Great little project! The rod can be a nail although you will want it equidistant from the center. A spark plug is a spark gap, although it is not suitable in its current form as a radio jammer, it could be made into one. To achieve this required radiated power for Band 1 RF circuits, two cascaded power amplifier with total gain of 30 dB is employed with 3dBm VCO output power and 7dBi Antenna; the radiated power of Band 1 RF circuit is 40dBm which exceeds the required Jamming power required to block “band 1 (2.4 GHz)” civilian drone R/C communications. It just has to have a shaft that allows mounting of a cross member onto. I would love to be able to patent it and have a legal way to build and test it, but like many other inventions of mine, it will go in my bunker on the shelves to be covered with dust. It’s called “plausible deniability”., As Facebook Tightens Their Grip On VR, Jailbreaking Looks More Likely, OpenOffice Or LibreOffice? This is a length of wire cut to 1/4 wavelength of the desired target frequency. USN. Slap a pulse generator on it and then you can vary out put frequencies to cover a wide variety of drones. Even simpler and cheaper to build would be a Marx Generator (google it and search on Youtube) Connected to the Antenna mentioned above would give you everything you need.Multiple spark gaps + capacitive discharge+ Antenna = huge EMP. R D. It did say in the article that it is powered by batteries. This takes the battery or alternator output and makes the voltage much higher so that it will jump across the electrodes of a spark plug igniting the fuel. unfortunately they cant own the airspace and legally shoot it down. It made my drone crash within 1-3 min at a max of 5 miles away every time. The motor can be done away with completely by cross wiring a dual throw four pole relay to create an interupter. [Michael Scarito] talks about the concepts behind radar, and then goes on to show that it’s not too hard or expensive to build a setup of your own. Or potentially find it on the ground in heavy bush ? band 1 & band 2). Specifications Adjustable Strength wifi blocker Cell phone Jammer CTS-COOL4  CTS  Jammer  • Major Feature: 1.Output: 10w 2.Effective range: up to 50 meters radius (in optimum conditions) Life 3.Shielding frequency: wifi2.4G […]. neon sign transformers are great. I see a lot of apparent thinking that the power and internet will be on and working without any restrictions. that being said, I’d like to see cars that are able to implement that, The project looks disturbingly like an improvised bomb…. volts at .025 amp . The rest is a lot of sensing hardware and enough math crammed into the coding to make your ears droop. Next step, DIY radar controlled cruise control for cars. Thanks. I think a dynamic cruise control could be done much more simply than this general purpose radar. I don’t know where you get your info, but you are incorrect. not unless youre adam sandler in “Click” , silly. Any news on this? elladuke99 has added a new project titled - Enter product key - Downloa. Most RC planes can be jammed just by using a fm cb radio…………..but ya got to be close 4 watts max output. That said the Hawk 5 and Sector 132 make great starting drones and will teach you a lot about the hobby. The instructions of where to connect the antenna(s), ground, positive and negative are hard to follow. Hence a Jammer to block drones remote control signal to protect our privacy and personal space is required.

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