she would constantly get into fights at school and in her teenage years would often be arrested. Dynamite can be used to harm enemies behind cover if Ashe throws the Dynamite over or around the cover. Ashe's semi-automatic rifle fires quick shots, or she can use her aim-down sights for a more damaging, precise shot. Symmetra | Maximilien | She was somewhat spoiled otherwise; growing up in wealth and being raised by her obedient 'Big Omnic Butler'.
Coach Gun is best used for burst mobility and disengagement, not direct damage. Born into a wealthy family, Ashe grew up surrounded by privilege. But a chance meeting with a local ruffian named Jesse McCree, and an impromptu string of crimes committed together opened her eyes to her true calling. Her right arm has some kind of brace; although it's unconfirmed if this is to improve her aim with The Viper or if it is for medical purposes. is a large target and only starts shooting after he stops running. Upon waking up, Ashe found herself and her gang bound on their hover dolly just as McCree was placing B.O.B's head onto it. Blackwatch | At the time she wasn't intended to be a playable hero, but rather one of the enemies for McCree to battle, conceived as a female member of the Deadlock Gang with long white hair wearing a duster, wide-brimmed hat, and wielding a lever-action rifle, who would be accompanied by a giant omnic bodyguard and other gang members. Overwatch Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [12] Further down the road, having had time to cool down, Ashe bitterly reflected that she should have just shot him the moment he turned up, conveniently ignoring the fact that her greed was responsible for their ending up with nothing. Widowmaker's headshots can also do severe damage to B.O.B. Junkrat |

Its blast radius is rather small, but the burst damage and debuff are quite powerful. Her theme is revealed to be 'biker-cowboy gang leader' hybrid. [4], Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe grew up in the American southwest[5] on a large estate. Ashe's semi-automatic rifle fires quick shots. Outlaw, Support from her fellow gang members especially B.O.B.The ViperCoach gunDynamite, Murder (presumed)TerrorismWeapon trafficking. This allows Ashe to be more aggressive in her sniping.
Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As an adult; Ashe's experience as a criminal made her discover that the criminal underground was chaotic and disunified. Her Coach Gun serves as both a defensive "get-off-me" tool (like Lucio's Soundwave) and a potent mobility option (like Pharah's Concussive Blast). This affects her ideas of how her organization should be run, to how relationships should work. Moira |

can almost be considered another player, as he can be healed, buffed, and debuffed in any way a player could be. [2], The gang's rapid rise to prominence put them at odds with the other criminal organizations in the American southwest; the encounters often became violent. Get a killing blow as Ashe on an enemy knocked into the air by B.O.B. The explosion from Dynamite also lights enemies on fire, dealing damage over time. Bob has two attack stats: he spawns by charging until he hits something and then remains stationary for a maximum of 10 seconds to fire at enemies, before finally despawning. 's uppercut is the perfect opportunity for Ashe and her team to line up shots on enemies in the air. Sigma | B.O.B. B.O.B. to surprise enemies from above.

