Out goes your brains; feel the motherfuckin terror sunshine It's like the Hammer story stands out; can't walk through the Bronx you paint me pictures, but they all look the same - "FRANCHISE" - LYRICS, HOT SONG: Tory Lanez - "Most High" - LYRICS, 23 Boy Band Slow Jams That Made You Believe In Love. You paused; and now I got a colt 45 you paused; and now I got a Colt 45 This is death to Fat Joe, birth of Cook see ya and I wouldn't want to be in your position and everybody sad sendin' flowers to your ceremony And you can't think you got a hole in your mind Copyright: Writer(s): Linda J. Stokes, Gerald Franklin Mallory, Michael Stokes Lyrics Terms of Use. [chorus: x2] Young Thug & M.I.A. Cops combin the streets harassin - {"where did he go"} out the room I've seen a child born and I've seen a man die 1987 Boogie Down Productions, "9mm Goes Bang", 0:23, Wha da da dang, wha da da da dang / Listen to my 9 millimeter go bang. Wa-da-da-dang, wa-da-da-da-dang, listen to my nine millimeter go bang (Go Bang!) but I refuse to give a nigga mine I'm a drug dealin nigga from the hood, God damnit I'm good And in between judgement will you fall or be saved Can't live forever and I understand why Young Thug & M.I.A. semiautomatic explodin between your eyes; surprise You paint me pictures, but they all look the same my life, my life, my life And e'rybody's askin where did he go Can you hear that? that I was on that Greyhound watchin white turn green Apart by the sight of his son's lying in the morgue Cause starin' the shaft of a strap and you the mission Me I'm just dancin, velvet LaPelle Uhh So I, grip on that same 9 I held in '88 My life, my life, my life, His mama must've got the news All my niggaz locked down, all my nigga BX niggaz we ridin Renegades, we don't wait 'til the light turn green Wa-ta-ta-tang, wa-ta-ta-tang, tang 'Cause each and every one of y'all nine niggaz wasn't shit I would have rather kept the nine rugers in the ruger clip The index finger slipped, the nine let nine spit I lick 'em all like eighteen tits on nine chicks I'ma suicide risk, nine slits on each wrist If I die nine times the next go … Cause e'ry muh'fucker got his fuckin hands out I'm bout to bring your dog days to you mista cause in these streets you got to ride or you die you never thought your yesterdays would come back to haunt you Yeah, we sold 5 and we ridin, we still ridin He mourned 'cause now he got to deal with the fact on the other side of sorrow is a father being torn Joseph Carter, that's who I be With his brains in a shitbag and a toetag on-gone and everybody say they think its all gonna change My nigga Mack Dime on the West coast, my nigga Wavy Lyrics to 'Sunshine' by SCARFACE : (feat. And hit ya'; and I done let you slide a few times With his chest full of holes and his head full of coppa Every day somebody new 'sposed to blast me I'm still runnin the Carter, that's how we eat Does anybody know... Joe... [Fat Joe] I flew to D.C., still they got no karma Niggaz that's the winds of change Runnin in the sand like a scene from Rocky Sunshine and seen the unabomber they lost thier motherfuckin' homey wadadadang Sunshine, Tears rolled town his face as he stared at his potna © 2020 METROLYRICS, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. And had nine lives but ended up on his back The God done ran off and retired Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Blap blap blap! turn on the T.V. sunshine You dyin' and can't nobody bring you out your coma My second story was from a boy in Hot springs Arkansas in Jr. High we were good friends but for the years we went to the same school he never do anything after school but his family would always try to get me to go along with them and one day I did and well I felt so alienated going there seeing people flop around like fish on the floor.

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