It can easily breed in the aquarium with proper care. We must avoid any stress. For this, you must always make very slow and very calm gestures. For a female of more than 3/4 years, it will take 8 males to fertilize everything (650 oocytes / 80 per male = 8 males)! Regarding this point, it is estimated that: In nature, it is distributed in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and Trinidad. Body flank is often greenish in color which gives the popular common name ‘Green corydoras’. For everyone to rest, lower the intensity of the current during the night or stop it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pronunciation: venn ez wayl ann us: Etymology: venezuelanus, from Venezuela where the fish is found. Food also seems to play a role. The Bronze Corydoras prefers no more less than 10 gallons tank or larger is suggested with driftwood, dark substrate, thick vegetation and some suspended aquarium plants with an extra space. This also requires maintenance, clean water and stabilized parameters (do not introduce Corydoras in immature aquariums). Generally, the female is larger in size and slimmer body with less colorful than the male fish. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Great quality and service, thank you. It will spend a lot of its time looking for food, stirring the ground tirelessly or resting. It is thanks to this weapon with which they are able to kill their assailant in a very virulent way. During the spawning season, the belly of the female fish becomes wider when she carries eggs in her belly. For example, Ember Tetra will make perfect roommates. Fish healthy. Beware of «albino» species that are more fragile. The variety "Corydoras venezuela" or "Corydoras venezuelanus" is in fact a subspecies of Corydoras aeneus. The tank should also have efficient filtration system to make your aquarium water crystal clear. If your fish are comfortable in your aquarium, they will not hesitate to move. Body flank is often greenish in color which gives the […] We also earn by displaying adds by Google AdSense. Introduce 2 or 3 males and 1 female previously conditioned (living or frozen food). Here is a small zoom on their dorsal or pectoral spines: During the period of grows out of fry, you should change tank water on frequently to make your fry happy and healthy. Let the water age 24 hours before introduction into the tank. You can also use malachite green or formalin with proper dosage. Cat, Dog, and Fish – Which One Is The Better Pet For Your Child? Corydoras are capable of killing a human in exceptional conditions. Make a good change of water with cooler and softer water so that the temperature drops by several degrees.

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