reason of irregularity of the beats of the heart or head is lack of rhythm in the breath.

This subject is studied under the subject of Mysticism. Except Prophets, no one has ever reached Allah without a Murshid. We also find in Zen Flesh, Zen Bones methods for directing the breath. But to learn that there are energies that arise from the breath and to be able to direct them to every part of the body, to the cells and organs, and muscles and bones helps everybody, devotees and non-devotees alike. GATHA: Very often the Eastern mystical exercises are wrongly understood by many. All esoteric practices are based in some way on rhythms.

One can imagine the grandeur of the station of Faqr from the following Hadith of Holy Prophet: Meaning: “Faqr is my pride and Faqr is from me”.

Life is worthwhile only when a person leads it fully. But all are helped to become more and more aware of the light within and without. GATHA: Breath has various works to do in the mechanism of the body.

It suggests that if God did not breathe rhythmically there would be chaos.

Hindus call it Prana, which means life, but they picture it symbolically as a bird which is named in Sanskrit Garuda, on which rode Narayana, the godhead. In the science of Irfan and by other means the disciple learns to place his breath in any and every part of the physical organism, or to send the breath-energy to any and every part of the organism. It can never reach Allah without getting rid of these diseases i.e.

In fact God’s Sifat are found everywhere underlying all aspects of His creation.

Emotions here do not benefit much. Ya Haqq!, especially when carried along on the breath can correct fatigue and also prevent it. Sleep and repose, if carried too far, cause the respiratory organs to relax, and although tension is often dangerous, there must be control of breath, even conscious control to direct the healing vibrations to where they are needed. TASAWWUF: There are two aspects of this—the awareness of the unusual in oneself, and the reactions of the world to it.

For the truth is in balance. TRT decreases sperm production. It is this which enables man to master himself and also the universe in the space outside his body.

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