what the hell are you talking about? All Rights Reserved By Nicholson1968 and DoUseeWhateyec LLC. Number 4 resonates with diligence and determination to achieve goals, practicality and application, hard work and responsibility, traditional values, honesty, integrity and inner-wisdom. Second, Saturn is associated with the color black as well as Satan. The first of the pair concerning the appearance of false prophets as mentioned in the context of the Book of Matthew Chapter 7, Verse 15, where individuals cognizant of Holy Scripture deliberately impart falsehood to the unsuspecting masses, all the while claiming a vested interest in the teachings ascribed to the Word of God. time is short. This spiritual animus represented eternity and the totality of existence, and was formally recognized as the progenitor of every conceivable metaphysical pantheon ascribed to such celestial personages. Even in Mayan religions the “old” or “original” sun god is depicted as a planetoid surrounded by a ring. well then Christopher Michael 031683, if you have the stone, then you know where to put it. Draft Solicitation Issued by the U.S. The concept of technological agalmatophilia - characterized as an unnatural physical attraction to inanimate objects possessing human anatomical proportion and countenance - is discussed in detail. I am concentrating on how to DEFEAT the evil so it doesn't win in my personal life. just be sure to put some vasaline on it before jam it up your arse. One of many objectives devised by Elitists as a means of promoting a depopulationist agenda, whereby the destruction of sociological interactive capability can proceed unabated through the introduction of technology, 11.24.2015 | High Treason in America - More information referencing the questionable scope of allegiance - as well as level of commitment - by the Obama Administration in its military approach toward ISIS, was included, 11.19.2015 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - Civil unrest both in the nation of Brazil from citizens demanding the ouster of acting President Dilma Rousseff, to college campuses across the United States from students protesting racial insensitivity, 11.18.2015 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - The rapid declination of the living standard in America for the most vulnerable segments of its population is detailed, as well as three more instances of sexual impropriety involving educational instructors employed in the public school system. Excellent work as usual my friend!That movie,Lords of the Ring had the apocalyptic feel throughout the whole series!Hellraiser is blatant and in your face and the others have hidden messages as well!I can't even watch a movie without picking it apart anymore....thanks a lot:)!Your website is killer!I don't have one...yet if ever!THANK YOU my friend,you ROCK!!!!! What does this have to do with all of Nichs great vids is this. Similarly, there are numerous geographical locations throughout the world showcasing this particular figure, and while detractors of such findings steadfastly maintain a considerable measure of reluctance - citing mere coincidence as the sole proprietary reason for the appearance of these structures - its inherent symbolic connotation is much more difficult to dismiss. The equivalent of Saturn and Chronos in Levantine Semitic terms is “Ba’al Hammon”. This omnipresent entity is synonymous with the black cube. Some of the subjects detailed in this written contribution detail the release of documentation alleging the existence of a clandestine human sex trafficking operation being conducted under the auspices of restaurant establishments tied to Clinton’s campaign chair, 9.29.2016 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - An extensive compilation of articles and illustrations detailing the recent trend of mass public demonstration and social unrest in response to grievances against various law enforcement agencies throughout the continental United States where a racial component is oftentimes implied by a multitude of mainstream media outlets and written publications (a technique utilized by the corporate establishment, acting in concert with the U.S. Federal Government as well as globalist provocateurs like George Soros, to fracture race relations and precipitate the incidence of ethnocentric vigilantism) is examined, 8.18.2016 | Corruption | Article and Information Repository - The subject of political scandals, both in the United States and abroad, is briefly addressed, 8.15.2016 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - Occultism in the United States, with emphasis being placed on the promotion, as well as the open permissibility, of Satanic doctrine at government funded educational institutions, state assemblies, and federal buildings is detailed in this particular update, 8.12.2016 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - Sexual immorality and drug addiction are examined, with promiscuity being openly celebrated as a rite of passage in industrialized nations, 6.15.2016 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - The scourge of moral and sexual depravity is examined with instances being documented in several countries, most notably the following: Canada, with a recent ruling by its Supreme Court affirming the right of individuals to engage in sexual acts with domesticated pets provided that the animal doesn’t incur bodily injury; in Germany where the spread of erotic-themed zoos catering to the whims of sexual deviants seeking to equate bestiality as a ‘lifestyle choice;’ in the United Kingdom where a 31-year-old woman is involved in an ongoing sexual