“If you’re hurt, but you’re not crippled, you get on, and you don’t whine about it, if you can help it,” Freeman says.

“Make it this big Rocky Balboa moment,” Bates tells him. Despite all of these precautions, sometimes he wakes up so sore Lyne has to help him out of bed. Angela & John March 21, 2020 • Charleston, SC 154 days ago . Before the bout with Air Time, Mauney sits with his friend and fellow bull rider Stormy Wing and four other riders in a shower area they converted into a lounge. The Air Time decision was announced about five hours ago. But something is wrong. But according to Dr. Ralph Strother, the on-site Canadian Professional Rodeo Sport Medicine doctor, he was coherent, stable, talking, alert and recognized his wife, Samantha Lyne. Comments may take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site. Brandon Bates, the PBR arena announcer and moderator of the press conference, peeks behind the curtain to say hello. He's got the power. 1: Redefine what ‘enough’ means to you. Mauney has a sly way of telling the truth by half-joking, and his answer reveals his philosophy that the best way to prepare is to not over-prepare. Embed this Art into your website: 1. Mauney and Lyne were engaged a few days ago at Mauney’s home in North Carolina (they later married on January 3). Before a ride, he tries not to think anything beyond “stay on.” He says if he thinks too much—tries to anticipate what the bull will do—he gets in trouble. He spent a week in the hospital with tubes running through him to reinflate the lung. Mauney doesn’t care about the points. The whole incident provided a few scary moments during Friday’s Pool B action at the Calgary Stampede, especially when it appeared Mauney wasn’t moving. “Think long, think wrong,” he says.

Related: 4 Questions to Calm Your Overthinking Brain. He has a shot at glory, and he wants Air Time to take him there. You've heard of cleat chasers, starf**ckers, and band-aids ... but there's a different breed of groupies in the world of bull riding ... and superstar J.B. Mauney is giving TMZ Sports the lowdown. In 2014 Mauney broke his leg. Facebook gives people the power … Tandy Freeman, M.D., the medical director of PBR, has treated Mauney for many of those injuries and knows there are many more he hasn’t treated because Mauney hides his pain. “What are you drinking?” he asks Edwin Lay, a PBR competition supervisor who is sitting across from him in a casino lounge. Nobody has come close to the eight seconds required for a successful ride. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall and is a left-handed rider. [7], In 2017, Mauney suffered a significant injury to his right arm, requiring surgery to install a screw and 13 anchors.

Facebook Login; X. E-mail Password. “I’ve seen JB in wrecks that he’s been able to get up and walk away from,” said fellow bull rider Tanner Byrne. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Samantha Lyne Mauney is on Facebook. I whipped around and made moves that I didn't really need to, but the one thing I did have was try. “There’s a fine line between being tough and being dumb, and sometimes you flirt with it riding bulls,” Mauney says. Mauney was born in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Say you're sitting to the left a little bit - he'll hit and go right.

He explains his willingness to endure pain by repeating what his dad told him throughout his childhood: “If you play the game, you take the pain.”. He’s in a good enough mood to be out with Lyne, friends and fellow bull riders. The only time he second-guesses himself is when he believes his effort was less than total. Join Facebook to connect with Samantha Lyne Mauney and others you may know. [14] In 2016, he married Samantha Lyne. J.B. Mauney was wincing in pain as the medical staff loaded him into a nearby ambulance on Friday afternoon. In the next 18 hours, Mauney versus Air Time will be compared to a fight between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson and predicted to be the highest-scoring bull ride ever if he stays on, perhaps the greatest moment in PBR history. Remember me.

He still hasn’t told anybody about Air Time. “We travel to all the rodeos, and the first thing we want is for them to ride safely and go home to their families,” Strother said. “It took me a long time to figure that out. “There’s no comparison beside him. Mauney has made a record $7 million-plus in his PBR career, and he averages low to mid six figures annually in sponsorships, so he can afford to skip events, which is not the same thing as being willing to. “That bull was moving and going, and (Mauney) was having to lay his body on the line every jump of the way. After Air Time’s collision with the fence, Mauney’s shoulder “subluxed,” meaning it popped out and popped right back in.
[5], Mauney competed the first half of his professional career with a helmet.

Copy the … The announcers say the ride is under review. “It probably could have been 93 or 94 points,” Byrne said of the performance. But that doesn’t mean Mauney can’t ride him. He tweeted a picture from Las Vegas of her holding up the ring. He's smart. I said, ‘Well, good thing it didn’t, I guess.’ ”. On January 23, 2019, Mauney and his wife Samantha welcomed the birth of their first son. Mauney orders 10 bottles of Bud Light and 10 Jägermeister shots. Mauney knew his ribs were broken because he had broken them before. Name E-mail Confirm E-mail Password Confirm Password. Mauney’s left arm and hand are numb and his shoulder screams with pain. ‘Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thou... ‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and s... Kathy Ireland Talks Business and Lifestyle, 8 Daily Habits to Build Your Mental Strength.

A hush follows the crowd’s explosion, like when a football crowd knows a touchdown will be examined on instant replay. “She said my liver should have just burst. Bates lets go of the curtain and starts toward the press conference. The ride that might burnish Mauney’s already substantial bull-riding legend is 14 or so hours in the future. The rules say the re-ride has to come on another bull.

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