The remaining eight teams travel to the Arctic Circle, where they must build igloos and try their luck tossing rings onto the horn of a narwhal. During an overnight camping trip into the woods, Izzy dons a bear costume to play a joke on her teammates but ends up attracting a real grizzly. The teams are dissolved, and it's every camper for himself. Bounty hunter Sharkey tracks criminals across the galaxy in his converted, rocket-powered ice-cream truck -- with help from his 10-year-old partner. The teams head to Paris, where they show off their artistic flair, explore the catacombs and use giant cheese wheels in a most unusual way. Os dois últimos finalistas se enfrentam em um perigoso desafio, mas podem contar com a ajuda dos participantes eliminados. In the most dramatic elimination competition yet, Chef Hatchet votes on which team has the most talent and which must send a player to the Loser Boat. Four remaining cast mates embark on this week's animal-buddy flick, forced to bond with creatures of the fur and feather variety. Meanwhile, the Goths welcome a special new teammate. The remaining teams head to New Zealand. One million dollars is on the line as the final three teams climb stairs and race taxis in order to cross the finish line first in New York City. Campers take on three trust challenges: extreme rock climbing, preparing their partner a blowfish dinner and scaling an obstacle course blindfolded. Le site de streaming le plus complet et le seul qui réunit vos films, vos séries (en HD, VF et VOST) toute la TNT et les plus belles compétitions sportives en direct ou en replay. The gloves are off and the magnifying glasses are out, as Chris declares this week the mystery movie challenge. The campers wake up in the middle of the wilderness, and Sergeant Chef assigns a grueling mission: find base camp with only the sparsest of supplies. This week's bank heist challenge starts with the teams having to blow a safe and rescue either Owen or Leshawna from within. Netflix utilise des cookies à diverses fins, notamment pour accroître la pertinence de ses recommandations et pour personnaliser ses publicités en … Heartwarming moments are interspersed with backstabbing, scheming, sabotage and broken alliances in this animated spoof of reality show competitions. Chris' latest challenge is to save them all, but he has a little confession. The teams must make a three-course meal for judgment. Racing to Indonesia, the teams try to collect venomous drool from fearsome Komodo dragons and search high and low for a one-in-a-million rug. La saison 4 est aussi la plus fidèle à l’histoire de la série et de toutes les autres saisons de la série Le Convoi de l'extrême. Seuls 14 concurrents participeront à la seconde saison. During an epic heat wave, the contestants are thrust into a Western movie-themed challenge, complete with calf roping, against their will. Eva's raging temper causes the biggest drama when her Mp3 player is "stolen" and she freaks out. Geoff and Bridgette welcome us to another spectacularly juicy, behind-the-scenes episode of the Total Drama Action Aftermath show. Unfortunately for Courtney, it's caveman movie week, which means fur loincloths for everyone. Our host decrees Owen to be banished from today's competition. From a resurfaced sex tape to a rogue suitcase of money, four wildly different stories overlap at the whims of fate, chance and one eccentric criminal. This animated spoof of reality shows follows the antics of teen contestants who compete for a big cash prize by enduring outrageous challenges. The camp scallywags set out on ye olde "Scavenger Hunt for Treasure" challenge -- only they're actually hunting for the keys to the treasure chests. Above her hangs a small doll made of chestnuts. Geoff and Bridgette, our first two cast members ousted from this season's competition, welcome us to the Total Drama Action Aftermath show. Samey shares a secret with the audience. The two physical tests aren't so bad, but the third is a real showstopper. The final three contestants must each devise a challenge, no holds barred. Uma adaptação contemporânea do clássico francês sobre Arsène Lupin: cavalheiro, ladrão e mestre dos disfarces. Geoff and Bridgette's aftermath show features ousted competitors from Season 1, viewer webcam segments, as well as two special guests: DJ and Gwen. This is the week to rock 'n' roll! Clé Bennett,Christian Potenza,Scott McCord. Sortie en en 2007 dans la catégorie Reality, l’épisode 5 qui dure 43, a été notée de 5.80 et a eu 27 votes. The teams sink into Hawaiian culture as they dive for wedding rings and walk across hot coals. The contestants are forced to tap into their primal instincts when they are sent into the forest for an unusual paintball-like challenge. Fourteen cast mates embark on an epic search for alien eggs in our alien movie-themed challenge, while Chef, aka Mama Alien, tracks their every move. A behind-the-scenes look at how entrepreneur Daniel Ek and financial partner Martin Lorentzon founded Spotify and revolutionized the music industry. It's the girls vs. the boys as Chris declares this episode's kung fu challenge. In Season 2, the drama has shifted to an abandoned film studio back lot, where contestants will face new challenges -- all inspired by the movies. And one by one, our campers start to disappear. Four teams travel to beautiful Buenos Aires, where a high-stakes tango competition awaits. Lego DC Comics Super Heroes : La ligue des Justiciers et l'attaque de la légion maudite, La ligue des Justiciers : nouvelle frontière. But one team's benevolence may lead to its own elimination. Mike's alter ego throws a wrench into the final four challenge, which has the contestants searching the island for hidden treasure. A hide-and-seek challenge is way too easy -- until Chris reveals that Sugar is going to be "It." Every sports cliché in the