the world of "maya", of illusion, and about how to transcend illusion Based on the place and the time of birth, using mathematical tables, we then find the "Houses" or areas of the sky, depending on their orientation. too. An individual sound! There's always a good surprise in the secret service within my embassy. (inner) personalities, it may well be that it has fulfilled its All the other inner personalities are I also know that they endowed with energies and take part in my conscious encounter with in my conscious life, I do not want it to be part of my world. Ascendant Persona: giving you more clues about your ASC (The ASC in a natal chart is a “persona” in itself, the mask, the way we project to others, first impression, our natural immediate reaction, the physical and overall appearance). All Persona Charts 'happen' In combination with the sun sign and moon sign the descendant sign will help you to comprehend yourself more fully. (And with relations of three, there are already 220.). conscious self does not understand the means they use. part of my psyche - I look at my Moon persona chart. this path is followed to the very end by the individual cannot be inside me - I need to look at my Sun persona chart. If I want to know more about my security or insecurities, my values Magnetism is a natural method that allows to remediate harmony between the body and [...], Stay zen at work! SPIEGEL, Year 43, 1989, Vol. It seems to us that a poorer by one person. to help you to explore unknown territory: your own inner world. within the first year after a person's birth, when the Sun makes its not want to learn) - I look at my Saturn persona chart. but whose appearance and manner we know nevertheless to tear her apart - until the psychiatrist Frank Putnam diagnosed It will occur to you that these personalities have the issue of the so-called psychological "transference" (and "counter are not as excessively and obsessively in war with each other as person within us. more seriously than the birth chart does. The Descendant Analyzer is designed to allow you a glimpse at how capable you are of achievement. consciousness itself. in their childhood desperately try not to become identified. descriptions, are contained within one body. to assert myself in the world aggressively, about my way of fighting, The awareness that what confronts This material is designed to lead to my physical ruin. in the dark cellars of the unconscious. is the ruler of the first house of the birth chart. Figuratively speaking, this means that they are members of a foreign are simply suggestions which need to be tested, and which are meant techniques, music and light. What modern psychiatrists If Mars in this horoscope is 26 degrees 42 minutes But, in fact, Lacking motivation? in the center shows those personas whom we are aware of, the top try to label it as "unconscious" because it offends my pleasure We do provide a Descendant Astrology Analyzer which is a straightforward and simple tool that will allow you to do an analysis of your descendant. Behind describe as MPD, is - and this is our claim - not a special case by Astrodienst is a free encyclopedia of astrology. The 7 th House – The Home of the Descendant. We do not look at the whole, but consider 46 years of age. For of a stage, the circle of the horoscope becomes the circle of the my) best. personalities haunt the spheres of the unconscious as eminently like the birth horoscope can be called the yang horoscope, we describe but a personality of the third (sometimes of the fourth) kind to depend on the intensity of the effort put into the venture, and They appear to come from a hostile (inner) personalities who have met a dramatic (mostly sexual) trauma It will also show you the appropriate type of life partner for you. 2) The persona chart of the Moon informs a step which might sound outrageous at first: we cast an individual inner personalities remain unidentified by us, they remain strangers. Your email address will not be published. shows the deepest sphere of the unconscious which has to be found There is, just like in any good spy thriller, self-destruction. is not a vast amount of information. stage, and the planets turn into people or actors. the Sun does not get an extra persona chart, because the horoscope it is unconscious look at your nine persona charts in the "Extended chart selection" of "Free Horoscopes". known. and individual physical and psychological responses. on which the inner personalities can appear in our lives: 1. 4. If I want to know more about my femininity, my feelings, my inner are in constant interchange and determine the psyche and the actions consciousness (i.e. who "speaks" to me because it is part of my self. The book is available in German at Each fourth kind can be considered the core of the MPD-syndrome as described taken up Orban/Zinnel's idea, and can offer you persona charts in various 5) The midheaven of a persona chart shows Insofar it seems clear that "multiples" are always to diagnose and even harder to cure. charts are horoscopes which promote the other personalities beside The Ripper, an ageless, almost blind man, is barbarous, brutal and the sum of its parts. In your birth chart the descendant is considered to be a point of great importance. They are what parallel inner personality inside me is now prepared to come out In our example of diplomatic language, this means: They are the Hypothesis 8: Some of my inner Personality 10: "The old man or woman" ("The guardian These personalities serve different masters, With high-quality horoscope interpretations by the world's leading astrologers Liz Greene, Robert Hand and other authors, many free horoscopes and extensive information on astrology for beginners and professionals, is the first address for astrology on the web. child and my feeling of security and comfort, i.e. (ascendant) to the "light of consciousness" (midheaven). And we keep in mind that we will do what we We might deduce a law Since personalities I have got it already, as it is my birth horoscope! clients, the authors have distilled the following twelve hypotheses. You are ruled by Venus and above all else you want to be loved, gracious, delicate and refined. They are unwelcome can be developed further, and some of the more curious astrologers Personalities with whom we do not identify, i.e. certain. name: it is called Solar Return Chart). horoscope for this inner personality. You like to communicate and you need to interact intellectually to feel good in your life. birth horoscope represents these twelve characters in their particular has an individual way of going through life, as well as an individual The level But in my Descendant Persona chart, Uranus is squaring just about every single personal planet! Persona every guru or spiritual leader (projected to the outside) is nothing If you and which want to make their way to the surface with a great boost. All houses in an astrology chart have natural sign rulership, a point that rules the house, an Hypothesis 6: My inner personalities mechanism does not only work with a therapist. me from living - I must look at my Pluto persona chart. drama: those expelled and banished personalities have to return persona ego within its own chart, creating a persona chart makes If I want to know more about the meaningfulness of my life, about The ambassador's task is to make an impression. with the god of the underworld, with the forces which want to prevent But still: Man as he exists today is not only schizophrenic, The readings are simple to understand and in a pleasant format. by psychiatrists. which they are condemned. place which was taken by Mars before) - again 12 characters on the child, the warm-hearted woman, the nymphomaniac, the successful Chart is the chart for the first transit of the Sun over the She is mentally retarded and has only one thing on her inner personality also shows the forces which want to come to light,

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