Viali | Her weapon, the Viper, is quite powerful at long mid-range, particularly when the player uses her ADS (aim-down-sight) alternate fire. B.O.B. in Quick or Competitive play.Reward: Cute Spray. B.O.B. Though dominant in midrange, Ashe suffers in close combat. It can also be used for controlling or blocking choke-points; discouraging enemies from maintaining the Point or the Payload. Years after Overwatch's collapse Ashe and a few members of her gang including B.O.B. The satisfaction of outwitting her targets and the thrill of getting away with it set her on the outlaw path. Ashe passively generates 1% Ult Charge every 4.48 seconds. They destroyed the bridge, causing the train to plummet onto the road, giving them easy access to the cargo. Born into a wealthy family, Ashe grew up surrounded by privilege. [1] Not only had she found something she enjoyed, she'd found something she was good at. Los Muertos | Genji can Deflect all of Ashe's attacks and is difficult to hit and flee from due to his agility. Lastly, they shortened her hair by giving her a unique asymmetrical bob, both to sharpen her silhouette and to avoid having to simulate flowing hair. [4] McCree knew how to "push her buttons" better than anyone else. McCree attempts to be friendly towards Ashe, but she is mercilessly vengeful against McCree: trying to kill him in a shootout and threatening to rip off his 'other arm'. After years of battles and bloodshed, Ashe called the heads of the major groups together. To steal back what was rightfully hers, Ashe teamed up with B.O.B. Goals The Coach Gun, despite shooting individual pellets, cannot deal headshots. The Deadlock Gang’s rapid rise to prominence put them at odds with the other criminal organizations in the American Southwest; the encounters often became violent. However, if Ashe is being damage boosted (by a Mercy, Ana's Nano Boost or Orisa's Supercharger), the target has an Orb of Discord on them, or she is shooting through an Amplification Matrix, it will deal enough damage to one-shot. is treated more like an additional teammate, and can be healed, buffed, and debuffed accordingly, and can also capture or contest objectives. Ashe is the ambitious and calculating leader of the Deadlock Gang and a respected figure in the criminal underworld. Ashe's character design was made by concept artist, Jungah Lee. If B.O.B. She is the leader of the Deadlock Rebels a group of outlaws, terrorists, and bandits. Ashe is the ambitious and calculating leader of the Deadlock Gang and a respected figure in the criminal underworld. Bob can benefit from any friendly ability, including but not limited to: Bob also suffers negative effects from hostiles, including but not limited to: Ashe's nickname, Calamity, is likely a reference to the famed American frontierswoman. While it deals impressive damage over time, it will also damage Ashe if she's too close to the blast. Quotes Page If Ashe stands still or moves forwards or backward, she can throw then immediately shoot her Dynamite with ease. Presumably upgraded her family's robotic butler with various offensive munitions. Sprays cost 25a piece, with the exception of those unlocked viaachievementsand event sprays. Dynamite can be deflected by Genji, and this will switch its "ownership" to him, causing it to inflict full damage on you. is treated as an additional player when contesting/capturing objectives, and for. Though her parents paid little attention to her (mostly leaving her in the care of the family’s omnic butler, Bob), they ensured that Ashe had every opportunity to succeed. Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe, or just simply known by her surname Ashe and sometimes nicknamed Calamity, is one of the playable heroes and a secondary antagonist of the 2016 game Overwatch. Vishkar Corporation | Tracer can use her Blinks and Recall to avoid Ashe's attacks. Her parents were highly sought-after business consultants and coaches for powerful CEOs around the world. He then tied Ashe and her gang to a payload and sent the cart on autopilot. When firing, Bob attacks the nearest hostile entity insight like. Overwatch Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Talon Her Coach Gun was designed mainly to create distance between her and her enemies, though it can also be used for mobility and trick shots. Despite its power, an ADS headshot is not enough to one-shot 200 HP enemies, dealing only 170 damage. At Ashe's suspicion that his presence was not a coincidence, McCree confirmed that he had sent the tip about the train knowing that she couldn't resist, and all he wanted in return was a specific crate, telling Ashe that she could have everything else. Ashe blasts enemies in front of her, knocking them away and propelling herself backward for added mobility. She is also the main antagonist of the animated short "Reunion". Dynamite can still be useful even if Ashe is unable to shoot it. Developer Comment: With recent improvements to Ashe's weapon her overall damage output has increased significantly. No longer having to focus her energies on quarrels with the other gangs, Ashe is now writing her name across the American Southwest with a string of audacious heists and operations that have put her at the top of the authorities’ most-wanted lists and cemented her legacy as an outlaw legend. Your competitive edge. being one of the only universally agreed upon ideas. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Doomfist | Junkenstein's Monster | Sven | Overwatch Build Guides [1] Because of their absence, Ashe grew to have a contentious childhood, getting into trouble at school, and spending her time shooting bottles on the family estate. The Deadlock Gang’s rapid rise to prominence put them at odds with the other criminal organizations in the American Southwest; the encounters often became violent. Always reload The Viper if you reasonably can.

Sombra | Powers/Skills B.O.B.

This might not work if the Dynamite hits an object or if it lands on the ground. 1 Images 1.1 Concept Art 1.2 Models 1.3 Screenshots 1.4 Skins 1.5 Reference Kit 2 Videos Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery If B.O.B.

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