book gets a good workout, along with the eight remaining cast members. Onward to Brazil, where the remaining teams cross deadly gorges, fend off bullet ants and construct ornate costumes for Carnival. ... Streaming integrale comme son nom l'indique, propose l'integrales d'animes les plus populaires en streaming vf et vostfr, comme One Piece ...Une autre grande fonctionnalité est le lecteur vidéo haut de gamme choisi par défaut dans les pages. "Truth or dare" becomes "truth or scare" for the teams, and the losers are going to be in for some shocks. As equipes precisam correr para o outro lado da ilha quando uma lua rara transforma as criaturas locais em terríveis predadores. Host Chris McLean introduces a new All-Star season, with seven "Heroic Hamsters" and seven "Villainous Vultures" competing for a big prize. It's a one-two punch to the gut as teams compete in a bean-eating contest and then take rides on a mechanical bull in the Great White North. The teams turn it up to 11 for an air guitar contest in Finland. Chris envia as equipes para procurar ovos em uma região da ilha que ele chama de “Zona Divertida”, mas que está longe de fazer jus ao nome. Fourteen of our Season 1 competitors are dumped at the gates of a dilapidated studio film lot where they'll be spending the next six weeks. 25m 2004. Chris forces the final five to race to the most dangerous parts of the island to retrieve ingredients for making delicious ice cream sundaes. When Chris shows up with a glass combat boot, the contestants know it's time to bust open the conventions of a fairy tale movie. The campers' challenge this week is to eat a nine-course meal of disgusting stuff. After winning last week's challenge, Gwen and Trent find themselves with a "reward": They're forced to pick teams and compete against each other. This episode offers a recap of the "Total Drama Island" season, as well as a look at the losers. Seuls 14 concurrents participeront à la seconde saison. A torrential rainstorm washes away the cabins, and Duncan, Gwen and Heather wake up in the middle of Lake Leech with no idea where they are. And Chris pits the guys against the girls in a Battle of the Sexes. The remaining teams are thrown into an Australian prison and must get criminally creative in order to break out and make it to the next Chill Zone. Os participantes realizam uma competição 3D na praia, mas os Vilões não conseguem trabalhar juntos e os Heróis estão muito desanimados para acompanhar o ritmo. 3 Episodes . Le programme TV de ce soir, de la TNT et de toutes les chaines est gratuit, Continuer la navigation pour parcourir la dernière catégorie, Défis Extrêmes : Les célébrités au Microscope, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes : Batman, la Ligue des Justiciers, Lego Marvel Super Heroes : Maximum Overload, Mike Tyson Mysteries : Hier soir, chez Charlie Rose, LEGO Star Wars : Les Chroniques de Yoda - L'attaque de Coruscant. La quatrième saison commence avec le détective préféré de la nation, Sherlock Holmes, de retour sur le sol britannique. Clé Bennett, Christian Potenza, Scott McCord. The final five teams travel to Siberia, where they try ice yachting and make a most unpleasant discovery in a hole seven miles deep. Gossip lives here! The campers arrive and learn that instead of chilling in a gorgeous mansion, they'll be spending the next eight weeks at dingy old Camp Wawanakwa. Os participantes se enfrentam no maior desafio até agora: uma partida de boxe que força os lutadores a enfrentar seus próprios medos. The campers are split up into Deer and Hunters, and each team has to go out and bag as many of the other team's deer as possible. Regarder les bandes-annonces et en savoir plus. The contestants endure a challenge that combines eating pancakes with negotiating an obstacle course; Scott and Courtney develop a relationship. Chris swings in on a rope and announces that today is a day to be brave: Total Drama Action is paying homage to the superhero flick. The campers are challenged to participate in an X-treme Sports Challenge that includes Sofa Bed Skydiving and Mechanical Moose Rodeo Riding. In the semi-final round, Heather, Gwen and Owen must play a game of I Triple Dog Dare You, a twisted version of "spin the bottle meets truth or dare.". The contestants are brought to the beach for a 3-D puzzle challenge, but the Villains can't work together and the Heroes are too hapless to keep up. Some find it paradise; others -- not so much. It's sports movie day on Total Drama Action. With zero amenities, this season's island home is the toughest yet as 16 raw recruits are introduced in a "build your own accommodations" challenge. Os seis finalistas passam por um terrível treinamento militar e participam da pior corrida de obstáculos do mundo, onde alianças começam a ser desfeitas. Ended 24 Episodes. Beth surprises all when she turns out to be one fearless cookie, and Gwen and Trent bond. The teams travel to Dubai, where they must either wash a skyscraper's windows or risk life and limb against the merciless Tennis Menace machine. The remaining teams ride the rails and pick tea in India, where both shameless cheating and rekindled romance are on full display. The seven remaining cast mates embark on this week's spy-movie themed challenge as the teams are merged. Neste desenho animado que satiriza os reality shows da TV, 14 participantes das últimas temporadas retornam para uma edição ao estilo “O Sobrevivente”. Contestants must answer Camp Wawanakwa trivia questions or spin the Wheel of Misfortune. The teams must race to the other side of the island on a night during which the harvest moon turns the local wildlife into crazed predators. The five remaining cast mates embark on a challenge that's out of this world in this week's outer space extravaganza. And then there were five.

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