The naming convention is analogous to "Nessie" (the Loch Ness Monster). more info . [1] In 1998, a benthological survey was conducted in the lake, which found that there were no zoobenthos, although two tubificid oligochaetes and a chironomid were found.

Lake Ikeda (池田湖) Kyushu Japan.

Legend has it that the monster was first seen in 1961. It is described as being saurian in appearance. Lake Ikeda (池田湖, Ikeda-ko) is a caldera lake located 40 kilometers south of Kagoshima city on Kyūshū Island, Japan. 10 Rice Cookers Commandments - How to Keep it Durable, The 5 Best Used Electronic Stores in Akihabara.

What kind of creature is this and does such a creature actually exist?

The mystical Lake Ikeda can be found in Ibusuki, about 40 kilometers south of Kagoshima city in Kagoshima Prefecture and is the inspiration for many stories from ancient Japanese folklore and even has its fair share of paranormal happenings. Issie (イッシー Isshī) is a legendary Japanese lake monster; said to lurk in Lake Ikeda, on Kyushu Island. There is now even a statue of Isshii at Lake Ikeda! Copyright © All rights reserved. creature about 45 feet long.

It is perhaps best known to tourists as the location of the purported sightings of a monster named Issie, and as the largest lake on Kyūshū island[1] with a surface area of 11 km² and a shoreline length of 15 km.

Many claimed to have seen it but could never be prove true. Many countries round the world have legends and stories of monsters inhibiting lakes and Japan is no exception. Lake Kokkol, Kazakstan 1. Suddenly he saw something, a giant creature came out from the lake. The almost round shaped lake is a caldera lake formed more than 6400 years ago because of volcanic activity in the area. Many beautiful flowers were planted according to different seasons.

Issie (イッシー, Isshī) is a Japanese lake monster said to lurk in Lake Ikeda on Kyushu Island. Some people said that Malaysian eels came to the lake and bred in the lakeshore. The almost round shaped lake is a caldera lake formed more than 6400 years ago because of …

Kanas Lake Monster, Xingjiang China Nessie type creature seen in Lake Kanas in China's far west from Chinese news .
If you are super lucky, you might be able to sight Issie. Mothra awakened and pulled the teenagers underwater, wrapping their bodies in a cocoon of silk. He stood by the shore with camera in his hand.

[2], The development of the areas surrounding Lake Ikeda has caused the quality of the water to decline since 1955.

Explore Japan's cities with Japan Travel Bike. The panorama isn’t the only reason why people flock here, though; it’s also to maybe catch a glimpse of the elusive (and possibly mythical) Issie, Kagoshima’s very own Loch Ness Monster (Issie, Nessie, geddit?)

Lake Ikeda (池田湖,   Ikeda-ko) is a caldera lake located 40 kilometers south of Kagoshima city on Kyūshū Island, Japan.

No, this isn't about the Loch Ness monster of Scotland.

With a breathtaking view of Mt.

Kaimondake and fields of blossoming flowers on its banks, Lake Ikeda is a tranquil, scenic stopover for those travelling to or from Ibusuki. It appears in the 2001 Toho film, Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters …

But what happens if, in the midst of your relaxation, suddenly a creature from the depth of the water appears right before your eyes? The creature was reportedly photographed in 1978, by a man who went by the name "Mr. Matsubara". more info . In 196, the monster called Issie was witnessed at Lake Ikeda.

They lived happily on the shores of Lake Ikeda. Was the water clean?

Gorgeous! [2] The irrigation system has been in operation since 1982, resulting in a considerable improvement of the water quality[2] although since the 1950s the transparency of the lake, though still ranked No. It is described as being saurian in appearance.

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The depth is 233m and shore length is 15 km. However as the length of Ishie is said to be 45 feet, and the longest length a Malaysian eel can reach is only about 1,7 metres, it is unlikely. Photo taken in 1978, a snake-like.

Sitting on a dock watching the beautiful scenery in front of you; enjoying your daylight with the warmth of the sun?

Many times she appeared to the surface just to search for her foal. A Japanese lake monster named Isshii, or Issie-kun, as preferred to be known as by the city, is believed to inhabit the lake.

Being a caldera lake, there are no rivers flowing in or out of the lake, and is entirely dependent on rainfall to maintain its water level.

She transformed into the giant beast. Issie (イッシー, Isshī) is a Japanese lake monster said to lurk in Lake Ikeda on Kyushu Island.

