But when incredibly powerful characters are taken down by simple, mundane or outright bizarre weaknesses such as a tree branch, lack of water or a color, you can’t help but wonder what the writers were smoking. Until Walter Simonson did away with the rule in 1984, Thor had lost his hammer many times over. Apart from being a rather ridiculous way to activate someone’s powers, it also opens the character up to mishaps of sitcom-worthy proportions. In one of the most awkward discussions about a personal setback, Power Girl forgoes subtlety to blatantly name what can kill her. When the Hulk picks up a car, his extra size means that he has extra muscle and bone surface area to distribute the weight along. Catch!” Talk about a deus ex machina. RELATED: 15 Superpowers That Would Suck in Real Life. In “Strange Tales” #111, the imaginatively-named villain Asbestos Man side-stepped Storm’s powers completely using a fire-retardant shield, net and “super-asbestos” suit. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? We also explain our elements, and at the bottom, we added five fun facts about our element. And that’s why superheroes win. (1>?�\̨z�bU��u��n�c�_K�&�ly/ ��!��Z�ee�N�epN�o���|���!61ځAir��4a�#���*�Z0R��^���JjNj�X=I$omT���y��������!�Q�f�z�M��k6�p+6��F�h�;Ђ���4�U����ıu�E/�GѺNWI��ЋmxC���n�D�D�:x`L)_��݇~��-��/C�E���=Q��TqwEm�H��`%P���l ��V1F��H3�}���������h�c��UR6���>4�&y-%5UE;��م��0�q6�o ��Ԭ5U����!�Q��o�{x��t����6�8��F(�n�Q�l#�PO� ������7w�W�+h{�>)��=%ӝ}O���_9�#���������6�׼�v�?&��f���%�� Without Carbon life would not exsist on this planet. So you could overwhelm a hero who has super-senses, with a series of “flash-bang grenades,” and the hero would be completely disoriented, says Mathaudhu. Despite her enslavement, Wonder Woman cries not because she was assaulted, but because she allowed a man to chain her. There’s only one problem with that: Power Girl’s got a different weakness, one that is far more common than an obscure, radioactive space rock. So intense is the Manhunter’s fear of fire that when he is exposed to flame, he has the capacity to self-destruct, either combusting into bits or dissolving into rivers of Martian liquid. Though he’s stuck in the villain's arms, a random Stan Lee-doppelganger businessman storms onto the scene and flips a cigarette lighter to the impending victim: “Spider-Man! The power to manipulate water. It is the weakness upon which all other weaknesses are built. Here are the 15 Most Embarassing Superhero Weaknesses. Several superheroes require the power of speech to deploy their destructive capabilities, remaining relatively defenseless until they manage to do so. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? And the human brain, in general, is trained to block out most of hte information that it takes in, says Suveen Mathaudhu, an assistant professor in the department of mechanical engineering at University of California - Riverside. : The Physics Of Hollywood Movies. If you are 13 years old when were you born? The death of Barry Allen was hugely significant. CBR can only assume that means “names will never hurt” her. This weakness is less literal than metaphorical, meant to demonstrate Marston’s argument that women are only vulnerable to men when they choose to be. ?8��. After all, Thor’s preferred method of combat is throwing his hammer around and occasionally using it to pin down a bad guy or two, so taking him down became very simple: keep him occupied for more than a minute and create an obstacle to prevent Mjolnir returning. �h)G�m�?L�+�m%"�|�:$ The superheroes in The Boys each have their own powers that they don't always use for the general good. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Techniques 5 Variations 6 Associations 7 Limitations 8 Known Users 8.1 Anime/Manga 8.2 Cartoons/Comics 8.3 Folklore/Mythology 8.4 Live Television/Movies 8.5 Video Games 8.6 Other 9 Known Objects 10 Known Locations 11 Gallery 11.1 Anime/Manga 11.2 Video Games 11.3 Comics 11.4 Live Television 11.5 … Walter Simonson did everyone a favor and banned Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s original limitation for the God of Thunder. He’s one of the most fearsome and powerful superheroes in the galaxy. When Hancock throws a beached whale back into the ocean, the resulting recoil ought to send Hancock flying into orbit, says Adam Weiner, author of Don’t Try This At Home! As the rule stated, anyone who the claimed the hammer would therefore inherit Thor’s natural powers while the demigod returned to his lowly human state as Donald Blake, the medical student. Because, as