relationship with a poplar tree; and in the United States where public masturbation booths designed to alleviate stress from office-oriented work environments have been erected throughout Manhattan, 5.17.2016 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - An extensive account of illicit sexual liaisons involving educational instructors and student faculty in the United States and Canada is detailed, with 21 separate instances - 12 occurring in the Month of April alone - having been detailed on a national level from February 24, 2016 to May 5, 2016 by various multimedia and telecommunications outlets, 5.15.2016 | Corruption | Article and Information Repository - The legacy of political corruption in the Philippines, specifically the loss of territorial claimancy with regard to Sabah - now acknowledged as a Malaysian state - the Spratly Islands, and Scarborough Shoal is mentioned. The machinations of George Soros, 84 - an international business magnate and multibillionaire financial investor born in Budapest, Hungary, demanding that the EU (European Union) acquiesce to the desires of foreign nationals claiming ‘refugee’ status - were also detailed, 11.10.2015 | War | Article and Information Repository - The ‘Cyber-Warfare’ subsection was added, with several articles of reference detailing the emerging threat of technologically-inspired acts of aggression, 11.5.2015 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - The documentation of additional instances of sexual misconduct involving school faculty and students in the United States as well as an elaborative foray into the bizarre world of fetal corpse trafficking - believed to be an occult practice whose roots can be traced back to the ancient Buddhist practice of Kuman Thong, where the bodies of deceased infants are revered as objects of worship and recognized as talismans of good fortune in various circles devoted to black magic ritual and spiritual invocation, 11.4.2015 | Tyranny | Article and Information Repository - Examples of the liberal establishment’s war on language in the United States are detailed extensively in the ‘Indoctrination’ and ‘Political Correctness’ sub sections, with emphasis being placed on the premise surrounding the concept of racially-motivated microaggression with the most telling aspects of society’s cultural reengineering occurring at the collegiate level, 10.26.2015 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - Further documentation affirming America’s descent into depravity, the most notable reference recognized as a legislative proposal by Richard Posner - an acting Federal Judge with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States - that would effectively redefine the prosecutorial tenets of certain elements of the criminal justice system with the justice envisioning the institution of ‘rape licenses’ for the ‘right to rape’ as a means of pacifying sexual sadists whose ’right to commit acts of violence against women supersedes the emotional and physical trauma of their intended victims’, 10.23.2015 | Corruption | Article and Information Repository - Articles of reference detailing the tendencies of individuals within the Obama Administration to blatantly disregard their obligations as elected officials to uphold the law, with the incidence of scandals in the highest levels of government being elaborated on in detail, 10.21.2015 | Tyranny | Article and Information Repository - The impetus toward UN (United Nations) monopolized and controlled internet-based lines of communication is detailed with a high ranking government official in the People’s Republic of China emphasizing the necessity of an international code of conduct - The concept of institutional indoctrination in the arena of higher education and advanced curricula in the United States is also examined, the most notable example of which being inclusive of a compulsory set of guidelines implemented by the University of Tennessee as a means of eliminating gender-based discrimination. The only escape from the trap of El, time, mortality, and the Cube is through the Savior. The adversary's objectives as the thief......1-STEAL, 2- KILL, 3- DESTROY so, what stone? Number 2 also resonates with faith and trust and your Divine life purpose and soul mission. All current god's are the same as before, just modified. They are everywhere. We must keep ourselves lined up with the WORD of GOD which is the WORD of TRUTH. 1John 3:8b For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy (luo) the works of the devil. The cube is the 3rd dimensional equivalent to a hexagon having six sides. Information concerning the rise of occultist belief systems in Thailand and the marketing of occult-laden board games to children as young as eight years of age by Amazon and Hasbro Toys company manufacturers was also added, 9.21.2015 | Technocracy | Article and Information Repository - Documentation affirming the existence of human-animal hydridization programs being conducted in Great Britain, as well as the continental United States, was included, 9.15.2015 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - Articles of reference detailing the engineered disintegration of the American family have been included, the most notable of which pertains to the endorsement of indefinite detention for the nation’s male population as a prescribed sequence of events to effectively eradicate the ‘scourge’ of heterosexuality from the prevailing societal landscape - a course of action suggested by Julie Bindel, a prominent feminist and nationally syndicated columnist noted for her outspoken demeanor.

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