Also, my eggs this go ’round are also brighter, with more saturated colors and that was totally on purpose, too. Yes! I thought so too at first, but with the mention of dark matter in the article I realized she was likely inspired by pictures of galaxy clusters. I sure would love to know all about what fun stuff you will be doing this easter. Call it a past lifetime glitch that we haven’t moved on from, okay? Allison Murray of Dream a Little Bigger has posted a handy dandy tutorial on how to make galaxy Easter eggs emblazoned with painted stars, nebulae, and other cosmic phenomena. Boom! OMG totally gorgeous! Now that sounds interesting! It’s such a fun craft and the kids will love it. Step 3.Let’s create some stars on our DIY galaxy easter egg! Can’t wait to use them for Easter. Get a great step-by-step photo tutorial AND a video tutorial to make your own! And at first, it was kind of a difficult thing because I'm the absolute WORST about change. Looking for perfect DIY easter gifts? 4. Love the idea, and I’d love to have you link this project to our Party Time link party! These galaxy Easter eggs are easy to make and look out of this world. A single picture with link back to the original post is always appreciated. Now apply daubs of gold paint around your design. Easy enough for beginners! Your email address will not be published. I definitely know how I am going to be coloring my Easter eggs this year! This is kind of tricky, so I’d really suggest practicing this technique on scrap paper so you don’t get a bunch of crazy runs and drips. For the DIY galaxy easter egg you will need.1.Palette 2.Watercolor brush 3.Watercolors 4.White acrylic ink  5.Water 6.Egg. Aaand, here’s the result: They were socially popular, too, and pinned on Pinterest over 137,000 times and shared on Facebook over 41,000 times. 3.4k. These are beautiful! This is so neat! There are two separate theories of dark matter: hot and cold. I have big plans to chop off all of my hair, which is currently just past my shoulders, which is a BIG change we’re going to mark as a medium on the good old salsa comparison of my life. Thank you of asking. COOL! You really did a beautiful job with them. They sell chalkboard eggs at Walmart that are already black, but they are the smaller size. I followed the tutorial but instead of the awl, I used the end of a sharp knife. Wow I thought Easter egg painting is just a Romanian tradition, I am glad to see people from other corners of the world enjoy similar traditions. LOVE! Glad you stopped by :) .I'm Zakkiya,the illustrator and founder behind Inkstruck Studio. This is awesome! Have you thought about selling these on etsy or something similar? Where did the last few months even go or rather vanish?Having said that, every week I look forward to bringing you new tutorials and DIYs.So even if the time flies, it’s okay because I love creating and showing you how to create. gayle. I did the eggs last year based on your tutorial, but I thought I’d show you the slightly different spin I took on these this year: The walls had a galaxy paint effect and looked really great. Would the same process work on canvass too? This is awesome! And, if you’re wondering, they’re epic simply because of the size :) Some things are pretty much the same, but some things are totally different. But if you want to appeal to actual astronomers, Just a thought…. Original Galaxy Easter Eggs Tutorial. :) Galaxy on Fire 2 has several Easter Eggs, such as the Shureblock or the Retropulse. Also, I am thinking about putting together a sort of Easter crafts compilation on my blog, with pictures of fun creative spring projects. I would absolutely to see it. DIY JOY. Milk Original Moo Free Easter Egg & Dairy Free Chocolate Buttons 125g. For this layer, you want just the slightest bit of paint on the sponge. Another good way to make the white speckles is with an old toothbrush. These are gorgeous and my son is OBSESSED with space. Though I wasn’t sure about it way back when, but it has become one of of my favorite projects I’ve done of all time! :). What is wrong with painted eggs? The colors of the eggs would correspond to: – dark matter (blue) I found out decades later that my entire family (in Poland) had been killed off in Auschwitz and nobody ever mentioned it while I was growing up! I hope it is ok I share and let my friends see your site! Thanks kindly for including my post! Find the perfect galaxy easter egg stock photo. AD: Just because my cats are indoor creatures does, Adding fire to alcohol inks creates some of the ne, Rainbows make me happy. Looking for some fun, creative new ways to decorate Easter eggs? at Michael’s but this is the first year I have ever seen them and they’re only rocking white. I really think it makes them no longer safely edible. I’m in love with galaxies, nebulae, and the Universe too– had a blast making a “portrait” of the Large Magellenic Cloud a few years back. I’d love to see. DIY Galaxy Easter Eggs. Yes. Just let the colors do the work of mixing and blending with each other. I hate it, hate it, HATE IT! Of that we can only account for about 1/2. The Android KitKat Easter egg was Android’s first three-stage Easter egg. You want this to be a large-ish shape that is super interesting. I’ve become especially fond of lines running through the galaxy design. Trust me, this is my second time making this craft :). I did this with shoes & surprised my daughter when she returned from church camp. As I was brainstorming how to decorate Easter eggs with things we already have, these were the ones I was least excited about….and then I did them. And hey, I hope you're here to stay! I see you did these last year- did the color last? And don’t forget to hashtag with #makeinkstruck on Instagram so that I can see and repost what you’ve done using Inkstruck Studio’s tutorials. GOUACHE AND WATERCOLOUR BIRD PAINTING TUTORIAL; 14 Comments on DIY galaxy easter egg. 5% of the universe is considered to be visible matter. I’ve come to be a stickler for quality and a brand loyalist. Enjoy! Most of them were going to be the cheapest paints I could find, just because I’m cheap. ciaoflorentina. I meant “the Universe has a lot more dark matter than our type of matter”. So you’ve got that black egg and all of your paints and sponges ready to go, right? I love it! Basically, my daughter’s in the “Astronauts” class this year. DIY: Easy and Creative Galaxy Easter Eggs When Easter is just a few days away, egg magically transforms from a boring everyday product into an essence of a holiday spirit.

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