It is merely a rite of passage... To bring about the rebirth in those who are imprisoned. Is this the answer? The second half, Rebirth, was originally intended to be the full ending, but could not be finished (due to budget and time constraints). The End of Evangelion was released in Japanese theaters on July 19, 1997. (Rei's abdomen tightens around Gendo's hand), (Rei absorbs Adam's embryo along with Gendo's right arm, and rejects Misato (gently): JSSDF officer (female): General admission: 1500 yen     Students: 1200 yen Because you thought that everyone else was like you. Fuyutsuki: To restore the Tree of Life! So, you can't understand the gap between other's reality and your own Operational limit reached. Eva series and Geofront passing through the E layer! A fragile world where you exist everywhere, and thus exist nowhere. Souls flow from the Earth to the Black Moon and then into Lilith-Rei's It's only a matter of time before they take us over completely. Mama! ), SCENE:  Asuka fighting Eva series I wish Dr. Akagi was here... Shigeru: General quarters. Fuyutsuki (to phone): Secretary: Shinji (whimpering): (Places barrel of gun against Shinji's forehead) Our future lies in the hands of Ikari's son. cross which turns into wings - EVA-01  appears howling in the Geofront with a demon's Stop talking like a spoiled brat! They're hacking the MAGI system! of Life. (Handing pistol to Maya) Release the safety. Misato: You were using fabrications to escape from reality. Shigeru: core is exposed... Shinji clutches futilely at the controls). (You're still alive) I don't want to die... (I won't let you die yet) I don't want to Call me an idiot like usual! I do understand. JSSDF Sub Commander: You have to make the decisions by yourself - without anyone's help. Asuka is called out by Anno's own voice, and she seems confused to hear it. Even Angels would be better. Go away! Shinji (whispering): Misato: The meaning of the AT Field. As soon as Asuka is inside EVA-02, hide it in the underground lake. (EVA-01 bursts free of its restraining plates and its wings form into Unable to locate! of Evangelion Did... Did we do the right thing? So, I'm not here either. That area is scheduled for demolition. Anywhere can be heaven as long as you have the will to live. Data entry from all external nodes. Negative. The music of The End of Evangelion was composed by Shiro Sagisu, with vocal performances by Loren & Mash and Arianne. Fuyutsuki: JSSDF officer: Reality is in an unfamiliar place, and dreams are within reality. It also included the first release of the video versions of Episodes 21–24. Misato: remains of her destroyed counterparts Mitsuhisa Ishikawa Shinji: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Running Time Fuyutsuki: Misato (thinking): SEELE 01 (Keel): of Misato... Shigeru dissolves while cowering under the console trying -----------------------------------, (Shinji standing in front of EVA-01 encased in solidified LIARS!! SCENE:  Outside NERV friends and especially the five young ladies who helped to bring this picture Maya: That's all I've ever known. You really think you understand me!? Shinji (voice): (Eva series form into the Sephiroticum (Tree of Life)). All (chanting): Background: I feel like I always grew from the experience! (Eva series take Rei's laughing faces... Shinji/EVA-01 scream and EVA-01's Is it coming from MAGI-2 in Matsushiro (Tokyo-2)? *afirmitive* Background: 1st soldier (off screen): Find your own answers. Misato: I'm scared of both Misato and Ayanami... (speaking) Isn't that right? SCENE:  Misato approaching Command Center with phone As his demons continue to torment him, a choice is made that shakes the world. Shinji: with him). Makoto: The film was split up into two 40-minute episodes with brief intros (similar to episode 22), edited credits (for each episode instead of credits for both between the two), redone eyecatcher-textboards (showing "Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode..." instead of "The End of Evangelion Episode...") and a nex… Negative!     According to the theory advocated by E.Weiss, the (Truck explodes... Black suited troops move in. Ritsuko: Makoto (off screen): Dr. Akagi has just begun protective countermeasures. other Angels awoke. She Set the absorbers to maximum level - It should hold! It would just be compensating for Gendo: SCENE:  Misato and Shinji in parking lot- Misato The live action scene near the end of the film was originally intended to be a much longer sequence with Megumi Hayashibara, Yuko Miyamura, and Kotono Mitsuishi portraying their characters from the series, ten years after the events of Evangelion. That is the purpose of the Eva series. Audiences waited in the cinema for around hearts. Major Katsuragi! Because the truth hurts us all... Because it's very, very distressing. (flashed image: DNA) The other Angels are All (chanting): Makoto: The Chamber of Guf (Hall of Souls) has been unsealed... Asuka: This is more difficult than expected. (on screen) But even that depends on the will of Lilith. heavens). the outer hull! With the Purification of the Red Earth... -----------------------------------, SCENE:  NERV Command Center- Betrayed! Shinji: It's okay, we still have time... Kaji: but Anno was dissatisfied with all of Yuko Miyamura's renditions of this line. -----------------------------------. Production on a film ending for the series began in 1997, with Gainax first releasing Death and Rebirth. Hello!? probably had this in mind from the beginning. Adam and I are now as one... For this is the only way to be with Yui You're all you have! We have no intention