stated explicitly in the comic, it’s the “dumbest weakness… ever heard of." These aren’t just forgotten characters or second-rate good guys and bad guys, either. The Asbestos Man used his carcinogenic strengths to humble his opponent. In Daredevil, Volume 2: West-Case Scenario, he is subjected to a high-decibel (120, to be exact) ultrasound by the dastardly Purple Man, who knows his weapon “is excruciating for a man of [Daredevil’s] gifts.” Daredevil’s head spins and he looks like a man under a sorcerer’s spell, leaving him completely vulnerable to a follow-up attack. Since our prehistoric days, we’ve moved on to all manner of metals and minerals (see: asbestos) fashioned into just about anything we please. Though none of these weaknesses apply to her any longer (and certainly not in the DCEU), Golden Age Wonder Woman could be rendered effete if her “Bracelets of Submission” were tied together by a man. She then hunted and killed the Captain and has 0 ť.] Then again, over thirty years have passed since Barry Allen got stranded in the Speed Force. Everything about Edward Nygma hinges on narcissism, inspiring him to marvel at his own genius and lay the groundwork for getting caught. Should that count as two weaknesses? Martian Manhunter isn’t the only one vulnerable to a book of matches. For this project we had to create a superhero based off a element on the periodic table. When not overwhelmed by the sprawling library of modern content, you can find him watching anything from Mad Men to Westworld, Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet to Caddyshack, and Dead Poet’s Society to the vastly underrated Polka King (it’s on Netflix). Leaving the green stuff for another conversation, Superman has faced an even stranger vulnerability: pink kryptonite. After struggling to beat him via conventional tactics, Green Lantern’s enemies lob the wood at him and wonder, “Maybe it’ll take out Green Lantern, and – well, whadda ya know!” The only people more shocked than the bad guys were the readers of the comic in 1940s America, who were secretly hoping for a retcon (even though the term wouldn't be invented for 30 years). She was once a member of the Orchid Ninja Clan, but was expelled after she ed to kill her American refus lover. Superheroes don’t come much more kickass than Wonder Woman. With a weirdly sociopathic smile on her face, she asks Karen, “What are you vulnerable to wood?” Clearly anyone getting speared by a three-foot-long branch would have a problem with the injury, but rather than get snippy, Karen chooses the high road. Wolverine is the most famous hero who uses a “healing factor” to recover from injuries, but lots of other heroes have this, including Deadpool and the Hulk. Tell us in the comments! A longtime Screen Rant contributor, Jared Canfield is an actor and writer based in New York City. My articles have been featured on popular sites such as Buzzfeed and I run a Wordpress blog dedicated to all things geeky, weird and wonderful (although I specialise in literature, geeky films and TV shows, anime, comic books and graphic novels). Armed with a magical ring and a spectrum of limitless powers, Scott was the bees knees of the superhero world…except when he got bludgeoned in the face with a wooden log. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Yes, you read that right. He even left his wife to nearly get eaten by a tiger once! h�bbd```b``Z"���:�d��\�A$���fW�ɯ`�L����z�A���� �������[email protected]���H&��: q��ƨ_ i�5 It was dramatic, devastating, and heroic, ranking among the most important deaths in comics history. ), becoming the lightning bolt that hit his lab and gave him superpowers in the first place. Boom! Say what you will about the emerald rocks from outer space; they’re simultaneously the most famous superhero weakness of all time as well one of the most arbitrary and bizarre. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? I guess it depends on what you classify as a weakness or a strenght (wink) here are some facts about element number 6 . Without limitations, the legends of Marvel and Detective Comics would be about as exciting as watching reruns of The Golden Girls. In 2012, the California Asbestos Legal Center actually applauded the villain for helping draw attention to the dangerous mineral, lauding him as “a lasting reminder of the significant cover-up perpetrated by the asbestos industry.”. Unfair, maybe, but there aren’t many superheroes whose powers rely on their ability to say their own name, and for good reason.

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