The reveiws were mixed. This meant the cut-out at the front of the box that allows the cartridge to be fed was not there, reversing this component cured the problem. “Free-float stock?” Is that how we spell “properly bedded stock” now a days? Howa has been around since 1907 and in the firearm business since 1940. In my experience a raised pattern avoids that and is something I want on a general purpose hunting rifle.

Last summer just playing I fired 2 shots at 2 suspended hen eggs crushing both, at 500 yrds. Put a patch on your cleaning rod (as to calibre) and locate it in the start of the rifling I have a Marlin 308 that has the stock intentionally touching the barrel. 243, 308 and 30-06 1-10 to 1-12 It’s at home in the field and can be setup for tacticool applications as well. Some damage to camo pattern on left side of stock. Howa have kept it simple and familiar with a top-loading action and hinged floor plate for an en-bloc unload. I have an Howa 1500 in 308 and it is great to shoot. Just above 1 MOA was the best I could get. Again it just depends on what you are hunting really. *We Never share your email without your permission. I purchased a second 1500 with laminated stock in May 2015 to enable me to continue shooting whilst the problem with my first gun was being resolved, because I heard that HOWA have a good reputation. Normally I do not use any form of thread locking compound on these areas, but feel if you are going to go for this and similar calibres, it might be a good idea. Trigger was great. Check that for me, will you? Some of the top brands that Legacy Sports imports are the renowned HOWA rifles from Japan, POINTER shotguns from Turkey, CITADEL brands from the Philippines, Turkey and Brazil, HARDY rifles from New Zealand, SIG SAUER product from Germany and NIKKO STIRLING Optics from China. Let's just the guy was telling the truth. Rifle is still going strong. Maybe not the biggest kept secret in the gun world, Howas are great guns, and they are imported exclusively under their own brand through Legacy Sports International. BUY IT NOW!! Our test gun is a .308 Winchester, with a 3-9x power Zeiss sporting optic. Stock is covered in FDE Multicam. Howa also makes the Weatherby Vangaurd, and the two rifles are for the most part interchangeable. Using this web site acknowledges your agreement to the, Hogue pillar-bedded Overmolded" stock & recoil pad, Forged, one-piece bolt w/ two locking lugs. Yes Steven there should be heavier projectiles you can shoot, just depends on what cal you have and whether you will get good accuracy out of it or not (some rifles like a certain weight projectile and thats that sort of thing) you should be able to use the 55gn with good results by doing head shots. Also depending on what stock you have (the hogue ones can flex up front and cause issues with accuracy) maybe look at putting it in a better stock, Mine sits in a Boyds Thumbhole and is brillant. One guy said if you loaded your own 165 gr bullet it was a tack driver. Done to match bolt to firearm. The only down side to a Howa that I know of is that if you have to rebarrel you will have to have a stick turned for it as there aren't a lot of off the shelf replacements... at least not yet. Heh. Yes did try once and it came loose again. The type you can undo again would have solved the problem I'm sure and saved a lot of hassle. Mark a line on the rod adjacent to the rear of the receiver Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. Nice to see you folks across the pond like them too!

Then I’ll see how his shoots. A team of shooters with varying experience went through, shot, and evaluated four, mid-range priced rifles from Mossberg, Savage, Howa, and CVA to see just what kind of bang for your buck you get in a mid-priced rifle. I have the Ruger American Ranch Rifle chambered in 7.62 x 39, & I love it. This combination is not only accurate and comfortable to use but provided a most acceptable quality within my budget. Howa 1500 .223 and Boyd left handed thumb-hole stock So I purchased a Howa 1500 in stainless steel with a varmint barrel and a Boyd stock in nutmeg (the only choice for under $100). BRAND NEW IN THE BOX AND READY TO SHIP! A good choice for hunting may North American game animals. The downside is it needs a lot of time to cool. Manufacturer: Legacy Sports International Model: Howa 1500 Hogue Scope Combo SKU: HKC62547GGKTC Capacity:  5 + 1 Rounds O, This is a factory direct Howa model 1500 mini action in .223 Remington .223 Remington, Howa Model 1500 Rifle, 7mm Rem. Howa, a Japanese firearm maker that dates back to WWII Arisaka rifles, is one of those companies that if you say a bad word, hundreds of defender fanboys and girls will appear out of the woodwork to explain how you are mistaken.

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