of giving up our human forms simply to enter the Ark called Eva. Do you want to be at ease? -----------------------------------, (Inside Shinji's mind - Flashing psychological scenes), Random voices (Asuka, Misato, etc. Shinji: AHHHHHH!!! die... (You must keep living) I don't want to die... (Die for me!) So, this is my retribution. Fire at West No. I don't really understand reality. NERV Soldier: -----------------------------------------, Eirin (Eiga Rinri Kitei Kanri Iinkai = Motion Picture Code materializing! Maya: What!? reality. You don't say anything... You don't talk to me... I want to meet them again, because I believe my feelings at Gendo: It's No... Let me die. It's just an easy way for you feel that you're worth something. Analysis pattern blue!! Quick, Shinji... (pause)  Do you want to run away, or go to Eva? (A massive explosion envelopes the Geofront), SCENE:  NERV Command Center shaking from the force of the explosion The second half, Rebirth, was originally intended to be the full ending, but could not be finished (due to budget and time constraints). Its meaning is different Help me... Help me... Me... Help ME!! Kaworu (off screen): JSSDF officer (on radio): -----------------------------------. The project was completed later in the year and released as The End of Evangelion. Care has been taken to ensure accuracy with respect to the  I wish to express my deepest thanks to all the staff, cast, -----------------------------------. SEELE 09: Kaworu: Proper credit is given. The loathsome Evangelion... We... We can't maintain molecular attraction any longer! Because that's the easiest way not to get hurt! Not with Mama watching me! of Life). lives. truth. No you don't, you IDIOT! But you've never even learned to like yourself!! (thinking) Am I acting foolish? Has the door to the world's beginning and end finally opened? Misato: Shigeru: (Eva series move to the positions of the Sephroticum and shine in circles Then death is what you shall have. What's the situation on the right? - Eva series impale EVA-02 with their lances), (Maya gasps - Shinji sitting in front of EVA-01). [17], "Anno Hideaki allegedly created the two episodes contained here in response to death threats from fans dissatisfied with the original conclusion to his anime sci-fi saga. AT Fields... Everyone's AT Fields are disappearing. Shigeru (off screen): (Flashing screen text: "Evangelism", "Dead Sea Scrolls", "Shito", Various (Eva series flock over EVA-02  and rip it apart like You're still alive, aren't you? (Pulls portable terminal from pocket - Casper-3: Rejected). Everything else has been destroyed... No. ASUKA!! (staggers to feet and opens gate) Unconditional execution of non-combat personnel authorized. happens. (continues). ONE MORE FINAL: I need you. in...). Don't kill me! you again, Yui. Maya: But in the end, it's just realizing the obvious over and over again. Numerical expression invalid! So, it's better that I ...and rising! Asuka, help me! The first half, Death, was a highly condensed character-based recap and re-edit of the TV series. I thought you'd be here. Bochan_bird at [email protected] or to Brendan Jamieson at [email protected] SEELE 01: Shinji: SCENE: NERV Command Center :Translated Script. -----------------------------------, (Ritsuko stands and draws a gun... Asuka fighting... Back Looking at Misato's blood spattered cross and Yes. You've misunderstood from the start. Capture the MAGI system and you capture everything. How pathetic... Shinji (weakly - getting to his feet): You don't really know if it's love until after the infatuation stops. Concentrate all fire power on the cable! Misato (angry): (on screen) Don't come near me anymore... Because all you ever do is hurt me. Shinji: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 4. of Ethics Committee) registration in circle, (Vertical screen text:  Neon Genesis Evangelion So this is where you've been? -----------------------------------. Hope. (off screen) A Danang Type-B defense screen has been deployed. Rei: Misato hacks into the system using a laptop computer. Among the images used in the film are of some of the hate-mail and death-threats (including graffiti on Gainax's headquarters) as well as letters of praise sent to Anno. Neon Genesis Evangelion Cinema Edition - Air/Sincerely Yours  (My Pure Heart For You) (laughter)  It'd be better if you'd never While different from SEELE's scenario... Fuyutsuki: screen, the words "I need you." SCENE:  Misato and Shinji - Emergency Elevator Currently engaging enemy. JSSDF Sub Commander:: Misato: Makoto (on phone): All non-combat personnel avoid close combat. (Gendo places his hand on Rei's left breast and begins to merge with -----------------------------------. and suggestions are welcome and may be sent to And then, take me to Yui's side. Secretary: lapping at the shore... Asuka and Shinji lie side by side on the beach... Th... That should hold them off... for a while. And I can't even count on that idiot Shinji!! Misato (off screen): SCENE:  Office of the Prime Minister of Japan Makoto (off screen): it's out of their hands...). SEELE is mustering all of their forces. No wonder the old men are so worried. "The End of Evangelion" There isn't a shred of kindness in me! Interact with me!! -----------------------------------. The Anti-AT Field from Lilith... it's expanding further! asking. Shinji (voice): Don't get Sooner or later I'll be betrayed... And they'll leave me. Damn! table). 2 Command Center - Invaders on lower left floor. The mere thought sends shivers down my spine.

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