Depending on the binding, the fore aft setting might be controlled by screws in the heels and toes or by a locking device that can be unscrewed. They’re just like all of my other Marker alpine bindings – pretty much bullet proof. But if the size of your unit, I mean DIN, is what gets you rockin’, Duke takes you to DIN 16 for about an ounce more weight. Marker bindings have adjustments that allow you to fit boots that are both longer and wider than the average boot. I don’t see any reason to try to do the same thing I’m doing now with Dynafits. As for our firstlook, as many of you know the Marker Baron backcountry skiing binding is quite similar to Duke in appearance, and is exactly the same in function. There are a number of sidecountry runs off the upper lifts that serve extensive backcountry (some of it controlled and some not – wilderness areas). Addict. Do not overextend this adjustment; Marker bindings have been known to release if the screw that controls the fore aft adjustment is backed out of its hole too far. var sidebar_width = parseInt('300px'); As far as downhill performance, there is no comparison. Marker Baron/Duke/Tour binding template now updated with clarity for different size bindings. A lot of the “beefy” coments are based on intuitional misconception, I think. I have been trying to ask you this binding related question. But for some reason, you haven’t. and back country. This is OK and nothing to worry about. In this blog I'll be going over adjusting and setting the forward pressure for flat mounted skis with Marker Bindings. Hemera Technologies/ Images. … or if anyone else who knows, could they answer? Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. i have seen this amount to over 1/4 inch (6mm), which yes, is small, but i think this is bogus. diagnosis or treatment. Or does it not matter – total weight is total weight. That would be asking an awful lot from the plastic piece screwed to the ski. Thanks for any input. Is there a vid somewhere? ),,, Where to mount Igneous Air Raid / 230 flex. My up hill travel will likely be limited to about 30 minutes at any one go, and that maybe a couple of times a day. Melanie Nozzolillo has been writing professionally since 1998 on a variety of topics including wellness, physical fitness, sustainable energy, sports, photography and film. Either way, if you do a home mount, let us know how it goes. I am not sure I’d want to ski them everyday, but hearing Ptor’s comments seems to open up that as a possibility… Then it become a question of boots; I still prefer alpine boots for “downhill skiing.”. Remember to compare the actual binding to the template before using it, in case it doesn’t print at full scale. Find a Marker DIN chart. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. } At fist a little cautius at the resort but after no unwanted releases skied them like any other binding, I am sold.You do not need to take off ski to go to ski mode. Thanks for your attention to this, as it helps tons of folks. Not shure if it is identical to this years though. Sometimes I can’t pull them up at all unless I take the ski off and start all over or sometimes stomping a bit works too. With my heel locked down i pass many fritchi users while they are playing with their bindins on resort traverses. To me, the other brands are not an option. The template worked very well and 258 mm worked fine for the large baron – looking at how the rear plate fits to the binding, I suspect there is some margin for error but best not to count on that. You’re looking for power transfer, reliability and the coolest looks – you got it. Instead of the adjustment screw sitting in front of the binding, it will be found on the backside of the toe piece pointing directly at the heel piece. See: Push the heel of the boot fully down in the rear binding. Tip: READ EVERY WORD ON THE TEMPLATE. The two bindings are really so different that I don’t think that the comparison is even relevant. Hence, things like the limited heel lift and need to exit for mode change are not big issues at Marker. If it is set properly the DIN's are most likely too low. It has to do with an interference with the heel clip on the Trekker. I have had no isues with my dikes – they are pretty burly. But first, always fun to unbox nicely engineered machinery. Baron (our size large tester) weighs in a 45.4 ounces (1288 grams) per binding with brake and screws. Is it possible to do the upgrade? var content_container_margin = parseInt('340px'); googletag.cmd.push(function() { The touring binding range for all challenges. Here are your bindings. Just like the Marker Duke; stepping into the binding at the top of the gondola gives you a nice resounding click into place. On my size small Barons, the key dimension is 218 mm and agrees with your template. Would one be better served efficiency-wise by keeping keeping the Baron’s and going for a lighter 3-buckle boot, for instance; or, a lighter ski. , As for the for/aft play issue, I don’t have a binding that’s showing that kind of wear, or I would have made a video and showed it to them. The DIN setting adjusts the tension at which the binding releases the boot. I don’t get it. var content_container_margin = parseInt('340px'); It’s time to put pressure on the industry to get it right. Free Shipping On All US Orders  /  We Price Match. A lot of comments about the binding in general here but do you have any feedback from anyone who has used this template to mount the size large duke/baron? I’m thinking perhaps that key dimension is the same for both size bindings. Your safety is important and comes first. I got rid of the F12 but I’m left with skis that I’d like to mount a straight alpine (non touring) binding onto. I thought I’d pick up a used pair of race skis on e-bay and the problem is I’d like to utilize my Garmont Axon’s which could drive anything. The key dimension for the LARGE size is called out at 218 mm. ‘best, Lou, Thanks for the quick reply. The image on the left shows the Visual indicator window displaying what the DIN is currently set at. The worst that could happen is that I’ll have to get another pair of Dynafits to replace them . GAD Pepe you guys are fast! Like i said its not true but maybe someone with Marker connections can look into or something. Since then I’ve purchased Dynafit-compatible boots and you can bet money that when my Naxos give up the ghost I’ll replace them with Dynafits or G3s. Older model NON ID Marker Bindings will not be able to accept this style of boot that makes walking tremendously easier. A tight setting -- or high number -- is for aggressive skiers, while a lower setting is for beginners. Remedies? Show favorites, CSPC Jr Binding testing results certificate. The Royal Family bindings that define the standard of modern freeskiing. Enter the skier's personal data into a DIN setting calculator to determine the DIN number. That matches mine. It’s great to have that option as it makes a considerable amount of additional terrain accessible a relatively short distance from a traverse or bootpack. googletag.defineSlot('/1027394/forums_sidebar_halfpage', [300, 600], 'div-gpt-ad-adHalfPage').addService(googletag.pubads()); My questions: Is this ok to be at the end of the adjustment? That always makes me happy, and it gives the Baron a very Alpine binding feel for the down. Some also depends on your size.

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