And they just rented an amp, the backline. She’s doing great now, but she’s struggled too.'. Just piano, on one tune. We were all connecting as families. It's here. Luckily we started with my one and only song I co-wrote on that album “Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now” so I knew it pretty well. It’s light as a feather, just wonderful. And the pitcher would wind up, throw to the plate and our boys would step back, away from the ball. Jason: Just working with all these people. Then we put ourselves over top of it, and our personalities are there. At 55 years old I now completely see the motive of being creative. She said her marriage with Clark's father John ended over his addiction problems. 'I have four children, all of them have struggled,' Scheff added. Jason: Actually, one of the tunes is a fretless. While this ship they call forever sails into the night Sorry for your loss I'm done it's just that simple. It's not too late.”. Scheff revealed that Gable had sought therapy for addiction in the past, and several members of his family had struggled with drug abuse. And wouldn't you know… I go out there and Dan lost his mother just a few days before the event. And with that I release my songs… I write more and so my song doesn't die inside of me. In the early 2000s, I think, they did, I think, Sgt. Jason Randolph Scheff (born April 16, 1962) is an American bassist, singer, and songwriter. Had to let our boys work this out, for themselves. It's a great time to be alive my friends… and my mantra to myself is “Don't miss it”. I said, “Randy, Humberto says they're going to be recording Celine Dion and I have this piece of music… she lost her husband a year ago and without being corny, maybe you could write a lyric from her perspective speaking to him now” and he said, “Oooh, I love the angle… let me get back to you.”, You know what? the list goes on. Be there… don't miss a single thing because one day, one of us isn't going to be here and it might be me first… don't mean to sound morbid… it's actually empowering for me to say that and confront it. To be right on the other side of this life and to be looking back with a perspective. It started a feeling I had back in '85 which started a lot of very good things… so that's what I'm going with. And again, again, I know it's not as simplistic as to say that we just need to make opioids less available. But still… as I said before, I just consider that the luck of the draw… of being born before the choices could be so much more fatal. Family? But it was just so wonderful having him on it. Both LA and Nashville have amazing communities for recovery… and now I know what a good part of my gifts I've been given are for. I think I’m going to be looking into a TC Helicon (VoiceLive) unit because I’m going to be doing some, literally, solo dates. Drug problems have dogged the family, Clark's mother, Tracy Scheff, previously told in an exclusive interview. FBPO: That’s quite a combination of players. Early career. She wouldn't say that of course… she's as dutiful as any band wife/road warrior's support system… but I could see it. We hadn’t recorded anything new in years. Birthday: April 16, 1962How Old - Age: 58. He's doing so well!”. He is the oldest son of well-known session bassist Jerry Scheff, who toured for several years with Elvis Presley. I had mentioned that the motivation to finish this song was because my friend Humberto said they were looking for songs for Celine… and in the old days, when it really was 1985… it was all about the expectation… hoping to get the song cut… but something clicked inside of me. In fact I believe a good portion of the vocal on the record was from that first take. Scheff has been on a leave of absence since May due to family health reasons, but the departure seems permanent now as the band announced a new bassist. Jason: I’ve never seen that, but I was talking to Will a lot, leading up to this, to just pick his brain about certain things. He told me he'd start toying with it and would get back to me when he had something… I want to say he also said something like he'd get back to me in a few days…. He looks really great. What else is coming up for you? And I hired one of my favorite bass players in the world, and I know he’s one of yours ‘cause he’s one of everybody’s, I hired Pino Palladino to come in and play on a couple tracks. All the local activities… Rotary Club… fund raising always for the community… and very hands on with team sports for his kids. When it counts? The other one was just an old P bass sound, kind of what he does with John Mayer, that kind of thing. But again, for me, I'm going to do whatever has worked the best, so far. Music by Jason Scheff, lyrics by Randy Goodrum, Losing you, then finding you Don't waste time…”. And so I went back in time, and 3 years ago, took the incredible opportunity to come home to be with those who needed me most. For me? He is the oldest son of well-known session bassist Jerry Scheff, who toured for several years with Elvis Presley. Let’s listen to what we have so far and decide what to do next. We play a couple of our own hits, but that’s it. But one is crystal clear in my heart, Looking back, and letting go My guests on (the record) are Robby Krieger of the Doors, who plays a great slide part on one of the songs, I’ve got Alex Lifeson, who played some great acoustic guitars on one of the songs, Tommy Thayer of KISS, I had him on a couple tunes.

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