What makes baseball fans and non-baseball fans across the country hate a team depends on many factors. Hometown fans love a team no matter what happens or what dirtbag is on the roster...for the most part. Somehow, the labor issues should have been resolved to avoid the work stoppage that cost baseball dearly over the next few years. He spends a lot of time thinking about walk-up music and believes stirrup socks are an integral part of every formal outfit.

Even back then, the "Bash Brothers" and their unique home run celebration/high-five was annoying to some. In another year, this answer could very well be the Dodgers -- how can Red Sox fans not cheer for Mookie Betts? They have the always exciting Ronald Acuña Jr. and his best friend Ozzie Albies. We can always use an excuse to watch more baseball, Who to root for if your team is out of it.

So, just as the Giants would have been serious underdogs in the postseason, cheer for the other No. Fans love to hate players. And since there were a few players on that team who were seen as hired guns such as Jack Morris, Joe Carter and Dave Winfield, winning the championship over a team with home grown talent like John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Dave Justice, Ron Gant, and Steve Avery made the Jays far less likable. If you are a Tigers fan from the ‘80s, you’re probably throwing up in your soup at the mere suggestion of the Jays. The Marlins entered the season much the same way, but where the O’s fell off, the Marlins just kept on winning. According to the map, the most hated team was the Yankees, taking the top spot in 28 out of 50 states (even Alaska hates them), but the Cubs came in second on the list with eight states saying they hate them the most – and especially in states surrounding the Cubs’ home of Illinois. They stockpiled free agents and big contract talent like Bobby Bonilla, Devon White, Moises Alou, Gary Sheffield, Alex Fernandez, etc. The other 13 American League cities should have loved this club. But rather than fomenting an intense rivalry, these clubs have become more like siblings to one another -- they even share a Spring Training facility in Peoria, Ariz. The third most-hated MLB team is the Dodgers with five states, followed by the Mets and Cardinals with four, and then …

Consider all the low-scoring games you'll be cheering for this October as a little palate cleanser before next season. If that’s still not enough, while the Angels have the GOAT in Mike Trout, the Reds have the GOAT of post-game quotes: "You wear the shirt, you have to do a little bit of work." No, we're not saying all 25 players, the manager, the coaches, the owner and the guy who sells the hot dogs in the stands were hated or bad people. Sometimes, the choice is easy: A favorite player is on another team, or you can root for whoever is playing your most hated rival.

Sending David Cone, their longtime ace, to the eventual World Champion Blue Jays didn't make the fans at Shea happy either. But we're trying to think bigger here.

Sometimes, the choice is easy: A favorite player is on another team, or you can root for whoever is playing your most hated rival. Nevertheless, he did, hitting 102 during his 17-year career. So, if everyone else is rooting for the Astros to lose, well, it seems fitting for K.C. To Cubs fans, Red Sox fans, and especially fans of the Cleveland Indians (who the Marlins beat in the World Series), that city didn't deserve a World Series title. That makes for a long summer in the Motor City, where they had to be hated. If this type of wheeling and dealing and over-spending for past-their-prime stars was to be the future of the Mets (and it was), it's hard not to hate this team.

Or the fact that Andy Pettitte wouldn't admit to taking steroids until the next year. Drew, two extremely high-priced newcomers in Daisuke Matsuzaka and Josh Beckett (by now, Boston was almost indistinguishable from the Evil Empire Yankees) and the increasingly mouthy Curt Schilling. A preseason breakout pick by many pundits, the White Sox slumped down the stretch, but have the kind of must-watch, don't-look-away-for-a-second talent in players like Luis Robert or Tim Anderson to make anything possible. So that season was an embarrassment.
May.". Support the club that wants to beat the Yankees just as badly as you do. The Red Sox's second World Series title since 1918 wasn't nearly as "magical" as the first.

Plus, the closest thing baseball has had to Ken Griffey Jr.’s charismatic star power is Fernando Tatis Jr. And any excuse to watch Tatis is a good one. And there are no GMs in the sport who love wheeling and dealing as much as Seattle’s Jerry Dipoto and San Diego’s A.J. And then there was Carl Pavano, the free agent making $10 million to make just two appearances. Boston wasn't the David toppling Goliath anymore, and it wasn't a rag-tag club of idiots who rallied around the Cowboy Up mentality. (See: Charlie Morton, Tyler Glasnow, Yandy Díaz.). The hatred for this team should be redirected at two men: general manager Ron Schueler and owner Jerry Reinsdorf. After 24 seasons, plenty of people didn't like him.

After finishing 12 games under .500 and in fourth place, the Reds added Mike Moustakas, Nick Castellanos, Wade Miley and Shogo Akiyama this offseason.

Miami Marlins. So, this October -- sorry, Rocktober -- throw your lot in with a team that can’t help but stumble upon good pitchers. Nats fans, you broke your curse last year. Forget the fact that this team's leadoff hitter was Brady Anderson, the man who from out of nowhere hit 50 home runs. We haven't even mentioned everyone's favorite large adult son, Alejandro Kirk, which is reason enough for every fan to root for Toronto. Even the presence of Cal Ripken, less than a year removed from breaking Lou Gehrig's streak, wasn't enough to keep this team from being hated. Paul Goldschmidt leads the D-backs in career WAR among position players, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, walks and is second in home runs. Pittsburgh Steelers: 8 statesGreen Bay Packers: 6 statesSan Francisco 49ers: 5 statesPhiladelphia Eagles: 4 statesLas Vegas Raiders: 4 statesAtlanta Falcons: 4 statesNew York Jets: 4 statesNew England Patriots: 3 statesSeattle Seahawks: 3 statesKansas City Chiefs: 2 statesNew Orleans Saints: 2 statesLos Angeles Rams: 1 stateChicago Bears: 1 stateCleveland Browns: 1 stateDallas Cowboys: 1 stateBaltimore Ravens: 1 state, Map Shows The Most Hated NFL Team in Every State for 2020 (PIC).

Times are changing. Roger Maris was on that club, just six years removed from breaking Babe Ruth's hallowed single-season home run mark.

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