Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Six NHS staff contract Covid after car sharing without wearing masks, Stacey Giggs gives Max George a ‘warning’ about Strictly partner Dianne Buswell romance rumours, Fashion Label Farai London On Going Viral Thanks To Kylie Jenner, Watford Striker Gives Verdict on Thomas Partey, FTSE 100 rises in market turmoil as some predict Donald Trump victory but election still too close to call, Oppo sucker punches Samsung Galaxy S21 with next-gen camera feature, I Tried This Tik Tok-Approved Leg Machine To See If It Could Cure My Ills, 2022 Volkswagen Golf R revealed as the most powerful Golf ever. Both are 4K TVs with HDR panels, and support the dynamic Dolby Vision HDR format, as well as Dolby Atmos surround sound (although not HDR10+) and both ship with LG’s sleek magic remote and streamlined webOS smart TV platform. It replaces the Z9 from 2019 and if you're in the market for LG's most spectacular TV, you'll probably want the latest version. The user interface and experience is very much the same, although the design is slightly different. Meanwhile, with the same screen size (OLED55BX vs OLED55B9, OLED65BX vs OLED65B9, the LG BX is priced hundreds dollars more expensive than the LG B9. The LG OLED B9 is a great entry-level model. Like the LG B9 OLED before it, the LG BX OLED will use a lower-spec processor than its more premium siblings. The BM models also won’t be rolling out for a few weeks yet, so those of you stuck at home and eager to upgrade your TV may be tempted to pull the trigger on a B9 model now. The B9’s 19.9kg weight (including the stand) is unchanged too. That’s unlikely to change much with the BX, although we expect a nominal improvement in terms of the extent of these visual imperfections – not enough to warrant an upgrade from the LG B9, but certainly enough to make the BX worth considering for a new TV. ... A smarter way to see who's calling, with 1080p video, motion tracking and alerts on your smartphone. The B9's real advantage is that the prices are much more affordable than some others in the LG OLED family, while only the discerning will see the real difference in performance.

The statement stand and design means that this Signature TV will take pride of place in any room, while delivering 8K detail on the big screen. We reviewed the LG B9 OLED very favorably last year, with only small markdowns for the occasional video noise caused by the lower-spec processor, as well as middling upscaling performance. However, we can make an informed guess based on pricing for B Series OLEDs from previous years. The LG BX OLED is the new model for 2020, taking over from last year’s LG B9. The two models are set to overlap for a good while though – in fact, the 2018 model is still available to buy in some territories. The a9 processor offers a notable improvement over the a7 chips used in the LG BX and B9 OLEDs (Image credit: LG). LG has had a long-standing commitment to OLED TVs, having been producing them for years now. The a9 processor offers a notable improvement over the a7 chips used in the LG BX and B9 OLEDs. For many, the BX could be the cheapest way to get a 2020 OLED TV, with the latest features, and little real world difference to the higher spec model. So instead of the a9 Gen 3 processor found in the LG CX and GX OLED, you’ll find the a7 Gen 3 processor. ... Ecovacs Robotics’ new Deebot Ozmo T8 is the smartest robot vacuum-cum-mop we’ve tested, but is it worth buying? The Amazon Echo Wall Clock is, well, a clock, and little more than that. Processor aside, is anything materially different when it comes to the design, formats, or inputs of the LG BX and LG B9? However, we can make an informed guess based on pricing for B Series OLEDs from previous years.

If you’re connecting your headphones or smartphone to the TV via Bluetooth, you’ll be pleased to know that the BX uses the latest 5.0 standard, as the B9 did, rather than the B8’s older and less reliable 4.2 connectivity.

There’s huge demand for affordable OLED TVs these days and, while you can’t exactly get one cheaply yet, LG’s B Series OLEDs are still the cheapest organic LED TVs that the South Korean manufacturer puts out each year.

The BX is extremely flat, so it looks great when mounted on the wall. LG’s webOS smart platform might be the best available today (Image credit: LG). Apple AirPlay 2 support – which came as an update to 2018 and 2019 LG TVs last year – will also be on the BX from launch. In our LG B9 OLED review, we found the B9 had the same weaknesses as the older B8, in terms of occasional video noise and processing that can't compete with higher-end sets. The LG C9 is one of the best TVs of 2019. Read our LG ZX 8K OLED TV first impressions, OLED, 3840 x 2160 pixels, Dolby Vision IQ and Atmos, HDR10, Filmmaker Mode, Price: £1499.99 (48in), £1799.99 (55in), £2799.99 (65in), £4999.99 (77in), OLED, 3840 x 2160 pixels, Dolby Vision and Atmos, HDR10, Price: £2499 (55in), £3299 (65in), £7499 (77in), OLED, 3840 x 2160 pixels, Dolby Vision IQ, Filmmaker Mode, Dolby Atmos, HDR10, Price: £2,299.99 (55in), £3,499.99 (65in), £5,999.99 (77in), OLED, flexible, 3840 x 2160 pixels, Dolby Vision IQ, Filmmaker Mode, Dolby Atmos, OLED, 7680 × 4320 pixels, Dolby Vision and Atmos, HDR10, Price: £39,999.99 (88in); £24,999.99 (77in).

So instead of the a9 Gen 3 processor found in the LG CX and GX OLED, you'll find the a7 Gen 3 processor. These sets are actually almost identical in terms of their specs. The BX carries over all the features from last year such as support for 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) with wide colour gamut (DCI-P3/Rec.2020) and high dynamic range (HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision). What we've seen of the BX thus far looks eerily similar to last year's B9, and that's not a bad thing. And for now, to get an OLED TV that actually is relatively affordable, by today’s standards, the older B9 model may be the one to go for. It will also support Filmmaker Mode, a new initiative that will strip away the processing to give you visuals the way the director intended, and features Nvidia G-Sync to better support gamers.

The Hello is a featured-packed smart doorbell that doubles as a camera for monitoring your home. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. This follows on from the previous year, when the B9 used an a7 Gen 2 processor instead of the C9’s a9 Gen 2 chip.

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