People, including author Christopher Heard who took up ... At the Hockey Hall of Fame, once a bank building, the apparition of a teller named Dorothy makes appearances in her 19th-century attire. On some nights, there's said to be a "blue mist… Now a museum of historical items, it also is open for ghost tours. Speculators think the ghost may ... Kenan House is an 1800s Victorian mansion at Kenan Center. Legitimately the scariest "haunted house" I have EVER experienced. All proceeds are going to the SPCA for a good cause. New on Yelp “I am a spiritual medium bringing you message and evidence of your loved ones in the spirit realm. Mysterious voices, inexplicably moving objects, eerie apparitions, strange sounds... all of these have been reported at the Allendale Theatre. Haunted Places: The Blue Ghost Tunnel. Witnesses say within the cemetery's gates you may discover disembodied footsteps, glowing headstones and cold spots. Another commonly reported spirit is a young girl in a ... Whitehaven Cemetery is an 1865 graveyard said to be haunted by many spirits, including that of a little girl, a mother, and a Gulf War soldier. Not only does his ghost watch performances from his own special seat, witnesses say they have seen an apparition that matches his portrait. Still ... Dundurn Castle is an 18,000-square-foot, 72-room house completed in 1835. An 1864 fire killed student Thomas Hopkins, who was said to be seen pleading for help from an upper-story window before he died. Devil's Hole State Park in Niagara Falls is said to have ghosts who are left over from its tragic past. Ask any local and they'll tell you that something just ain't right about Delaware Road. She appears in the balcony, looking down on the stage as if watching a performance. They have seen shadows, lights and odd mists and heard unexplained sounds, laughter and voices. Visitors have said they felt as if they were being watched by something unseen. The Kessler Administration Building at D'Youville College is said to have haunted third and fourth floors. The ghost has ... Curtis Hall at Daemen College is believed to be haunted by two brothers who lived in a home on the premises before the hall was built. This historic house has sat abandoned for over half a century but is currently for sate. It now operates as a historic house museum of 1860s Victorian life. Dare to walk with us on a St. Catharines Downtown Ghost Walk and explore the history and haunted tales of Downtown St. Catharines. Best Haunted Houses in St. Catharines, ON. Others have also seen her former husband, who has been seen in various rooms dressed in a red waistcoat. Apparitions of soldiers, battle noises and footsteps also have been reported here. to help give you the best experience we can. Some people who have seen the ghost, identify the woman in ... At Elmlawn Cemetery, reports say some drivers have seen orbs and lights when passing by between midnight and 3 a.m. One of the ghostly legends told about the church here is of a young newlywed bride who long ago was run over and killed by another carriage as she was ... At Old Fort Erie, American and British soldiers are said to roam, and battle sounds have been heard: cannon and musket fire, and commanders shouting orders to the troops. Cannon fire and gunfire have been heard, and British and American soldiers' ghosts have been spotted both inside buildings and outside on the grounds. Was was a great Saturday night spending a few hours being spooked” more, “Super fun and cooky haunted house! It's a quick walk, maybe 15 minutes. Witnesses say within the cemetery's gates you may discover disembodied footsteps, glowing headstones and cold spots. 19.6 miles from Saint Catharines, ON Whitehaven Cemetery is an 1865 graveyard said to be haunted by many spirits, including that of a little girl, a mother, and a Gulf War soldier. Cold Springs Cemetery, incorporated in 1840, is believed to be haunted by a girl who was murdered here while hitchhiking. (Submitted by Callum Swift). This 1895 was originally a church, then a 1950s funeral home. It is said to be haunted by a ghostly little boy whose apparition has been spotted running and playing all over the house. It should be called Regular house with occasional loud noises.” more, “This place was amazing! The house was originally built in 1823, and there are stories of witches and slaves living in a barn located in the back garden. Sometimes he's alone, other times he's with a spectral little girl. Some died of illness, and some of grief as they said goodbye to all that was dear to them. The Oille Fountain at the Old Courthouse in Downtown St. Catharines. Featured on both "Creepy Canada" and "The Girly Ghosthunters," Fort George was an important War of 1812 stronghold. As well as apparitions, witnesses have noted... 2 She appears in an area where the vaults used to be, perhaps checking to make sure things are still secure. Patti Granich Spiritual Medium. The whole setup is beyond words. Primarily, I suppose that I never really knew just what to expect. Lion's Valley Park is a valley surrounded by three old cemeteries and an abandoned 1800s village.Reports say that because of erosion in the valley walls, caskets from the old cemeteries have been found in the park. Advance tickets are required. Sort: Recommended. Kids free Adults $5. -$15 clawvenus freaky fusion complete -$15 haunted complete -$12 music festival (missing necklace and one earring otherwise complete) -$12 ghouls Alive (complete. Source. Soldiers ghosts are said to roam here; reports say a tour guide saw a small boy having a conversation with someone invisible, and the boy described his friend as a man wearing ... Old Fort Niagara is rumored to have a headless ghost that haunts the 1726 French Castle, and witnesses have seen odd shadows and orbs and heard slamming doors. It is said to be haunted by colorful orbs that show up in photos, unexplained noises, and sounds ... Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park includes the ship USS The Sullivans, named after five brothers, Albert, Francis, George, Joseph and Madison, who were lost during the battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. Its ghost is said to be first keeper John Paul Radelmüller, who was murdered on January 2, 1815 by intoxicated Fort York soldiers looking for bootlegged beer. Another ghost named William, thought to be the spirit of a man who hanged himself here, is believed to play pranks, like ... A suicide, ghostly children and unending balls are all said to haunt the Royal York Hotel. Virtual Tours of Museums, Historic Sites, Theme Parks, and More Right from Your Couch, Terror Technologies Extreme Haunted House. The ghost at Olde Angel Inn is said to be Captain Swayze, a British War of 1812 soldier who was murdered by American soldiers in the basement. Discovery Harbor, considered to be the farthest station out in the boonies back in the 1800s, is said to be haunted by spirits of soldiers who were sent here. Witnesses say lights turn on and off by themselves here as well. » Find museums in Saint Catharines, ON, Haunted Places in Saint Catharines, Ontario, Devil's Hole State Park - Cave of the Evil Spirit, D'Youville College - Koessler Administration Building, Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park - USS The Sullivans. Century Manor was once an 1870s institution called the Hamilton Asylum for the Insane (aka Ontario Hospital). Built in the 1870s, it has had plenty of time to see tragedy, and to earn a new name. The ghost of a women appeared in a photo during a "A Christmas Carol" rehearsal. The Rapids Theater, built in 1921, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of an actress who committed suicide here long ago. “We went hear last year. The site became Century Manor, a museum, in the 1980s, and later the Margaret and Charles Juravinski Centre for Integrated Healthcare. Apparitions of children have been seen by many witnesses, perhaps stemming from the fact that the building used to house an orphanage. March 29, Downtown St. Catharines Psychic Mediums (905) 531-9029. The Red Coach Inn is known for it's two ghosts: A Bride, bludgeoned to death in the Victoria Suite in 1925, often seen in the restaurant, early mornings, as well as visiting other Suites. I was afraid of paying good money for this cheesy experience of just walking around town, led by some weirdo in a goofy period costume telling me…” more, “Second time attending haunt manor and will be back! Folks have reported aparitions of elderly women with candles and little girls, plus the sounds of ... Fort York is a War of 1812 and World War I and II site that is still visited by some of its former soldiers. Many people claim to have seen the apparition of an old man carrying a lantern, walking down this road late at night. Guests have reported temperature drops and creaking noises. Search buildings across St. Catharines for abandoned building, ghost towns, industrial, farm … Visit or call 905-685-8424, May 3, 2015 Full Moon Ghost Walk in Downtown St. Catharines, April 4, 2015 Full Moon Ghost Walk in Downtown St. Catharines. Battles, suicides and body dumping grounds surround the falls and give rise to the claims that the falls are haunted. The Merritton Tunnel in St. Catharines is definitely one of the most haunted spots in this province. I give you the tools to heal and to bring you peace and love. It's also known as the Blue Ghost Tunnel because of all the deaths that occurred in or near the tunnel. She has been seen jumping on ... A lady in a red dress known as the Lady in Red has been seen by actors and audience members walking through the Theatre. Once a month under the full moon, April through September, or multiple nights in late October. Special one hour Earth Hour Ghost Walk on Sat. The 1894 Lancaster Opera House is rumored to be haunted by Lady Lavender and other apparitions, including one of a man who hanged himself in the tower. All Results. Niagara University's Clet Hall was the first building constructed after its founding as a seminary in 1860. A notorious murderer, Eveylyn Dick, dumped her dismembered husband's body in the woods near the falls- well it should be clarified, she dumped part of his body there, they never ... Emma’s Back Porch Restaurant, haunted by a woman named Emma Byrens and her two children who lived here in 1902, is a hot spot for strange goings-on. Patients are said to have been abused and cruelly experimented on. Posted on June 23, 2017 by Matt Roberts | 2 comments. Sponsored Results. She is said to be the spirit of a girl who perished in a fire at a house that once stood on the grounds. We were screaming from the very beginning and pretty much lost our voices by the end! Witnesses describe a mysterious cold spot that appears on the way to the restrooms. Locals call it the Blue Ghost Tunnel, or the Screaming Tunnel. Witnesses say sudden cold temperatures and unexplained voices can be felt and heard here. Witnesses have reported footsteps, strange lights, the sound of children crying, whistling, and disembodied voices having conversations. The USS The Sullivans is believed to be haunted by George Sullivan.

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