Get the closest two fragments, then sequence break Sorrow Pass. Jump to the top-right corner, open the energy crystal, and charge up a Flame Charge. Get out of the water and traverse your way through the area. Here, you will find an Ancestral Tree that bestows Stomp upon you. And there is also a spider that shoots projectiles at you. Go to the bottom-left corner of this area, past two lava jets (insta-kill type), to find a Frog enemy to the right of a breakable ceiling. Now head back to the center area. You then need to bash it over and into the laser. Sorrow Pass. From here, you need to double jump down to the Life Cell, timing your jumps so that you don't fall on the thorns. To begin, you have to jump and then hold glide. This branch will require you to use a lever on the left side of the room to manipulate horizontally-moving platforms to block lava geysers just long enough for you to slip past them to the upper-left corner of the room. Jump on that one and ride it to the ceiling. I tested it myself with my wife's WifeExpectancy gamertag. You should have two fragments, so place one here and hold onto the other for the stone inside Forlorn Ruins. Just past two vertical spike walls hanging down from the ceiling, look for a gap in the spikes on the ceiling and float up into it to find Secret Area #37/45 as well as the final Keystone.

Use the ground slime's projectile to bash up to its location. The bottom-left corner here houses Secret Area #28/45 as well as Map Stone Fragment #6/9. To get it, drop down to Gumo's Hideout, which is the bottom part of Moon Grotto. Follow this level and you see Kuro again. Continue west to reach a small boss fight. You need to glide and double jump to get down without hitting the thorns. Continue on, and when you reach a room with a hanging Spider enemy for the first time, make sure to check the upper-left corner of it for Secret Area #31/45. It is an area with water.

This will open the right gate. You will go past some lasers and some enemies, but it's nothing you haven't encountered before, and because the whole area is wind blowing up, you can easily glide past everything. 35 - 12:01. Continue right and down, past two more death beams, to reach Secret Area #32/45 and Health Cell #11/12 in the bottom-left corner past them.

Before you leave, wall climb up the wall here and double jump over to the last Energy Cell. You need to find a way to light it. You would not have been able to get over the frost spikes otherwise, since it was too long. Stomp the weak ground, then kill the frog. The Dangers of Nibel are hazardous entities of the forest that can damage or even vanquish Ori if contact is made. Kill the multiply slime here and then push the big stone down to the left. Bash each of the purple blobs and at the very bottom swim west to find a small alcove with the first Keystone. Head to the left and face Kuro one last time for the final escape.

DO NOT kill the ground slime. ... - We found a way to break the ceiling in Sorrow Pass without juggling a frog. This part is difficult. First, go to the big area with the contaminated water. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Through it, jump on each of the hanging planks and use the projectile from the ground slime to spring upward. Jump off to the left, double jump, and then glide over to the left side of the valley. After the lava subsides, go down to the lower level in this room and across to the left again, past a spinning lava geyser (one-hit kill). Now you need to fly up and you have two lasers to deal with this time. After Sorrow Pass, before Mt Horu - Secret Area #39, Energy Cells #12-14. You need to collect two Keystones and open the gate. Continue running west and double jump up the platforms. Wall climb up to reach an Energy Cell. And again, the woods change after you get the Keystone. From there, charge jump, double jump, then glide to the left. Double jump to the spider, bash off of it or its projectiles, then glide over to the left.

Finish the first six rooms as intended. Ori will hold it and you do not need to press the hold button, but Ori is severely limited in movement now. Ori and The Blind Forest DE, can't 100% Sorrow Pass? They seem to just drop down where you're at, so try to move a little back and forth so they don't hit you. Bash off of the elemental's projectiles, flying north, and keep bashing off of the two elemental's projectiles until you reach land on the top-right next to the lava. Drop down and then double jump across. 34 - 11:44. The only way to get the orb to the left is to bash THROUGH the boulder, aiming diagonally up and to the left, so that you don't knock the boulder out from under the lava. To get the Light Vessel, simple double jump to the west. They are fired from openings made of ice. Let's tackle them first. Then, climb up the wall to reach the top.

It takes probably three bashes to do it, and stay in the air with double jumps as you wait for the spider to fire a projectile again. To lower the water, you need to go back underwater first. However, I highly recommend that you put points in the orange tree, but you shouldn't set up shop there! Double jump to the right to reach the center wind passageway again. At the top, double jump to the right, then glide up again. Go to each of the alcoves and get your air back, then continue swimming downward.

From here, double jump up to the left and then grab the Keystone on the right.

community members have thanked the author. Don't forget to save at Spirit Well #11/12 as you pass by it on the upper-right side. Put the Light Vessel inside the bowl and watch as the whole place gets cooled off! Hammer the post into the ground here to start a lava flow, then quickly make your way back to the right, across the hanging lights, to where you entered. and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. Return all the way down to the first main room of Sorrow Pass. Past the elementals, continue west to reach Mount Horu. From here, you can reach the exit from the dungeon up to the left, but before that, go to the far upper-right corner (past the two rotating beams of fiery death). You see a signpost that indicates Sorrow Pass is to the north. And if that isn't enough, you also have to deal with geysers bursting from the walls! Completing One Life mode will unlock both Immortal and Unhinged. For the Charge Jump (hold , hit ) and Charge Dash (hold , hit ) achievements, you don't have to kill five enemies at once. Go west. Because of the wind, you do not ever need to be on land (and indeed there is none, it's all spikes) so just glide around and get all of them. Wait for the slime to fire a projectile before you move; the projectile will break the wall. You need to time it so you don't hit the laser; it's best to jump off when the laser is almost finished shooting, not when it has stopped shooting. Kuro will see you for a second, but then he will lose track of you when you are underwater. This stops the flow of lava in the bottom-right area, but first we should tackle the middle-left area, which is opposite your current area.

At the next wind tunnel, glide up and drop off to the right. For the crawlspace with the projectile plant, you need to time when you go in and also bash off of the projectiles (or double jump) when you reach a little space above. In the area with the water, to the right of the signpost, go down underwater and swim to the left alcove to find a Life Cell. In the lower-left corner, you'll find a bunch of Frog enemies as well as a Ram enemy. Glide up and then double jump to the left to find another Energy Cell. You fall on a weak platform on some lava. In this area, go right and grab onto the wall below you to avoid the elemental's laser. This is mainly because you have many more tools at your disposal and the game wants you to use them! There is a lever right above you, but you can't reach it by just double jumping. You just need the confidence to know that the wall plant will appear when you jump. After that, go west, kill the spider, then glide up the wind tunnel. You also need to climb, as usual. To do this, jump onto the hot stone, then the small stone platform in the middle, and then double jump to the other side.

Avoid the laser while going right, charge jump over it, and double jump to the left. Then, take the first passageway on the left, which is long, and it will lead to an area with thorn plants. When this happens bash it to the right so it hits the green wall.

After restoring the Ginso Tree, the water in all of Nibel has been cleansed, and it turns clear. There is no magnet, but you will hit the hot wall and you can then walk down. The boulder will roll to the center and stop the lava flow! Run back through the game on Hard mode.

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