Wikis. Cat Units. Step 5: A. Bahamut will die from the next Sleipnir so start spamming everything (except the Combounits). Wait for the first Angelic Gory to get close to the Cat Base. Continue spamming Ramen, but stop spawning the previous cats you have been spawning. Don't worry about the Trolly Bloggers, because every time they knock Maglev back, Maglev will attack again and kill them. A level 30+ Artist Cat (optionally with True Form and Talents) is recommended to have, as well as Ultra Souls units. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? He could knock back some of the Angelic Gories, though this is not mandatory. Continue this process until the Gories stop spawning. You may have just won Catway. They can throw off timing. When the Gories pop out, spam Jizos. Getting your second A. Bahamut should be easy pretty easy. Both will possibly manage to deal some damage while advancing, depending on the amount of knockbacks from the Trolly Bloggers. Start off by spawning a Crazed Giraffe as soon as you can. You defeated the boss and possibly unlocked Catway! Treasure: There is no worry, as the level should be completed soon after. Send in Manic Flying every 2 or 3 Ramen Cats, as well as an occasional Manic Macho Legs if you so desire. (essentially #3): So your A. Bahamut made it in! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The boss should be dead. Don't bring Rich Cat and Sniper the Cat. ??? Next Stage: Don't let Bahamut die early. When you can summon another one, repeat step #2. Max ★ Difficulty Manic Mohawk Cat (30), Manic Eraser Cat (43), *Li'l Dark Cat (40+3), Ramen Cat (41+10), *Metal Macho (20), Maglev Cat (35), Crazed Giraffe Cat (27), *Cyborg Cat (48+9), Awakened Bahamut Cat (40), King Gamereon (36). Clionel should be knocked back 2 times, then the next Slepnir should come. XP earned: You can also spam Jizos when you have a surplus of money, but keep watch as to make sure you don't run too low. Energy: Enemies: How to beat No Plan A????? Location Information What anti Angels do you have..? Trolly Bloggers should constantly push Yukimura, so he can keep attacking the boss, and Slice! Note: The levels listed are those used upon completion of the stage, they may not be the minimum levels required to beat the stage. I would recommend those that stop angels... but depends on availability per player, Ramen lvl 40 + 3, toaster cat, Totem cat, and obviously, The flying cat, how hypermaxed should the ramen be? The 7th, 8th, 21st and 22nd of every month, - Angelic Sleipnir (Angel) (100%)- Angelic Gory (Angel) (200%)- Angel Fanboy (100%)- Ms. Sign (100%). Restriction: 750,000 HP With Midsummer Cat, it should be close or take 1 knockback before dying to Clionel. King Gamereon may be replaced by another anti-Angel tank. I didn't either, but No Plan A may still be manageable, my strat involved Boney Bone, Biohazard and Horror Movies to maximize Ramen's efficiency, then duo lions, A. Bahamut, Zeus and, well... Ramen, obviously. hmmm., depends on how good you can time Awakened Bahamut, it will be enough but just the heavy hitting ubers for angels is just a back-up vs the sleipnirs and angelic gory if correct. Ushiwakamarucan even solo this stage if spammed and with the help of research combos. level 30 is minimum level for Deadly Stages if I recall. Requirement: Then repeat step #2. Then kill Sleipnir and proceed to Cruel Angel Clionel. At this point, it does not matter if Awakened Bahamut dies. Your A. Bahamut should be fully recharged and then kill the Sleipnir. 3,321 Pages. ネコ補完計画 極ムズ Unit Defense Up |Combos to increase unit health, Artist Cat/Ramen Cat (30+6 or above recommended, unless in True Form), Lion Cat, Macho Leg Cat (both 20+40), Crazed Giraffe Cat (20), Awakened Bahamut Cat (30). As soon as you see Clionel start to attack, fire the Cat Cannon. Sportswoman Cat Combo (Sportsgirl Cat, Butterfly Cat), Biohazard and Bony Bone Cat Combos (Skelecat, Necromancer Cat, Mr.), Ramen Cat, Kasa Jizo, Jamiera Cat, ranged anti-Angel Uber Rares (Recommended: Midsummer Cat, Dark Merchant Babil). When a Trolly Blogger reaches the 1/4 mark, send in Manic Macho Legs. The close range damage will kill it quick. Then upgrade your Worker Cat to level 6. and yes I do have the boney bone and biohazard cat combo, WorstUberInTheGame wrote: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Use the Cat Cannon to interrupt the boss' attack sequence.

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