Devise a method to keep your rods in place on the roof while cleaning the chimney. Allow some time for the dust you’ve upset to settle into the firebox. Add sections to lengthen the vacuum hose, then connect it to your shop vacuum outside. CLASS Home Inspection is proud to serve the North East Ohio area, and will travel to your home or target property on your schedule. Use care when ascending and descending the ladder. We start at the top cleaning the cap, the flue, the smoke shelf, firebox and all the creosote behind the back wall. Wear goggles and a respirator or dust mask when inspecting and cleaning the chimney. Want to learn more about preparing your home for an inspection? Then close the doors and windows on that side of your house to prevent the soot from re-entering your home. Dry hardwoods, such as oak and birch, burn hotter and cleaner. Most chimney fires start in the smoke chamber/smoke shelf area, so it’s the most important area to clean (Figure A). Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents, You’ll also need special brushes for the firebox and smoke chamber areas. So you’ll have to climb up on your roof and measure the size of your flue liner. Clean the smoke shelf thoroughly. You may need to empty the vacuum midway through the job, depending on the machine’s capacity. Professional inspection will check for creosote as well as blockage, damage and structural problems. To clean the chimney, use a wire brush and a vacuum. You should also check your chimney liner for signs of deterioration. Creosote ignites at 451* F and grows to burn at over 2000* F. As it burns, it expands. We recommend our users to update the browser. You will need a set of goggles that form a dependable seal around the eyes. Before you start brushing, protect your home's interior from soot with poly sheeting, a canvas tarp and a shop vacuum. Don't burn wood in your fireplace without a guard. Getting to Closing: What To Do With Your Home Inspection Report, What a Sample Home Inspection Report Really Looks Like, Creosote with a honeycomb texture builds inside the chimney. If you use a shop vacuum to clean up the debris, have enough extension hose to position the vacuum outside so the exhaust doesn’t blow into the house; the filter may not catch all of the soot. Pro tip: There’s no “one-size-fits-all” brush for cleaning the flue. A stop is built in so you only suck up soot and ash from the smoke shelf … This will be key in helping you understand how to work a fireplace. If by any means you fail to properly inspect the chimney or find any serious signs of damage, you must hire a professional chimney sweeper. An accumulation of material that is 1/8 of an inch or more, or buildup with a shiny surface, needs to be cleaned before using the fireplace again. Sign up for our newsletter! or more layer of buildup (the thickness of a nickel), call a chimney sweep. Also, if your home is tightly sealed for energy conservation, opening a window a little bit can provide the intake air needed to make the smoke go up the chimney.

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