Cryptid Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Being the largest producer of sweet potatoes in Japan, do try their specialty sweet potato ice cream!

Along the shore, rape plants (nanohana in Japanese) bloom in the winter from December to February, which makes for a lovely picturesque sight in full bloom. There may be a monster lurking in the depths of Kyushu’s Lake Ikeda, a monster who goes by the terrifying name of… Issie-kun. 7 in the world,[1] has decreased from 26.8 m to approximately 5m. It is described as being saurian in appearance. That sweet potato ice cream looks delicious too! Lake Ikeda (池田湖, Ikeda-ko) is a caldera lake located 40 km south of Kagoshima city; Kyūshū island, Japan.

Lake monster which in Russian folklore is said to inhabit Lake Brosno, near Andreapol in western Russia. Issie (イッシー Isshī) is a legendary Japanese lake monster; said to lurk in Lake Ikeda, on Kyushu Island.

Eventually, as Godzilla approached Yokohama, the cocoon split open and Mothra emerged in her imago form before flying off to confront Godzilla.

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Issie (イッシー, Isshī) is a Japanese lake monster said to lurk in Lake Ikeda on Kyushu Island. [2] In 1991, another visitor to the lake caught video footage of supposed animal movement in the lake.

Isshie, the lake Monster of Ikeda-ko, Ibusuki, Kagoshima, Japan. Lake Ikeda is the biggest lake in Kyushu, Japan. More details on Isshii can be found here.

Kaimondake, a mountain rising 924 meters above sea level. The naming convention is analogous to "Nessie" (the Loch Ness Monster).

Then, she jumped into the lake because of her great sadness. It is commonly known as the "Fuji of Satsuma", as it dominates the scenery on the southern tip of Satsuma Peninsula in southern Kagoshima Prefecture. However, when the foal was kidnapped by a samurai and Issie was unable to find it, she jumped into the lake and her despair transformed her into a giant, saurian beast, which since then frequently surfaces, trying to find her lost child. Anyways, Lake Ikeda is great for a pleasant stroll, a nice run, or even a fun picnic. The program which covered a wide array of reported lake monsters around the world touched on the Issie phenomena of Lake Ikeda.

Comments which violate these guidelines may be removed by administrators. I am from the area near Lake Ikeda, but sadly I have never sighted the monster before. More Information. As with all tourist spots, the usual ice cream and souvenirs are available as well.

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To get to the lake from JR Ibusuki Station, either take the city bus line to the Lake Ikeda bus stop or it is an easy twenty minute drive.

These eels are perhaps the inspiration for the legend of Isshii (or Issie-kun), which is Lake Ikeda’s version of the Loch Ness monster. Lake Ideda, Ibusuki, Kagoshima, Japan. Kawaii Culture – The Origins and Meaning of Cute in Japanese, Shintoism: How it Influenced the Lives of the Japanese, Interesting Facts About Japanese School Uniforms.

Is there any other tourist locations near the place??

is a caldera lake located 40 kilometers south of Kagoshima city on Kyūshū Island, Japan. Monster Issie Legend.

According to mythology, Issie was a white mare who had a little foal and they lived together on the shore of Lake Ikeda. Lake Ikeda (池田湖) Kyushu Japan. videos . It was described as a giant lizard with dark skin in color with humps on its back and flippers. According to some interpretations, there is a bizarre-looking creature estimated to be 9 meters (30 feet) in length, but the footage could be of surface-swimming 5-foot eels as well. The naming convention is analogous to "Nessie" (the Loch Ness Monster).

The tourism department of nearby city Ibusuki had even offered a reward of 100,000 Yen to those who could produce a photo of Isshii, which in the end was incredibly awarded to Toshiaki Matsuhara, who was interested in folklore and legends.

Lake Ikeda (池田湖, Ikedako?) Lake Ikeda is located on the Satsuma Peninsula and bordered by the Sea of Japan and the Kagoshima Gulf. The name is formed in analogy with "Nessie" (the Loch Ness Monster). Twenty other people reportedly also saw the creature in 1978, which they described as black and about 5 Meters (16.4 feet) long, swimming in the lake water. It is described as being saurian in appearance.

From Lake Ikeda you can see Mt. Lake Ikeda is a huge caldera lake which receives water only from rain and water sources unlike Loch Ness which receives water from the sea.

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