But when they play against each other they are relatively evenly matched. Any guard in the league is an athletic freak of nature. Although Terman was impressed by them, as a good scientist he had to exclude them from his sample of high-IQ kids. The project with BGI I described above is something I've been thinking about since childhood — I'm just glad the technology finally arrived to pursue the answers. The problems in physics education highlighted earlier this week by the Smithers report make this question more pressing than ever.". With BGI, one of the largest genomics labs in the world, I'm involved in a project to genotype thousands of individuals of exceptional cognitive ability. What would be the temperature at the core of a black hole.

Feynman was universally regarded as one of the fastest-thinking and most creative theorists in his generation.

Do you think we will ever find another Einstein? Eventually, I ended up at the local university library and started reading books on psychometrics, the g factor (which is an attempt to get at the correlations between different cognitive abilities), the Terman study of gifted individuals.

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The response: "Studying the Coherence theory with some applications to the propagation of electromagnetic waves through turbulent atmosphere... a humble and down-to-earth type of problem". Furthermore, the outstanding feature of any famous and accomplished person, especially a reputed genius, such as Feynman, is never their level of g (or their IQ), but some special talent and some other traits (e.g., zeal, persistence).

Outstanding achievements(s) I do think that years of hard work do pay off — a small difference in effort between you and your competitors can, over time, develop into a qualitative difference in accomplishment or in capabilities. I also believe that Feynman would have abhorred the uses to which IQ tests had sometimes been put during their period of development.

An IQ test administered in high school estimated his IQ at 125—high but "merely respectable", according to biographer James Gleick. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

While the notes covered very advanced topics for an undergraduate-including general relativity and the Dirac equation-it also contained a number of misspellings and grammatical errors. He would likely have taken an IQ test in school in NYC in 1930 or thereabouts, as that was when general intelligence testing in school was becoming quite widespread in the US. So I am comforted that the median score is, … You may opt-out by. Richard Feynman IQ 125. So it's always a balance between doing what I "should be" doing, and what I am really interested in. See: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/541840.stm.

Bill Gates adds to that description Feynman: “In 1965, Feynman shared a Nobel Prize for work on particle physics. I recall looking at excerpts from a notebook Feynman kept while an undergraduate.

What I say every time http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1251164 : Gleick's bio actually puts it at 125. Copyright © Alpha High IQ Society.

He would have been only 12 or 13 years old. How could Richard Feynman have been such a great physicist and done so phenomenally well on the Putnam competition and yet still have an IQ score of only 125? There are and have been various publishers of IQ tests over the years and various forms of test.

What would be your advice to an aspiring scientist on how to manage their time?

Genius is of course much more than that, but it seems to be highly correlated with an ability to think outside the box, combined with the logic and exceptional ability to back up one's theories. You've chosen to pursue multiple areas of interest and have been very successful. (15 is important because Feynman had mastered calculus by age 15, Gleick says, so he wouldn't be asking his father why algebra is useful at age >=15.).

Lord May of Oxford, President of the Royal Society, said: "It is fascinating to see how peoples' opinions vary on these questions and the poll has certainly generated heated debate.

Learn from experts and access insider knowledge. That's not to say he wasn't singular and a lot of the somewhat ridiculous and slightly revealing lists find Einstein doing well. Einstein is colloquially understood as being Dyslexic. Charles Darwin? Yet it has been reported-including by Feynman himself-that he only obtained a score of 125 on a school IQ test.

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