A softer wave vs. a coarse curl does have different grooming requirements. All Puppies or kittens advertised MUST have been bred by yourself, unless you are rehoming an older pet that you can no longer keep. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. All pups younger than 5 weeks look virtually the same, so you will NOT be able to tell the look and coat of your Cockapoo. The vast majority of puppies will have the average Cockapoo coat. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The bearded Cockapoo also has longer hair all over their body. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. A shorter clip is better for a curlier coat, as it can get matted if it is left really long and not brushed every single day. 4) Picking a healthy puppy A puppy with a woolly coat can be recognized from the first week of life. A pup with a fleecy coat (a great curl/wave that is soft & not wiry) and a bearded face is the most common coat in the breed. This isn’t the case when it comes to certain important features such as head and face shape. By now I had learned that I am often surprised. How much should you pay for a Cockapoo puppy? Just when you think this amazing breed couldn’t get any better you learn that there is literally a coat type for every taste. Pareto was smooth as a pup, but much wavier now... with a curlier poodle bum. The woolly coat is the tightest curled coat. Once the ownership of the pet has formally passed over to you, you should make sure that you contact the microchip company to update your details as the registered keeper of the pet within 21 days.

This is resultant from the blending of the fine boned poodle with the dense boned Cocker. {Picture caption: Far left photo; sweet, smooth and silky coated puppy Eden’s Calamity Jane (Lucy) was whelped by my Rosie.

JavaScript is disabled. I understand breeders cannot guarantee their puppies' coats and temperaments. They are still half cocker spaniel and half poodle. The bearded Cockapoo is very versatile in terms of haircuts. Coat – There are three types of coats for cockapoo dogs: tight curl, medium curl/wavy and a flat coat. I recently got a 12-week old flat-coated cockapoo from a cockapoo breeder (from whom I also got my other very low-shed curly cockapoo who is now 11-months old ). I don’t brush my dogs’ coats very often at all, but I do bathe them (at home) once a month and I cut their hair (also at home) about once every three months. Sable Cockapoo Puppies are a beautiful mix of Black with Red or Tan highlights throughout their coats. How much money do you think you will be spending at the pet store going crazy buying puppy toys? I have since learned that it is not always possible. F1b - depending on the cross, can be curlier, but not always. The bearded poos tend to look significantly bigger than they really are due to the amount of fluff they have! Mostly the texture of hair in ‘doodle breeds can be broken down into three categories: Autumn is our resident satin-coated smoothie. Before contacting or visiting the advertiser for this Cockapoo. However woolly and fleecy puppies don’t go flat. The Cockapoo can have a hair texture within the entire spectrum of wire to silk. A Cockapoo comes in different sizes. The easiest coat to maintain over all is a smooth coated Cockapoo of any degree of wave (either satin or fleecy), { Picture Caption: Far left; this regal looking black bearded Cockapoo is Max. Fleecy coats are soft and not wiry. Older Dogs require booster vaccinations occasionally as recommended by their Vet. Sable Cockapoo Puppies are a beautiful mix of Black with Red or Tan highlights throughout their coats. Before contacting the seller, you MUST read our Pet Buying/Adoption Checklist below. Any/all Cockapoo litters, whether it be F1, F1b or F2, can have variants in the litter.

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