EA Quiz. Emotions are indicators of behavior. Using your body has the most effect, so really try the acting part! And with doing so, you contribute most to the collective. Join Susan on her Emotional Agility book tour. In Emotional Agility, Susan David offers us a groundbreaking way to recognize our feelings and understand what they are really telling us. Then please share them in a comment below. So it is not the alarm clock that causes the pain rather it is ignoring of the alarm clock. They understand that life isn’t always easy, but they continue to act according to their most cherished values and pursue their main, long-term goals. There are countless types of fear. The differences between emotional intelligence and emotional agility can have a profound impact on how leaders perform and how they treat others in the workplace. Her work combines compelling research, an engaging style, and pratical wisdom to show people how to create meaningtul change in their lives in order to thrive.”, PETER SALOVEY - PRESIDENT, YALE UNIVERSITY; ORIGINATOR, THEORY OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, “One of the keys to a happy life is knowing yourself. And if you do so immediately, the pain is negligible. The more accurate and nuanced you describe your state of mind, the better. They influence our behavior, our relationships and how happy we are. Emotional Agility. She will consider it an opportunity to speak to the lost client and clarify with specificity why that client left. Follow These Seven Steps. A more emotionally agile sales director might still feel bad about losing a big client. Positive thinking, the uncomfortable truth. You get a sense of life again and life makes more sense to you! Resilience is not a character trait, nor requires any specific talent. It feels bad, so it is bad. Because our thoughts, emotions and behavior drive everything; every aspect of how we love, live, parent, and lead. Emotional agility is a process that enables us to navigate life’s twists and turns with self-acceptance, clear-sightedness, and an open mind. Enter the coupon code CORONA-40 at checkout, and receive an extra 40% discount on any program or service!! You will become an inspiration to others. So every emotion sets you in motion and that’s important for your survival. In the example of that narrow path, suppressed fear leads to life-threatening recklessness. Print and fold to always have access to the 6 steps to resilience. What will the benefits be to you when you’re more emotionally agile? THE TALKS. Emotional Agility. Because our thoughts, emotions and behavior … The bigger your suppression on a particular emotion or the deeper your negative beliefs are rooted, the harder it is to recognize that you are fighting against them.

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