The Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief has developed these tools that promote reflection around attitudes and tolerance. of love. 1) What does it mean that “your 81 in the text. : ). 15) into your own words. Don't be a sucker! Took up "Fishtail" questions. Also get in those unfinished assignments! Not all shoes are created equal! (4 marks), 6. Consider lyrics and/or style. Moral decisions and moral decision-making! Respond to this film in general. Why? Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Judging. :-). We've already done 1 from Genesis and 1 other Old Testament history. Reading, "Fly on the Wall" pg 126-128 and questions. Biblical Genres. : )   Thanks for being such a fun group! Arrangements will have to be made in order for these audiences to attend. How well or poorly do you think Carla and Danny progressed in this way? "Examen" definition: A nightly review/prayerful exploration of the days events, meant to help set time aside to reflect on God's will for us and how we are following His word. Find 1 that works positively and 1 that has a negative impact. We have to write chapters on things like peer pressure, stewardship,descrimination,healthy food choices,story of creation, authority etc etc, and how it applies to our lives. Shoes. 3. Multiple Intelligences and a whale drawing contest! Reading "Seven Ways to be Smart" pg 29-33 and quesions 1 and 2, Reading "Stop Killing the Spirit" pg. Identify 2 instances/examples of "love gone wrong". 33-34 and questions 1 and 2. Quiz likely tomorrow. "The Carpenter's Apprentice" pg 87-90. Contact ERB Clearinghouse | UNAOC | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy©2020 UNAOC All Rights Reserved, Taking a Closer Look at Religions Around the World, Diversity—An Educational Advantage Online Teacher Support Material, Three Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam. TASK #2: Read "Beatitude" pg. Reflection question. Another issue in determining the meaning or significance of the works in the Bible is dealing with archaic expressions and slang (colloquialisms) and native expressions that no longer exist. 3) Compare the Chesterton words The interactive online resource, Difference Differently, launched by Together for Humanity, helps students and teachers explore the challenges and opportunities created by diversity. Zach and Reuben dialogue and questions #1-4 pg 14. ... grade 9 STIs. "All You Need is Love" p. 76 and #1-3. Connect, not connect? Bible genres study continued. Problem” pg 45-46 and do questions  1-4. This website is [...], Knowledge about religions is not only a characteristic of an educated person, but it is also absolutely necessary for understanding and living in a world of diversity. Pep Rally - Tomorrow is a Dress Down Day. "How Can the Earth Survive" p. 140-142 #1-5. -Reading “All  the World’s a Stage” pg 43-44 and do Derr, forgot, only sketches swed, The Bible itself is a collection of "books" and those "books" span a variety of. You may consult pg. Give details to support your answer. Arrangements will have to be made in order for these audiences to attend. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Sooooooo, another semester comes to a close! 15, and put the Beatitudes (in text box on pg. So anger, that motivates you to enact change can be positive (but proceed meekly). Some of you might not be comfortable talking about it, some of you might not even know a lot about this topic, but it’s jafeel? Natasha and Carly=philia, because they care for each other like sisters. We have to pick 15 things like that to right about i only have nine.. story of creation. A few more issues tomorrow. (4 marks), 4. Finish "What's the Point of Prayer" questions (below)! I hope you got the point! Teaching summer school starting next week...see you there? questions 1-4, -Reading “Not Just Part of the Students are asked to wear the following colours to show their Olympic spirit: Selfies, Narcissism, Addiction, and Mental Illness. 87-90. Evaluating.) If not, then see you at Stop 26! Learning to Live Together, is a resource material to nurture ethical values needed to learn to live together in plural societies. Reminder: moral decisions are those whose outcomes could impact one’s relationship with God, self, or others. 2/18. This might require you to do some research on terms you don't know. Explain its impact. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. ex. The Grade 9-11 Rich Culminating Performance Tasks involve students presenting to an authentic audience (e. g. grade 8 students, local parish, and community members). -Reading “Incarnation” and “A Reading "Speaking of Sex" pg. Gr 9 Religion. -Reading  “Inclusivity Leads to Peace” pg 48. Help with grade 9 religion culminating!? Will Power Challenge! I also hope some of the physical risks we explored today help you understand why our faith teaches chastity as a great and freeing practice! Briefly revisit the concept of romantic love that was described in "The Carpenter's Apprentice" on pg. yee, swag ttyl. 1 more group on Monday! 2. (4 marks). Or do they build the necessary skills to have a sound and lasting relationship? body is a temple”? : (  If you did not hear from me, you passed!!! (Steps: Seeing. 104-105 in your text. Acting. Choose 1 major decision made by a character in this film and apply the moral decision-making model to it. (pg 28) with the character in “Why Me, Lord? : ( If you did not hear from me, you passed!!! In a paragraph explain your choice. Do they rush in? Address. (8 marks). The space created by the three faiths in study together is often likened to the Biblical ‘Tent of Meeting’. 5/15. -not just tolerating differences but recognizing the divinity of difference! It is complemented by schemes of work, lesson plans and teaching resources, including films, interactive games etc. The website contains guidelines on the teaching of religious education in a multi-faith city. The lesson is designed to encourage continuous and in-depth studies of the topics and includes activities and topics for the studies. ... Biblical Genres Activity Sheet. History/Context Unit continued... point form summary statements for each heading from today's readings "The Patriarchs" pg 220 up to and including "The Fall of the Northern State" pg 223. Now choose 1 from each of the following: Point form summary statements from "Jewish Groups" pg 227 until the end.

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