Pinterest. "meowbox" is a registered trademark of Olivia Canlas. Administer a breath every 20 seconds. Once the bleeding has stopped, tape the gauze over the wound and get your kitten to the vet as soon as possible. Stimulate the kittens to go to the bathroom. What do I do? Instead, you will need to purchase kitten milk replacer, sold at most pet stores or feed stores. If your office can't get you in that day, phone other offices in order to get the cat to a doctor immediately. If the kitten has a foreign object lodged in their throat, use your finger to dislodge the object. 7. Gather the kittens and quickly make a plan for the next 24 hours of care – you can always change your plans later on, but right now you just need to think about their immediate needs. The majority of shelters do not provide care to unweaned kittens, so if you want them to have a shot, it’s going to be your responsibility to help them yourself, or to find someone who can. Also, teaches CPR for cats and choking procedures to save a cat. Or call your local Humane Society and ask for a referral. Get him to a vet immediately. Seeing these small, furry creatures all alone, scared and possibly dying plucks the strings in anyone's heart. Check out my “Preparing for Fostering” supply checklist to find out what supplies you’ll need. Hannah Shaw is an animal protection professional and nonprofit director with a special focus in the welfare of cats and kittens. Time is important. A box with some bedding will keep it safe and warm until you begin your next step in the rescue process. ", "It gave a lot of good information that I needed. If you suspect that you have a fading kitten, get them to a veterinarian right away, which is their best chance at survival. Sign up for meowbox news, discounts & more! My cat got pregnant, and she is a terrible mother, she has had kittens before and all 3 died. Therefore, abandoned kittens or kittens that do wander away from mom, rapidly develop hypothermia. He won't eat dry food at all and he's 14 weeks old. Kittens cannot control their body temperature, so help them regulate their body temperature before trying to feed them – especially if they have been exposed to cold temperatures. Bring the box inside and keep it away from other animals such as grown cats or dogs. Before you can do anything else, you want to make sure the kitten is not hypothermic or hyperthermic. Get kitten formula from the store and bottle feed the kittens. How can I save him without milk? 10. Last Updated: March 29, 2019 7. Watch my YouTube video on How to Bottle Feed a Kitten for tips on proper preparation and feeding posture. The following recommendations does not take the place of veterinary care but may help in the interim. Phone your local vet office and make an appointment to take the kitten in as soon as possible.

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