I was horrified.

Wear thick gloves for protection. Thank you for being here – and I’m so sorry for what you had to do! She’s dispatched 7 thus far. It was totally lame in both back legs, in and out of consciousness, not eating. My dog found an apparently injured squirrel and it bit her in the mouth/fur outside the mouth.

It also helps me to remember that squirrels are cute only because of their fluffy tails.

But true unconditional love – like the way our dogs love us – includes loving them for who they are….killer instincts and all!

How is he now?

She brout it to me like a prize wagging her tail.

I certainly know she wasn’t hungry…these lil rats with tails are just ‘sport” for her…. To contact Kelly Egan, please call 613-726-5896 or email [email protected] I wish there were more kind hearted people in the world like you.

Head was slightly moving and it was breathing. Any advice?? I found a injured squirrel near my home. A man was walking his dog in the park the second time Georgie killed a squirrel. And the baby squirrel squealed as well. Every month, I give 10% of my earnings to a non-profit organization or charity. When I went back to check on the squirrel, it was no longer moving. Walking home, I’m sure we were in shock. I saw a dog kill a squirrel in a public park today and i find it irresponsible that people allow their pets to do this! I do have a cat carrier.

Can’t say I’m too sad by it; as they have done tremendous damage to my attic, and do their best to ensure I never get to enjoy any of my strawberries or sweet corn that I grow.

About 50 of them can handle animal control issues, said Chapman. Daria Zeoli went vegan when she was thirty and is proof that there is life after dairy-based cheese. My heart breaks for the little guy too. Most of the time, it’s a face-off with her staring at them and inching closer and closer in slow motion until they scurry away at the last second.

Also, there are very strict laws in place about rehabilitating wildlife which vary by area- it may not be legal where you are at to have a caged squirrel on your property. If you found an injured baby squirrel, he needs to stay warm in order to survive. They nest high in trees. Lilly, You should contact a local wildlife rehabilitator in your area.

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I wonder who was more surprised, him, or his dog! Sounds like brain trauma. My son hurried and picked him up. I hope this helps. Georgie snaps the squirrel’s neck and drops it; Tiffy picks the squirrel up by the scruff of its neck and drags it over to me. She only weighs 12lbs and I dont think she usually can lift them enough to kill them.

Injured squirrel in my yard, my dogs aren’t happy, what do I do?

Actually I have a question find a juvenile squirrel I’m caring for it but yea it started walking in circles with his head tilted towards the ground nearly strapping his face.

Even if you don’t own a hunting dog or a terrier with “ratter” lineage, you may see your dog kill a squirrel. Lions kill antelope, crocodiles kill zebra, eagles kill fish. There was an error, please provide a valid email address.

try cream of wheat they love it..it also has good nutrition in it..they actually use it in many malnutritioned animals, For those in Minnesota please take injured wildlife to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in 2530 Dale St, Roseville, MN. I’m calling my vet in the morning to see if I should bring her in. For decades, these pickups had been performed by the Humane Society. Even though Georgie wears dog and rabies tags on her collar around her neck – and even though they make a loud jingle when she walks, runs and sometimes even stretches – she has managed to sneak up on three squirrels. The most important thing to remember whenever you come across a free-living animal is to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who will best be able to care for the animal until it’s ready to be returned to the wild. I’m on here due to the same thing u posted his legs have done some healing but the one he still drags around we are not sure of what to do we have called around but don’t know what to do we released him and he was back at the cage we made for him by night fall so we took tht as a sign he had no place to go? My dog was on a leash and I stopped to talk to someone. Long story short, the mom escaped but my dog killed the baby. Vegan lifestyle blogger and founder of Four Urban Paws Sanctuary. We just got a lot of rain and hail. I though I was gonna have to peacef8put her down but I couldnt.

I thought he still had the ball in his mouth but later realized he dropped his ball yards away when he went after the squirrel. What happened with your paralyzed squirrel? However, after a prolonged court dispute with the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, inspectors from the society were stripped of their investigative powers and a crew of about seven taken off the road. Without the big furry tail, they are rats. He went to go sniff it, but I yanked him backwards before he could touch it.

I never want to see that again. I can’t find it and worried It’s alone nesting on the ground getting cold. They don’t kill the unlucky, they kill the weak, it is nature, forgive yourself and your dogs.

Poor little thing. Came home from work and found an injured squirrel lying on the ground in the back yard.

The dog followed its instinct and killed a garbage-eating rodent. It was so bad, he had to get that eye removed (not a cheap treatment). Place the box/cage in a quiet area away from other animals. But it’s important to be aware of the proper steps if a situation arises, and spring is the time of year where you may come across just such a situation. He thrashed it immediately and then ran to drop it at my feet.

What you did was wonderful and way more than most people would have done. Don’t feed the baby; wildlife rehabilitators use a special formula.

Moved it away from the trail under a tree.

She was on a 6′ leash, which I always keep firmly on my wrist because she’s a strong dog.

I moved it over to the rocks while I got my dog back on leash and scolded her. I let her off so she could get her last bit of exercise before heading in, but the squirrel decided to make a run for the rocks even though it was headed away from my dog at first.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Shes caught them before but this is the 1st one she killed. The squirrel was still alive and I wanted her to drop it as maybe it could scurry away.

I was so distraught.

He never forgets which tree he sees them in.

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