Ripple in still water Collection, Dead & Last of four featuring the complete unreleased soundboard recording of 6/12/80 in Portland. I just downloaded a show last night that had a great electric Ripple but can't remember which one, if I figure it out I'll come back. Of course, this is one of the songs that is played to parents and Dead rejectors when attempting to explain one's Dead obsession - better than say, Caution or Barbed Wire Whipping party, right? written by Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter psychedelia, Shoot, that's what happens every single time! pure beautiful. God is a ripple in still water When there is no wind to blow He was a huge Dead Head and had seen them play several times. - Appears in: 33 charts, A year after Jerry Garcia emerged from a diabetic coma, the Dead released its first new album in six years. In the footage montage before the Richie Havens segment, there is a shot of the crowd, and you can see a red "peace symbol" flag with the word "Ripple" on it! It seems to me that Ripple is a contemplation of life's greatest mysteries, condensed to their pure and essential essence and translated into simple and universally understandable language. "Reckoning" version is from Warfield Theatre on 9-26-80. Joined by keyboardist Tom Constanten, the band released 1969's “Aoxomoxoa,” an ambitious studio album that tried to capture the spirit of their live performances. Sometimes the soul leads and sometimes love leads and usually the heart follows and the mind stays backstage. Perhaps the primary source for the song comes from the 23rd Psalm, with its reference to “still water,” and to a cup that may be full or empty. The Dead first performed it in an acoustic set at the Fillmore West on August 19, 1970, along with first performances of “Brokedown Palace,” “ Operator,” and “Truckin’.” (Yes, “Truckin’” was played in the acoustic set.) In addition to the classic core lineup (sans Pigpen), it features Keith Richard Godchaux on piano and Donna Jean Godchaux on vocals. It always got everyone dancing. Ah yes, the photo has been removed--maybe something more apt will be located and posted. 1977, 50th Frankie Lee Some might say this was a mere preview of better things to come. Here are the Grateful Dead's best albums. Jesse McReynolds & Friends with David Nelson & Stu Allen, Phil Lesh & Communion, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann's Billy & the Kids, Buddy Miller, David Grisman, Eric Church, Jimmy Cliff, Allen Toussaint, Peter Frampton, Jorma Kaukonen, Los Lobos, moe., O.A.R., Grace Potter, The Disco Biscuits, Trampled By Turtles, Widespread Panic, and Yonder Mountain String Band, Roots of Creation feat. How to play "Ripple" Print. Cheers. Only beating Bob Dylan because even Bob Dylan has turned to him for help on several occasions. Please try again later. On a side note and to pile on, I love Bob Dylan (right OR left handed), but the thought of him singing Ripple with the Dead backing him is excruciating! Garcia was quoted once, when talking about “American Beauty,” as saying something approximating: “Yep—every song on that album is a winner.” Side two (and I will always think of albums as having two sides) starts with “Ripple.” Side one starts with “Box of Rain.” What a nice pair of opening songs for album sides those two are! It brought lyricist Robert Hunter into the fold as a full-time contributor and included keyboardist Tom Constanten as an official member for the only time. ---------------------- Grateful Dead - Ripple - click on the image to find out more. ...and we will always hold it near as if it were our own. The deceptively simple language of the song leads us to contemplate sources beyond our immediate knowing—whether human or “not made by the hands of men”—as well as the interplay of life and death. 20,000 people can watch the same 1 Dead concert and be affected differently, and react uniquely and differently. Pop/Rock. instrumental. Nothing happens Amazing work on the house boards that night. Notice how the story teller speaks,,,,sheds light....but leaves you,,,the listener to make the choice. - Rank in decade: #1,551 After what we had just been through it was the perfect song to hear at that moment. @wahoobob100 Gods message is yours . "Would you here my voice? - Appears in: 55 charts. By submitting my information, I agree to receive personalized updates and marketing messages about Grateful Dead based on my information, interests, activities, website visits and device data and in accordance with the. Watch our community members perform this song. Worthy of a zen master. For Piano/Vocal/Chords. - Rank in decade: #1,827 Any comments, thoughts? Not sure but ok @nateburd Yeah, yeah, you're right about that. Thanks, Cryptical70, for the correction! It has created a type of ethos or philosophy and it has served as a subtle commentary on the society around us and the experiences we all face. Let it be known Take in mind, I have every single Bob Dylan release but I'm still just speculating. He wonders if its best to pass it along - Appears in: 26 charts. - Overall album rank: #4,009 Any acoustic version GD or Jerry......the one on Am. "Ripple in still water, when there is no pebble tossed nor wind to blow," God gave this song to mr hunter @wahoobob100 just their opinions ;}. - Appears in: 67 charts. I will ask. It doesn’t matter if your thoughts are broken—let there be stories to fill the air! Ripple is one of the first songs I ever learned to play on guitar 16 years ago. During the mid to late eighties there was a popular street performer in harvard square, luke, who used to play ripple. Yes Even though we all traverse this road of life openly and in full and well lit view of one another, the specific path, down to the atoms disturbed by our feet, will be totally unique in each and every case. Actually the first recording of "Ripple" is August 18, 1970 Fillmore West, not the 19th. I've read 'Morals and Dogma', essentially the bible of freemasonry, and I always remember a specific line in which Albert Pike emphasizes that every action creates infinite and eternal reactions, such as the ripples sent out by the tiniest of pebbles tossed into still water which then have their own effects on all of the water they pass through, and on and on. Feel free to offer some interpretative speculation! In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. So, armed with my one hitter and a nice hot cup of coffee, I went straight to disc 3 and cherry picked the two songs with Robert Hunter. The idea is that your mind is made very still and stable first. - Overall album rank: #3,838 - Rank in decade: #353 I hate these comments but this one is funny. How profound. "Ripple" Key G Time signature: 4/4 Chords used: G, D, C, A, F#, G7, Am Cover versions - Chris Hillman, Jane's Addiction, Perry Farrell, The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Rick Danko, Dar Williams Like many folk songs, "Ripple" addresses itself as a song and an instrument of the performers' emotional expression. And even if it is impossible to express to them exactly what it is you need or want, the knowledge that you are surrounded by others willing to help is an immense comfort and a key idea that keeps us all going. . ... Ripple – Grateful Dead. Ripple in still waterwhen there is no pebble tossed Every fiber of every one of our being's cries out to the person next to us 'Please! That path is for your steps alone! A companion live album called “Dead Set” was released later that same year. hey there...thanks for the interesting discussion topic stuff.i think there is something at the core of the song ripple that has caused a lot of people to be dead heads.hunter really captured something with those lyrics.he is a very underrated lyricist and deserves more attention outside of dead circles.i'm very interested in the recent collaborations he has done with dylan and sort of confused as to why he is not being talked about more and why he hasn't been interviewed about his contributions.

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