How exciting is that? You take a tube and you put this board on top of it and you put that on a box and you roll around. Do you have any advice.’  And she says, ‘Really all you have to do is imagine what is not there and play pretend.’  And from that day forward, green scene was just like playing pretend for me. There is more space travel. I really want to be a director of photography when I grow up just to tell stories. Maxwell Jenkins | Join the Circus or Get Lost In Space? Congratulations on everything. Also the first week of filming for season 1 I was really overwhelmed because I’ve never done green screen or anything. How is working with Parker Posey? For actor Maxwell Jenkins the idea of running away to join the circus seems more like a return home than a rebellious act. That’s awesome. 1418 N Highland AvenueLos Angeles, CA 90028  © Flaunt Magazine 2017. You’re working with such cool people. That’s sweet. That’s awesome, is there anything you want to mention or focus on? Jenkins is active in working with the ASPCA on their End Dog Fighting Campaign and fostering pit bulls as well as set to expand his acting repertoire with his upcoming performance 2020’s Good Joe Bell. Parker is like my aunt. 2013 NCAA Diving Championships - Men's 3m Final - Duration: 8:47. What is like with school though? My two space sisters, Mina and Taylor, Penny and Judy. Flaunt Magazine, 1422 Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90028, United States. So did a lot of the techniques you learned from circus lead into what you were working on in acting? Yeah, especially living in today with social media and everyone living vicariously through avatars on their phone, it’s really important that we hold ourselves accountable even though we are not talking to people face to face. It’s starring Mark Wahlberg and Connie Britton, the incredible Reid Miller, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green. 44 talking about this. Maxwell Jenkins - Lost in Space season 2 renewal reaction / 14 May 2018 - Duration: 0:15. That’s so cool. Read our interview with Jenkins as we talk about his show, his family, and his aspirations for Marvel-ous future. How is the rest of your family on the show? I always say I have a chosen family, and then I have my real family, and my Lost in Space family is definitely my chosen family. So that was pretty fun. They learn that friendship is a two way street. What type of acting roles do you want to experience, though? Maxwell Jenkins Bio, Height, Age, Weight, Girlfriend and Facts by Shanto Mridha July 30, 2019, 3:56 pm 2.4k Views In this post, you are gonna know every single detail about Maxwell Jenkins. You have a movie coming up. You must have some insane photos. 1:41. What were you able to do? I got to shoot with the incredible Tyler Shields. What was your specialty? 1:00. Let’s talk about Lost in Space. But now being a woke teen is such an important place to be. Other than that I think we are good. Yes, my parents run an arts organization and we go around Chicago parks and we bring acrobats from all over the world, Montreal, France. I also hear you are a big advocate for rescuing animals, pit bulls specifically. For actor Maxwell Jenkins the idea of running away to join the circus seems more like a return home than a rebellious act. Oh my gosh. I play his younger brother and it’s all about how the family copes with it. Yeah, how do you think that this relates to your generation. Yes, I have two rescued pit bulls at home. Outside of his penchant for running away from Dr. Smith, brilliantly portrayed by Parker Posey, or trying to maintain the typical family dram with his parents and sisters played by Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Taylor Russell, and Mina Sundwall, the American teen has so much more to do with his time than spending it all in the middle of the vacuum of space devoid of matter. I grew up with pit bulls my entire life and I work with the ASPCA for their End Dog Fighting Campaign. So, obviously I am an actor. The circus has always been part of my life since I was one. She takes care of the kids. Actually, he took me to LA to hang out with his family for the weekend, which is awesome because I am super close to his kids. Before we speak about the new season of Lost in Space, I wanted to know about your upbringing I know you basically grew up in the circus. I think the person with the most control on the set is the director of photography. Also with his relationship with the robot, if Will is growing up who is to say that the robot can’t. I also talked with Oceana, which is a marine wildlife protection organization. But when we are with our dogs, they see who we really are. Can’t wait to see how the season pans out. Student Profile: Max Jenkins - Duration: 1:41. Maxwell is the top competitive swimming club in the Aylesbury Vale. I think it is a really important project too, because especially now a days with tolerance is needed more than ever I think that it’s a very important message that we are going to spread. Amazing. So growing up in the circus, I guess the performance aspect is similar to acting where you can’t really be afraid. How does your friend react to you on Netflix and basically see you in the