), Kurt Hummel’s Top 5 Sexiest Sweaters: Cardigans Edition, KURT AND BLAINES OUTFITS ARE LEGIT MY DUDE, yes I know it is 6 with the honorable mention, as if these are clean and polished and fancy, also i litcherally couldve just gotten the images off fashionofglee, theres a few more tina pieces i had to leave out cause there were so many, but most of it was in s2. Below, how stars will dress…, Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer, is the first openly gay boy at McKinley High. Polyvore sets inspired by characters from various TV shows, films, books etc. Unique Kurt Hummel clothing designed and sold by artists for women, men, and everyone.

Visually, Tina represents the greatest amount of growth from her initial appearance; introduced as an introverted goth, as Tina blossoms into a more colorful, confident character, so do her personal stylings. Quinn Fabray was an initial antagonist in the show; audiences watched her grow from the resident mean girl of Lima, OH, into a successful, kinder, individual. In order to conceal the burgeoning baby bump from viewers, the costume designers found creative solutions. Crew and stylings from J.C. Penney. Iconic.

This definitely made for one of the show's most memorable episodes. 5) Porn Confession: Remember that time Kurt talked about watching porn while doing his best Hummel figurine impression in that Dalton cardigan? I’m calling this the “ yes I have been watching glee performances so much I am in love and I will use this as an excuse to draw kurt ” painting study ((1:40hrs)). Most of his clothes are from very high-end stores & designers such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen. Sue Sylvester is the perennial antagonist of the series, terrorizing both the adult and teenage characters over the course of all six seasons. Enter Kitty Wilde, a fourth season replacement for Fabray brought on to fill the void Quinn left post-graduation. every kurt hummel outfit: 2x06 never been kissed. It is pretty much highlighting all of his assets. As is bondage, but I digress. 3) Buckle Up: Kurt loves a good tie down, especially when the harsh buckle can be combined with a soft aspect. Naturally, some characters became favorites to outfit, and Lou Eyrich has revealed that Kurt Hummel and Emma Pillsbury were the darlings of the costume department, going to far as to describe Hummel as "a perfect doll to dress. Please feel free to submit and request! The scoop neck sweater paired with the button up shirt and all tied up with the animal print tie is deadly enough on it’s own… but Kurt adds an incredibly sexy form fitting and ankle length cardigan for an extra punch.

First off, my Porcelain looks stunning in red. Fuck, why don’t more of his scenes involve a twirl for better outfit appreciation?!? Some of them, like Sam, Brittany, Finn, take more inspiration from Charlie Brown’s thanksgiving and bring snack foods. Buy designer clothing & accessories and get Free Shipping & Returns in USA. Kurt Hummel was the pinnacle of fashion at William McKinley High School; from the first episode to the last, Hummel brought his unique sense of style into every scene he was featured in. kurt hummel outfit < > Most recent. Once again, Kurt wears it better than the model (and probably better than anyone). In the pilot episode, the original six members are united with a cover of "Don't Stop Believin'" decked out in matching red t-shirts. WM Football on front Hummel and his lucky number 3 on the back!

In fact, you can almost keep track of her character arc throughout by checking out what she's wearing in a given scene!

4) Red, The Color of Desire: Yes, please sexy fight some more with that updo. Even though Kurt Hummel is male, he is arguably the fiercest fashionista to have ever graced our TV screens on Wednesday nights.

And now you can remind everyone too! 2) Nobody Pushes The Hummel’s Around: This looks doesn’t get a lot of fetish flattery because of the intense drama of the scene it is in but it is a really great look all around. This epic snuggle sweater has all the makings of a good time: soft knit, ample pockets for condoms, and Kurt inside it. During the filming of season four, Heather Morris, who played Brittany S. Pierce, announced her real-life pregnancy. Puck and Kurt’s gift was unoffically the melody (though Kurt gifts her a nice pair of boots she liked.). When outfitting the cast of Glee, costume designer Lou Eyrich took into consideration where the characters would realistically be able to shop in Lima, Ohio, where the show is set. Find images and videos about beautiful, pretty and glee on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. The juxtaposition is his jam. Netflix's #blackAF: The Main Actors & Who They Play In Real Life, In Pictures, Glee: 10 Hidden Details Behind The Costumes You Didn't Know, 10 Continuity Errors That Fans Probably Didn't Notice In Glee, an analog to how Fabray was initially seen, Glee: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Will Understand, Glee: 10 Sue Sylvester Quotes That Are Still Hilarious Today, Glee: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters, Glee: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved, Recasting The Main Cast Of Frasier, Today, Two And A Half Men: 10 Funniest Berta Quotes, Every Single Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie And Series (In Chronological Order), Friends: 10 Things From Season 2 That Couldn't Happen Today, Supernatural: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Chuck & Castiel's Relationship, Dexter: 10 Best Quotes On The Show, Ranked, Modern Family: 10 Times Phil Crushed On Gloria, 10 Storylines From The Game Of Thrones Books That Should Be Made Into Their Own TV Show, Leverage: 10 Hardison Quotes We’ll Always Remember, Pretty Little Liars: 5 Characters We Want On Our Team In A Zombie Apocalypse (& 5 We Don't), Beverly Hills, 90210: Brandon's Greatest Lovers, Ranked, Everybody Loves Raymond: 5 Worst Things Ray Did To Robert (& 5 Robert Did To Ray), 5 Star Trek Characters Who Would Survive A Terminator Attack (& 5 Who Would Be Terminated), Better Call Saul: 5 Ways Kim Wexler And Skyler White Are Similar (& 5 Ways They're Different), Veronica Mars: 5 Times Logan Proved He Wasn't Perfect for Veronica (& 5 Times He Was), How I Met Your Mother: How Barney Changed From Season 1 (& How He's The Same), BBC's Pride & Prejudice: 10 Things In The Show That Only Make Sense If You Read The Book, Emily In Paris: 10 Questions Season 2 Needs To Answer. Fox. RELATED: 10 Continuity Errors That Fans Probably Didn't Notice In Glee. Each character was represented with distinctive styling choices that differentiated the William McKinley High group of misfits from each other.

