"Back on my farm we had a wind one day that blew a hundred miles per hour. Tornado Jokes 9How can you tell if a tornado is stupid?If it spins anti-cyclonically. ', 'Wind or not,' said the umpire,' you're out on bail!'. An Englishman, a Frenchman, a ravishing blonde and an old lady are sharing a compartment on a train as it winds its way through the Alps. Environmental and weather jokes. Rate this joke. ", Your 5 Jokes for September 05, 2013: Wind Jokes. Two farmers were boasting about the strongest wind they'd ever experienced. Here I stand!! You must park your cars on the…” and the power went out and Ole didn’t get the rest of the instructions. It was so bad that one of my hens had her back turned to the wind and laid the same egg six times! What do you get when you cross a cold wind with a feather? Cause I have nothing better to do Don’t let it go! “I’ve just stepped in a poodle!”, Funny Weather Jokes 9How did the hail stone describe it’s life?It really has a lot of ups and downs, Funny Weather Jokes 10What are the hottest days during summer?Sun-days, Tornado Jokes 1Why do tornadoes move so erratically?They are dizzy, Tornado Jokes 2What is the most popular game played by tornadoes?Catch my drift, Tornado Jokes 3What game do tornadoes like to play?Twister, Tornado Jokes 4Why don’t tornadoes watch Bill O Reilly on FOXNEWS?It is a no spin zone, Tornado Jokes 5Why did the tornado get arrested?For speeding, theft, vandalism, assault and murder, Tornado Jokes 6Where is a tornado put in jail to be punished?In a high pressure cell, Tornado Jokes 7What did one tornado say to the other?“Let’s twist again, like we did last summer….”. Best Weather Jokes 3Why did the lady go out doors with her purse open?Because she expected some change in the weather. Ole said, “Jeez, okay,” and got up from his coffee. Weather Jokes 8 What kind of umbrella does the Queen of England carry on a rainy day? One day, her son came into her room holding a letter.“I just got some news, Mom,” he said. You don’t usually see strap-hangers carrying newspapers these days. DONT LET IT GO DONT LET IT GO!! Weather Jokes 7Why is it so wet in Great Britain?Because of all the kings and queens that reigned there. The next girl says “I wish I was even smarter then her so I don’t have to do so much manual labor” so she turns into a brunet and makes a sail boat and lets the wind take her off the island. One Liner Weather Jokes 7What did the fog say to the light rain after her vacation?I mist you. Saved by William Quantrille. Below, we've collected our picks for the fifteen funniest windy weather memes from across the web. Throwing caution to the winds, he removes a section from the paper and sets it down to buffer the spot from his behind. Michaels, who had just celebrated her ninetieth birthday, lived on the farm with her son and three grandchildren. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. Conceal don’t feel your insanity Weather Jokes 5What person adds best in hot weather?A summer. Hold onto your nuts this is no ordinary blow job. 1 Comments / DEFAULT / By Tojagore. Short Weather Jokes 2The Indians asked their Chief in autumn, if the winter was going to be cold or not. What if the past is in the past??? Let me go to my friends house He turned to Lena, “Jeez, what am I going to do now, Lena?”, Lena replied, “Aw, Ole, just leave the car in the damned garage today.”, Funny Weather Forecast 2Why can’t meteorologists forecast the weather?They are too busy studying comets and meteors. And the fears that once controlled me are here and present oh well! What do doctors say to patients who blow wind backwards? it is so windy jokes - Google Search. Funny Weather Jokes 7Fred: I’m sure I’m right.Betty: You’re as right as rain – all wet! I just went outside – and there it was! Windy Weather Windy Day Funny Cartoons Funny Memes Jokes Louisiana Las Vegas Suit Card Great Ads. Hurricane Jokes 1What do hurricanes most like to eat for dessert?Candy Canes, Hurricane Jokes 2How do hurricanes see?With one eye, Hurricane Jokes 3What are hurricanes with a central dense overcast over the eye called?Hurricanes with cataracts, Hurricane Jokes 4What did the hurricane say to the palm tree?Hang onto your leaves, this will be no ordinary breeze, Hurricane Jokes 5What is a hurricane’s favorite pet?Anywhere from 1 to 5 cats. Don’t let it go! Funny Weather Jokes 6There’s a technical term for a sunny, warm day which follows two rainy days.It’s called Monday. Friday, 17 July 2009 Share. Don’t let it go! Weather Jokes 10Who is it that everybody listens to but nobody believes?The weatherman. Don’t let the rain get you down! “What was the most amazing thing, Ma am?” asked one of the rescuers. Sickness doesn’t get to me anyway. And one thought makes you wanna scream and shout out loud!! DON’T PUT THE FART BEFORE THE FORCE!! ", But Beckie continues to cry. "The disadvantages are that there is a chemical plant one block south and a slaughterhouse a block north.". The farmers all got together and decided to build a fence across the North Border of the State of Nebraska. A group of friends went outside to pick up stuff one of the friends said it is windy as heck out. 7. Video about it so windy outside jokes: The groggy husband answers it, expecting the worst. Sat at a busy intersection with a slice of bread waiting for a traffic jam, Cut a hole in the rug so he could see a dirty floor show, Took a tape measure to bed to see how long he slept, Put his nose out the window so the wind will blow it, Died with his boots on because he didn’t want to hurt his toes when he kicked the bucket, Rock-a-bye dummy The sickness never gets to me anyway. And you’ll rise at the break of noon! What did the maxi pad say to the fart? She was just sitting there in the tub, talking to herself.“It was the most amazing thing … it was the most amazing thing.” she kept repeating dazedly. "This house," said the real estate salesman, "has both its good points and its bad points. Best Weather Jokes 4It was so hot today I saw a robin picking earthworms out of the ground with a pair of tongs. Candle in the Wind!! It so windy outside jokes. So Windy. Short Weather Jokes 9A tornado walks into a bar and orders a Hurricane.The bartender asks why he is ordering a Hurricane when he is a tornado.The tornado responds with, “I am a hurricane induced tornado”. Seems the wind continually came down from Canada, and there was nothing between Canada and Nebraska to stop it. If not, it already is. Use a news anchor. Short Weather Jokes 1Years ago, Nebraskans got tired of leaning into the wind, having their top soil blown away, and chickens laying their eggs two and three times. Whether you like weather jokes or not I insist you enjoy the weather jokes below and after reading them all also check out some amazing weather puns.

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