On 1 November 2010, Coronation Street: A Knight's Tale was released. Sinead receives disturbing news at the hospital. [25] The audience of ITV's other flagship soap opera Crossroads increased markedly at this time, as its established cast, such as Meg Richardson (Noele Gordon), grew in popularity. Episodes 7883, 7884, 7885 and 7886 were screened on 16 May 2014. As the police investigate Gary's dealings, they believe he's been operating as a loan shark. Evelyn lets herself into No 9 and catches Jade rifling through the drawers. [6][7] Initially influenced by the conventions of kitchen sink realism, Coronation Street is noted for its depiction of a down-to-earth, working-class community, combined with light-hearted humour and strong characters. The show ran for 26 episodes over four series. Michael tracks Michelle down to the bistro and invites her to join him for a drink. Mary accuses Freda of foul play. Gary lies to Maria that Derek ran into financial trouble, so he swooped in to save the factory and the workers' jobs. [37] In the 1980s relationships were cemented between established characters: Alf Roberts (Bryan Mosley) married Audrey Potter (Sue Nicholls) in 1985; Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) married Sally Seddon (Sally Whittaker) in 1986;[38] Bet Lynch married Alec Gilroy (Roy Barraclough) in 1987; and 1988 saw the marriages of both Ivy Tilsley and Don Brennan (Geoffrey Hinsliff), and the long-awaited union of Mavis Riley and Derek Wilton (Peter Baldwin), after over a decade of on-off romances and a failed marriage attempt in 1984.[39]. Though the rest of the original Barlow family were killed off before the end of the 1970s, Ken, who for 27 years was the only character from the first episode remaining, has remained the constant link throughout the entire series. [156] This video was titled Coronation Street: Open All Hours and released on VHS. Nick's generosity plays into Elsa's hands. This wiki was created on 21st May 2008, and currently has 23,760 articles. On 15 October 2011, Betty Driver, who had played Betty Williams since 1969, died of pneumonia, aged 91. Meanwhile, Paul receives counselling for his abuse. Imran accuses Carla of covering up the truth. On 17 September 2010, it became the world's longest-running television soap opera and was listed in Guinness World Records. Kate and Rana uninvite Lolly from their wedding. Meanwhile, Maria meets up with an internet date. Sinead finally meets her baby boy. Edited by Bill Hill, the magazine contained a summary of recent storylines, interviews, articles about classic episodes, and stories that occurred from before 1960. [32] While the press predicted the end of Corrie, H. V. Kershaw declared that "There are no stars in Coronation Street. The Mentalist • Elsewhere, Roy receives a gift from a mystery benefactor. [64], The show began broadcasting in high-definition in May 2010, and on 17 September that year, Coronation Street entered Guinness World Records as the world's longest-running television soap opera after the American soap opera As the World Turns concluded. Shetland • Amy is forced to give a statement regarding Tyler's offence. And as Geoff sees his doctor, it is clear there is nothing wrong with him. The first episodes shown were from episode 1588 (originally transmitted on Monday 5 April 1976) onwards. Following the success of the Richard Hillman storyline, writers began cultivating more long-term villains and the first of these was Maya Sharma, Dev Alahan's unstable ex-girlfriend who embarked on a campaign of terror against Dev and his new wife Sunita. Kate receives Rana's personal effects. The show was first aired in 1978, beginning with episodes from 1976. [107] These were replaced with brick façades, and back yards were added in the 1970s. The latest episode shown in these specials was from 1991. [72] Consequently, the show has a long tradition of psychologically-abused husbands, most famously Stan Ogden (Bernard Youens) and Jack Duckworth (Bill Tarmey), husbands of Hilda and Vera Duckworth (Liz Dawn), respectively. Elsewhere, Seb invites Mary to take Eileen's place at Number 11. Kevin leaves Jack home alone at the mercy of an intruder, and Bernie's brazen advances terrify Chesney. Steve grows alarmed when Liz disappears. Gemma goes into labour in a cable car over Wales, and Jade persuades Fiz to leave her in charge of the family. David tries to let Natalie down gently. Brian Capron also guest starred as an assumed relative of Richard Hillman. Gemma catches Paul stealing from Roy. Gail tries to mend her fractured family. At the 2007 British Soap Awards, it won Best Storyline, and Ford was voted Best Actress for her portrayal.

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