I adore this sweater not just because I want to wear it (though I do) but because it fits so well into Kurt’s S2 bondage and distress theme. No wonder Blaine popped a boner. Kurt layers this over a button up shirt and tie but rolls the sleeves up to show us his forearms. Towards the end of the season, Brittany is noticeably dressed in baggier, loose-fitting clothing, a transition away from the character's traditional form-fitting outfits.

Puck and Rachel bring some traditional Jewish foods. The production team responsible deserves commendation, notably, the costume department. Signature Kurt tall boots & shorts paired with this breezy peek-a-boo distressed cardigan. When not delving into his creative efforts, he can be found listening to podcasts, exploring the woods, or planning his next theme park adventure. Lady Gaga was a consistent well of creativity that the production team of Glee drew upon -- for obvious reasons. They should have put S5 Kurt in this S1 outfit, for science.

Notably, Hummel never repeats an outfit throughout his tenure on Glee, aside from his brief stint at Dalton Academy.

Artie brings like 20 different kinds of drinks. Ankle-length skirts? Notably, Hummel never repeats an outfit throughout his tenure on Glee, aside from his brief stint at Dalton Academy. Shop online the latest SS18 collection of designer for Women on SSENSE and find the perfect clothing & accessories for you among a great selection. The higher the hair, the higher the turtleneck. Whereas their competitors arrived with coordinating, high-budget outfits, New Directions were repeatedly decked out in monochromatic, less expensive wardrobe choices. They’re all pretty tired of turkey and pumpkin stuff, so they try and bring some new foods. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. 3) Need Anything From Ikea: Another entry that should not look good but on Kurt looks amazing.

He was so achingly gorgeous in that moment, all flustered and awkward. 1) More Tiger Less Kitten: Everything about this look is off the rails hot. 4) Alas, Poor Adam! This sweater brings all the feels of big moments in Kurt’s story about finding himself and defining himself. A fashion look from February 2012 featuring white blouse, Neon Hart and skinny jeans. Stream full episodes your favorite FOX TV shows. every kurt hummel outfit: 3x01 the purple piano project, every kurt hummel outfit: 1x18 laryngitis, every kurt hummel outfit: 2x03 grilled cheesus, every kurt hummel outfit: 5x02 tina in the sky with diamonds, every kurt hummel outfit: 5x04 a katy or a gaga, every kurt hummel outfit: 3x17 dance with somebody, every kurt hummel outfit: 1x15 the power of madonna, Kurt Hummel’s Top 5 Sexiest Sweaters: Turtleneck Edition, Kurt Hummel’s Top 5 Sexiest Sweaters: Fashion Has No Gender Edition, More Sleepover Headcanons: Quinn’s Thanksgiving Birthday Edition (3/?

4) Look At Me Don’t Look At Me: Another entry with layers and layers underneath but a subtle sexy peak at everything.

Audiences needed to immediately identify that Kitty and Quinn were parallels of one another, so the costume department introduced Kitty already wearing the William McKinley "Cheerios" uniform in her first scene, an analog to how Fabray was initially seen in the pilot episode. Tina, Mercedes and Kurt plan out the night before and bake Quinn a Earl Grey cake. This is a tumblog dedicated to the various fabulous outfits worn by the character Kurt Hummel on Glee (played by Chris Colfer). A detail that viewers may overlook is that in both her first and last appearance in the show, Sylvester is shown in a red tracksuit, the colors of the school she spent most of the series coaching at. Here are some details you didn't notice in Glee's costumes and outfits. Tina Cohen-Chang remained a staple in the Glee cast for its entire run; an original member of the club, Tina was a series regular for the first five seasons before moving to recurring status in the final batch of episodes.

Reynolds smolders in a dapper jacket in L.A. Plus: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon and more, Head-to-toe gray? Sodas, ciders, teas, just a lot. Most of her gifts are things like scarfs, books, journals, general aesthetic things. Over. Kurt is a true showman, capable not only of choreographing amazing dances and singing soprano, but also of kicking for the football team… all … A one-stop shop for all things video games. Most popular Most recent. Also, gosh, what might Kurt be hiding under there. Mine sure was. The do gifts (though Quinn didn’t want any) the next morning at breakfast.

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