For my hands, the reach to the 7mm-wide, vertically-ribbed trigger blade was perfect, so it sat very comfortably with the vertical grip of the rifle. The Howa 1500 is a push feed, center fire rifle action built in Japan. As well as the tactile finish moulded into the surface of the polymer from end to end, rubberised panels are added at the grip and fore-end, the former of which not only adds warmth and tactility but a palm swell, too. I really liked the stock, and I think we are seeing the future; serious design and manufacturing quality from GRS will make other synthetic designers wake up to the rigidity on offer, which, in this case, made a solid platform upon which to tweak the ‘parent’ rifle.
The Howa uses a side safety system that is an integral part of the trigger unit. I like the fact that you have the ability to build a Howa rifle set-up exactly as you want it to be. The chamber seems accurately head-spaced; no issues were found when re-using fired cases. The firearms’ bolt features the classic twin opposing locking lugs as well as a large extractor with plunger similar to that of an M-16. The 1500 rifle uses a 12-gauge calibre and has a 5-round capacity. Fantastic ergonomics for a `tactical` rifle package, Well balanced weight for the specifications with good optional accessory package, Action screw tension is critical; I just don’t like the Howa recoil lug/inlet/screw’s design conflict. Great rifle and it hammers! This allows the user to set the safety switch in the middle position so there are no accidental discharges and unloading becomes a safe endeavour. Howa 1500 Barreled Action, 6.5 Creedmoor 460. at Brownells. With no problems either during testing or out in the woods, whether in this guise or as a lighter sporter-weight version, you have to hand it to Japan’s Howa engineers they have turned out a smart, reliable and viable varmint rifle. I have been shooting a 1500 Howa in 223 with a heavy barrel, knox stock and a vx2 leupold scope. View Details 460 at Brownells. As well as push-button adjustable comb and recoil pad/length of pull, the GRS trademark is their canted and offset grip. Now, the lug projects 9.11mm from the action’s base, yet the stock’s lug pocket is over 10mm deep (I have found this on all Howas). Though the storm 
of “sprockergate” may have passed, it has left behind a lot of stirred and muddy water that will take a long time…, All our articles and videos on this ancient 'breed', Browse through our reviews of new and second-hand guns, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Its simple design belies its solid performance and accuracy. With build quality and accuracy far better than one might expect for a factory rifle, the best part of the Howa story is that this model 1500 Varmint with blued steel will set you back just shy of £570. Turkish shotguns – definitely worthy of consideration and here is why. What is the best shotgun cartridge and choke combination for pheasant shooting? One real asset of the Howa action is the large and well-engineered bolt and handle. Although flat bottomed, the Howa has a recoil lug machined as part of the action, which is great, but the front action screw threads into that lug and not into the action base itself. Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - now in English! Internally it shows good rigidity, and the action inlet itself has harder portions inserted at main bearing points, as well as metal pillars to surround the action screws. The bolt handle, too, has a nice, slightly swept-back gait, with a semi-ball/tapered bolt knob that is both comfortable to use and cleanly avoids any scope contact when the action is cocked. It also has an easy strip-out firing pin assembly so that cleaning is easy. It allows AR furnature so I'm sure I can get a nice grip and butt for it too. The local shop has a Howa 1500 in.308 with a heavy fluted barrel, and an MDT LSS stock. The beavertail fore-end is both tactile and rigid. Fully forward allows the rifle to fire, but the centre position is a bit easy to skip over, so you really need to ‘feel’ for it. Mat Manning finds out more. Tell me a little about the Howa 1500? Stemming from a single piece of steel bar stock, its dimensions give a comforting and robust heft to the action as a whole. The 1500 is becoming more frequently encountered on the US market (some shooters may know it as the … Primary extraction is accomplished by way of an M16 rifle-type extractor claw.

Plenty of primary extraction force is on offer with even stout factory ammo easily broken free of the chamber walls. Twin lugs give the bolt a 90-degree lift. Tikka T3x CTR in .308 Winchester - in depth rifle review, What to do with the guns of a deceased relative, Bergara B14 HMR in .300 Win Mag - test & review, M&P 15-22 Sport, Semi-Automatic .22 LR rifle by Smith & Wesson - test & review, Swarovski NL Pure binoculars, 12x42 - test & review, Vihtavuori N555 reloading powder - test & review, Hunting photos: how to tell the whole story. I would choose to leave the factory settings well alone, but you can adjust if you feel competent to do so; getting access to the adjusting screws necessitates removal of the stock first. Second-hand guns for gamekeepers and clayshooters. The umbrella site for Shooting Times, Sporting Gun and Shooting Gazette. This type of stock provides a positive grip in all-weather conditions and has high resistance to many types of gun solvents. There are two large locking lugs up front, which, when cammed into the action on closure, bind or mate true to the action body, thus imparting no unwelcome torque to the action. I had my gun synthetically bedded to minimise the problem, and it helped massively, but it is worth spending time having a play with the applied torque and doing your very best to retain it if the gun and stock are parted, because you will lose zero. This has a dual role in allowing the barrel quickly to cool after a rapid session of shots and it does look rather good, too. Howa is a Japanese heavy machinery company. There is the Deluxe model which is fitted with open sights, and the Varmint-hunting model also known as the “heavy barrel”. Shaun, at DJ Litt’s, had set the rifle up with a Leupold Tactical scope and, at 100 yards, the factory Remingtons, Federal and Norma ammunition, with bullet weights from 40 grains to 55 grains, all shot below the 1in mark or slightly over. Weatherby Vanguard rifles use its actions, so when a pure Howa-badged rifle came for review I was eager to give it a thorough going over. This held five shots within one MOA at 100 yards, and performed as well as I could hope of myself on my usual tennis ball test at 400 yards. I don’t think anyone wants a recoil lug in hard contact with the base of its recess, but with the Howa action you are in a bit of a catch-22 situation.
The Howa 1500 bolt-action centre fire rifle is reviewed to be the best Howa rifle ever produced. Best Barreled Action. Operation is performed by way of a simple sliding knurled lever, accessed from the right-hand side of the action tang. Howa 1500 barreled action review: Howa 1500 versus Remington 700. In the forward position the rifle is ready to fire, while a swift and reasonably quiet roller action to the rear makes it safe, locking the trigger and sear, but allowing you to operate the bolt and safely to unload the rifle should you wish. Are pump-action rifles really a valid vermin tool? The firearms’ bolt features the classic twin opposing locking lugs as well as a large extractor with plunger similar to that of an M-16. With a one in 10” twist rate and 24” length, the barrel is well specified for a .308 gun more suited to target and longer range performance. This gives a good strong action from the off. This is common in that the maker will often choose and attach its own stock to the Howa’s barrelled action to sell under their own brand, like the Weatherby Vanguard. Barrels chambered for the 6.5 Creedmoor have a 1:8” twist rate.

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