middle of class? Acting wise I would love to do kind of more independent and artistic films because I think those really tell some meaningful stories. The young star who has carried on the precocious torch as Lost In Space’s Will Robinson grew up in his family’s circus before landing the gig on the Netflix series which follows a galactically displaced family as they travel the universe attempting to come home. I was actually wearing my end dog fighting sweatshirt to school today. Also Parker Posey gave me some really good advice when I was transferring into high school. So, Marvel too would be pretty funky. You’re picking up on Season 2, which is about the come out. Plant High TV Productions Recommended for you. It’s been fun growing up in a circus. Toby is such a goofball on set and I learn so much from him too. if they do a Young Avengers movie, I’d definitely want to play Wiccan or Speed or if they introduce Iron Lad that would be pretty sick. We put on a high level show in some neighborhoods that’s aren’t as well funded to rebuild playgrounds and bring the playground together. So, I call Parker and I say, ‘Hey it’s Max, I’m really overwhelmed on green screen. But also it inspires me to do better than the last time. Our professional coaches work with swimmers of all abilities to make them the best that they can be; ready for competition at club, county, regional, national and even international level. I worked with their Southern resident orcas. Yes, Good Joe Bell. Molly Parker is just like a mama bear on set. He is definitely a role model of mine going forward into the future. Is there anything else you feel like you want to mention or talk about? But you just got to be open and kind and make sure that everybody knows the real you. We have training bases in Aylesbury and Buckingham. The circus acrobatics, they taught me to never give up and if there is hard scene you have to keep going. Will Robinson on Lost in Space on Netflix. I do this thing called rolla-bolla. My first show was when I was three. So you were able to do handstands at three pretty much? So like handstands on him and I also do tightrope and unicycle and juggle. He is ruthlessly bullied for it and he takes his own life. Everyday after filming, me and may mom and my sister and my dad if they’re in town will go to dinner with parker and just debrief. I think we need empathy and I think for our generation especially we are going to have to fix some mistakes and hopefully we can do that in a kind, clean, and compassionate way. But also, I love the camera and I love to tell stories. If a scene is lit a certain way or if the cameras are using a certain lens, it changes the entire feelings. It was an awesome photo shoot. You stack layers and you juggle on it and by the end I am probably 7 feet up. Actually when I was one, my dad with take his hand and put both of my feet in it and hold he up. We were so stuck on the spaceship in Season 1,  so to finally see it in Season 2 will be cool. So, if they do a Young Avengers, which I think they are setting up for because the Avengers children and stuff like that. We filmed in Salt Lake City and it’s based on a true story about an Oregon teenager named Jadin Bell and he is openly gay. This is the official Page of Maxwell Jenkins- Actor, Acrobat, Mandolin Player, Chicago Public School Kid. Season 1, multiply that by that by like ten and then add in like crazy aliens planets and super crazy monsters, that’s season 2. As far as will goes we’ll start to go into him growing up even more. That’s awesome. Yes, it’s always been apart of my life. So yeah, animals have always been a huge part of my life, especially with out dogs and cats. Maxwell Jenkins the cutest and hottest photos - Duration: 1:00. maxwell big fan 1,383 views. She told me to always be kind to everyone that I meet and always have an open heart, so I gone with that mentality going into high school. We made a really cool short kind of thing and we did some awesome photos. You’re in this space where you’re not a child anymore, but you’re not an adult and like it’s a teen space. They really see us for who we really are because when we are talking with other people, even if we don’t know it we always put on kind of our own persona. 241 Followers, 59 Following, 8 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from emma <3 (@maxwelljenkins8) I was in my elementary school for eight years. So continuing on, what is up next for you? One thing. From the amazing cast like Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, and everyone. How long have you been training for this? When Lost in Space came out they were a bit like ‘Oh that’s awesome, but you’re still Max so we don’t really care.”  But now that I have gotten to school, you really have to find who your real people are. The young star who has carried on the precocious torch as Lost In Space’s Will Robinson grew up in his family’s circus before landing the gig on the Netflix series which follows a galactically displaced family as they travel the universe attempting to come home. They’re named Rosie Ray and June Bug. I am also a huge Marvel fan. Yes, I also do partnered acrobatics with my dad.

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